Chapter 6.


The evidence of manipulation is so conclusive we have to consider that our leading institutions—politics, education, religion—are caught up in a master plan based on The Law of Rational Response.

It is not difficult to fool the human community provided you know the correct strings to pull and keep people preoccupied with trivia. The one great fear of the elite, during a time of social reconstruction, is that somehow common man will discover what is happening. Should that happen, then, overnight, manipulation would become impossible.

They have reason to fear! Already a few people know their secret and all we need is to discover some way of spreading the information among people who are conditioned to subconscious, unthinking rejection of all distressing challenge. If we can cause people to stop and think, look and learn, then the dangers confronting the human race can end.

The evidence we need is available; the challenge to each of us is the challenge to understand it and use it. The outcome, for each family, is a matter of life or death.

Up to now the elite have been able to keep secret the manipulative power inherent in rational response and basic belief. But when we appreciate that intelligence is rational then we can work out that the way a community behaves will depend on beliefs. If our beliefs are wrong they will lead us astray, and the more sincerely we believe the more surely we will be misled.

Once we know the theory of mass population manipulated the entire mess becomes understandable. Understanding may not be easy but is certainly possible.

Is It Treason?

Our parliament is NOT now trying to govern us in a way which will make us more prosperous and happy, it is introducing laws and programs to break down our culture, our prosperity, and our social unity. Leaders do this because they already accept the beliefs and promises which make it seem justified.

The introduction into education of American humanist-designed material (at our expense) is not by accident causing great division between parent and child; it is not by accident causing a great swing away from proven values to novelty; it did not by accident encourage the drug culture to develop.

Over-taxation and the destruction of the economic viability of industry is not a matter of government mistake or stupidity, it is planned.

To try to explain simple fact to the political machine (as so many hopefully try) is like telling a killer that if he shoots you it will cause you grievous harm; he knows that very well. The difference between the mafia and the political machine is that the mafia is honest about crime whereas the political machine lives on lies.

Educators use scientifically designed `social engineering' and Douglas Swan. N.S.W. Director General of Education (1981), was reported as saying that the `school is becoming a social engineering institution'. He said flatly that people would have to get used to the idea. No `ifs' or `buts'; no explanation - the people are scorned.

The denial of democratic right to information and choice is part of the proof of dictatorial manipulation. The electronics industry makes referendum and ballot an easy and practical means of public reference. But democracy is not wanted. The people were not offered choice on the imposition of a multi-cultural society, uranium mining, or the destruction of our constitutional rights. The very last thing our present politicians want for people is democratic choice.

Ask yourself why our constitutional rights are being withdrawn. What other reason than that they are in the way of progress to a full dictatorship?

Ask yourself why 'human rights' laws are being enacted to suit socialist requirements as per United Nations recipes. Remember: the UN is controlled overwhelmingly by communist and dictatorial regimes.

If our leaders were sincere in support of democracy they would explain themselves; if our media were not controlled by 'One World' elitists we would be told the truth; if our religious leaders were not accepting the concepts of humanism they would enlighten us.

Ask yourself why we are now taxed to half our export earnings on behalf of the international bankers. Why are the stupid divisive elements of racism and sexism introduced disguised as anti-racism and anti-sexism?

Christian Religion Has Been Penetrated by Pagan Religion.

We are SO trusting. Many innocents do not believe that Christian Religion has been taken over by pagan humanism, but when that point was being made to readers of the original papers, the Humanist Society was distributing their November 1983 Humanist Viewpoint and Alex Carey, (Professor?) in an article Whither Humanism, makes this comment on a well publicized stand by Catholic bishops in the USA:

"There could not, I think, be more persuasive evidence of the extent to which humanist values have displaced distinctively religious values, even in a church where almost all the traditional rituals and transcendental beliefs still retain their official place." ... [He means humanist values have displaced Christian values; humanists like to pretend their beliefs are not religious. A.G.]

"But developments such as 'The Challenge to Peace' compel us to confront a question of singular importance for humanists and humanism: what can it profit us to expend our energies attacking all conceptions of a Christian god and a Christian religion in a period when every year sees further shifts by one or other congregations toward employing the word 'God' as little more than a reverent symbol under which to sanctify a set of ever more humanist values? In short how should we respond if the present trend continues and nominally Christian congregations increasingly define their God as a humanist (or even as The Humanist), his will as a Humanist Will."

In the same publication (in a book review by Keith Rex) appears comment on a debate between Christian and humanist:

"...this confrontation of the mighty forces struggling for the domination of the world ..."

It is very important that everyone (particularly Christians) understands that the havoc created in our world is a result of a titanic rearrangement for total control of humanity and ownership of the earth. Obviously, to find that mainstream Christian religion is now leading the humanist (anti-Christ) charge, comes as just as much a surprise to ignorant and unworldly humanists as to trusting Christians.

If you still think that we are not in a period of manipulation from one belief structure to another, consider this item attributed to Bill Hayden also found in Humanist Viewpoints:

"I am a Christian socialist who happens to be an atheist."

Or a churchman on a recent 'evolution-investigating' ABC program stating that he saw no conflict between Christian belief and evolution.

The churchman is saying that he sees no conflict between Christianity and paganism; Bill Hayden that he is a Christian anti-Christian.