Chapter 4.

               The bell is silent now ... The guns are loud.
               There is no answer from the sleeping crowd.
               The masked deceivers smile and spin their web,
               Teaching their captives that they must forget
               The ancient ways of freedom and deny
               Their flag, their country, and supinely lie
               Under the shelter of an alien rope,
               Secure ... unquestioning ... and stripped of hope.
Verse from poem by an anonymous author printed in "Jack" Mohr's book, "The Satanic Counterfeit".

Is this the Last Chapter or are we going to Defend Our Right to Life?

Well readers, here we are at the end of the basic information package. During development the material was distributed to many well informed readers so that the finished product is not only the most up to date review of our present situation but advances the logic of events to go beyond present thinking and complete the picture in a way difficult to dispute. In the past we have had conflicting theories of conspiracy and because of that, not convincing. They did not really explain the why and how of it and played into the hands of the elite by trying to name the culprit. Those problems seem now to be solved or avoided.

We may never know exactly what people comprise the Secret Empire dealing in mind slavery. Obviously they do not want us to know them and have the means to mislead and direct us to follow red herrings if we search for them.

Fortunately we do not need to know them personally to defeat them. All we need is to understand the methods they use and the goals they desire. Once we defeat their plans we defeat them, and if we cannot bring them to a court of justice they will nevertheless suffer the greatest punishment we can inflict—that is the trauma of defeat and the stripping away of their power.

We have a simple choice. If we are not prepared to take an honest look at our world and defend our right to life then we will soon be placed in a situation where we have no choice. No culture (or community) has ever survived because of being unable or unwilling to defend itself.

We can bury our intelligence and conscience under the TV slop and wait for the slavers to release the cleverly engineered germ. Or, we can stand like humans and fight—and win our place in the past and the future.

This book outlines our situation. We could all spend all the time we have left learning more, but to what purpose? To die knowing, but stupidly, that we could have done something, but didn't?

Do we need know more? The person who refuses to go into the water before he is sure he can swim will never learn to swim, and the person who wants more and more information when he knows very well the situation, is only seeking excuses to evade responsibility. We now know what is happening. We know how it is manipulated. We know why it is happening. We know that socialism is a confidence trick to create a working class revolution but we know that the working class has the lowest value of any section of the population in a dishonestly contrived, 'One World Government' world. It is not that we have to stop learning but that we have to start doing.

We cannot depend on present leaders; some are honest to humanity but many lead us in vigorous campaigns against emotional issues to futile successes. They keep us occupied while the trap is made complete.

Various things that people can do have been mentioned. No one, however busy, can afford NOT to promote a fuller understanding of the problems of national survival. Actionists committed to 'land rights' or 'the flag', 'environment' or 'anti-discrimination', or any of the multitude of legitimate single ISSUES, will not change our situation unless this army of concerned people learn that these issues fit into an overall deadly scheme.

Without understanding the purpose of social subversion we can achieve nothing. Over the last 20 years there may well have been millions of people in our European Christian culture who, at some time, have stood up and said, "I don't like what is happening and I'm going to do something about it." And we have tried! But have we achieved anything? We may well have made matters worse.

Not properly understanding the problem we fought effects rather than the underlying causes. We have been like a blind person teased by a bully. Striking out blindly we have been more likely to do ourselves harm than our tormentor.

It has been said to me several times over recent months, `Isn't it good to see so many small groups organizing; this is what our enemies fear, they can destroy a large group but it is difficult to deal with hundreds of small groups.' Nonsense! Our enemies have no fear of an army of pea shooters. When Europeans settled Australia they needed no army because, just as now, there was no organized resistance. Think about that.

There is only one way in which an army of small units is effective and that is when they act to a common purpose. Unity is strength. Parochial guerrilla resistance is only effective when opposing leaders are either not prepared or not able to take merciless action. How long would the I.R.A. last in a World Government situation? What value would the entire population of Ireland have? The elite would terminate a city or the entire nation rather than be bothered by the petty irritant of terrorists.

To Summarize.

The struggle is not about ideology. The supporter of communism will not survive a victory by communism.

There is only one investment of time or money left to us that can pay a future dividend—that is investment in the restoration of constitutional government. We cannot afford personal indulgence when our survival is at stake. Give support to one of the three or four most effective organizations fighting for our human future.

To achieve success in reclaiming our constitution we first have to show that the enemy philosophy is false. This can only be done by exposing that the foundation of this philosophy, The Theory of Creation By Chance Evolution, is false.

What we have to do is not so much a matter of blood, sweat, tears, medals and glamour, as it is a matter of intelligent use of WILL. We can survive if we have the will to serve truth. It is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. A few hundred people with the dedication of the PLO or the IRA could probably expose the conspiracy now without killing anyone. In a few years time it may well be impossible to change the course of events.

Forgive Does Not Mean Accept!

Our teachers point to the Bible as evidence that we must forgive our enemies and treat them as equals. But they do not remind us that books should be read as whole statements not just collections of statements. The meaning of every sentence depends in some part on the context of the work in which it is placed.

The Gospels show that evil is not given equality with good—the weeds are gathered and burnt; the shiftless pushed aside. The enemies we should forgive (or turn the other cheek to) are those members of our Christian spiritual family from whom we may be divided by the enmity of dispute. Your neighbour is your neighbour in spirit not physical distance.

So let us boldly show ourselves that we may be corrected if the need for correction is established. Let us boldly show ourselves by exposing anti-social teachings that those many good people misled by lies may have at least a chance to see the true light.

Our united future is our individual responsibility.

Where Do We Start?

To design any kind of strategy against a gradual national betrayal (a betrayal of which even our own politicians speak openly and with praise) must obviously be exceedingly difficult. As Sir John Fortescue put it: 'Treason never prospers; what's the reason? For when it prospers, none dare call it treason!"

When it comes to this state of affairs—when even the public who are suffering the loss of their inheritance are blinded and misled to support this robbery—when even those elected to represent the public interest sell out their own people; when the news media turn a blind eye, then it would seem likely that one might be convicted of anti-social action for exposing treason.

Nevertheless when we come to see the treachery (whether by chance or our own investigation) then no honourable person can stand idly by and let it happen. Nor can we escape the consequences of betrayal by supporting it, for we have no value, even as slaves, once the subversion is complete.

The one weakness of the enemy position is that robbery makes those who are robbed, poor. It makes them distressed and, if we can expose that the reason for this social distress is robbery, then it must surely not be beyond a normal intelligence to recognize what is happening.

So let us not despair, let us view our situation calmly and with the knowledge that although in this game we are handicapped, our handicap is balanced out to some extent by the fact that our human resources are far more powerful than those of the enemy. They are few but powerful we are many but weak, yet in unity we are powerful and they are weak.

Our enemies succeed by lies and must work in the dark because they fear the light and the truth. To be successful against them we must expose them to the light of clear reason and demand of them clear answers.

The solution to our problem must be a simple solution. It must be a solution that can be understood by the average citizen even if belief is not wanted immediately by those deceived. We must recognize that while deceit is not welcome by anyone yet, when deceit has succeeded, those tricked have pride to defend.

The strategy proposed here is simple. It recognizes that only when we feel the pain severely will we seek relief. It recognizes that when we seek relief it is then that we are most likely to listen to the doctor. It recognizes that there is only one solution: to bring what is hidden into the light of day. So let us put it to the test.

Our Enemy Is No Fool!

Our enemy is well organized and has a very scientific plan of campaign backed by virtually unlimited wealth. Even knowing this, past effort by resistance groups has totally ignored counter-planning and the establishment of specific campaign literature or textbooks. We have been entirely defensive. When the enemy juggernaut crushes the toes of some section of our community, we sit up and scream until the pain dies down. That and the promotion of literature (much of it unconvincing, confusing or misleading) is the past total of our response.

Plainly this is not an intelligent response and it appears our organizations are often themselves agents of our enemies. Issues—dedicated campaigns have done nothing to slow the take-over. In fact such action provides just that additional stimulus the enemy needs for motivation and encouragement.

What is the Essence of the First & Last Plan?

Although The Constitutional Protection Society is a new organization, it has a vast experience behind it. As its name indicates, its first purpose is to protect the Australian Constitution and our national independence.

In order to serve that purpose, it is putting into effect the strategy proposed by First & Last Discussion Papers as part of its own strategy to reveal the true nature of our national Constitution and expose the devious plotting of our enemies. Amazing as it may seem, this strategy is the only known effective strategy for countering the World Government plot.

The essence of it is that we should use the emotions and concerns awakened by EVERY ISSUE. Each time the 'New Worlders' make a move that distresses any large number of citizens we should use the emotional up-surge, not just to fight the issue, but to expose the despotic power grab behind it.

Every issue thrown up by World Government plotting (Identity Card, drugs, crippling taxation and crippling interest rates, etc.) provides an opening to expose the conspiracy. Every meeting of protest about every issue should be supported by literature exposing the conspiracy behind the problem.

If we do this every time an issue presents itself, then we will make it impossible for the Super Mafia to do things which distress any large segment of our nation. The Super Mafia position will become very uncomfortable. They will know that there is a growing public knowledge their activity find that this growing awareness multiplies as a direct result of their own acts of subversion. Once they know this, then they also know that to persist in their actions will awaken the whole community against them.

The futility of 'issues' campaigns can be appreciated by imagining the difference to our wake-up situation in Australia today if every meeting opposed to the ID card had explained that the ID legislation was only a symptom of political party betrayal, and if the low-priced campaign book 'Democracy & Treason in Australia' had been made available for sale to the audience. What a huge difference in lasting result! The difference in 'wake-up' potential is tremendous.

That issue was hardly put aside when the 'Guns Laws' issue fired. Here again we had a wonderful opportunity to expose the conspiracy. Must we throw all our chances away? How will our children judge us?

Without this simple strategy, almost all the effort, emotion and work generated by any campaign, against any issue, is lost as soon as the issue is laid to rest.

Just so long as we allow people to disperse from meetings without a convincing written explanation to study at their leisure, they will remain blind to what is happening. Our enemies can keep on creating issues to keep us occupied while they continue to undermine education, the economy, constitutional government and social order.

None of the great issues of recent times (Bill of Rights, Australia Card, etc.) are essential to enemy subversion. They exist as a means of gauging public response and of misdirecting this response. We could make that program so dangerous to the subversives that they would have to avoid action that created any controversial issue. By doing this we would seriously curtail their ability to manipulate public opinion. In addition we could create a great awakening.

Our enemies are wealthy, organized and clever. Yet we have tried to resist them without accepting leadership; without any overall plan; without any organization; without any specially written literature, and without any funds. 'Put not the Lord thy God to the test' is, I would think, a very good reminder in this situation, for, 'leave it to God,' obviously, is the attitude of the many who seek to evade their responsibilities.

We cannot ignore issues but must learn to use them as a springboard. People are much more interested in fighting issues. It is difficult to get people to understand or fight, a gradual subversion. An issue is easy to explain and quickly attracts attention. Given the attention of people you have a chance to offer a deeper understanding of the situation. An understanding supported by literature specially designed for the job.

Of course, we would have to be a very large organization to cover the entire country, but if other groups were to take up the same strategy that would serve just as well.

To help expose the conspiracy first read our campaign literature. The second thing is to join and/or support theConstitutional Herita ge Protection Society. You can have no real effect working alone and without understanding the problem.

Is our literature capable of success? Well you have to read it for yourself to form your own opinion but 'Democracy and Treason in Australia' sold over 14,000 copies by mail order (not through bookshops with a big media campaign) in its first six months. This, by word of mouth and reader promotion, must be close to miraculous. Has anything like that ever previously happened in Australia?

American Action:

Until recently it seemed we were totally alone in developing this strategy but a recent audio-tape reveals an American group addressing a meeting and proposing this same basic strategy.

Their organization is 'The American Freedom Movement' and their literature base is the new Gary Allen book: `Say NO to the New World Order'; a name they also use as a slogan.

There are things we and the Americans can learn from each other and hopefully future contacts will see co-operation between us.

Australian Action!

The enemy works in secret and fears exposure. Action: put yourself in touch with what is going on by joining The Constitutional Heritage Protection Society or subscribing to our literature. We do not need to sit around and talk about what we should do. Frankly we have enough to do to occupy an army and what we need is an army of people willing and able to do things.

So the first question is, 'Do you want to save your culture and your life?' We need people and funds. Do we have enough people, enough dedication and enough skills, to BEGIN a PLANNED struggle to save our community, our culture, our nation and our lives?

The Constitutional Heritage Protection Society offers you a practical response. If you really want to do something about our tragic situation, today is the day you should act.

* * *

1) To bring together people who are perturbed by present social trends.
2) To uphold the legal Australian Constitution and to re-establish the electorate as the parliamentary authority.
3) To expose political parties as engaging government in unconstitutional activities such as:

a) social engineering to secret and foreign design;
b) economic policy of culpable waste and inefficiency;
c) providing discriminatory law;
d) irresponsibility in relation to medical and social welfare;
e) creating policies which discriminate against small business, farming, national welfare, children, the traditional family, Christianity.
Children are being brainwashed within the education system; destroyed by drugs and 'pop' culture; by child welfare officialdom and 'no fault, no justice' family law courts.

C.H.P.S. is needed because the valiant efforts of so many groups over many years have not been effective in stopping the creeping corruption. There is an obvious need for a more organized approach.

Associate Membership includes free copies of literature produced during the membership period and the opportunity for full membership and entitlement to vote in the election of officers, after twelve months. Also important, C.H.P.S. membership shows you are prepared to defend your heritage.

Alternative to Associate Membership is a subscription to literature.
For Information or Associate Membership Apply:

BOX Q381. Queen Victoria Post Office,
Sydney, 2000 AUSTRALIA. avoid27.htm

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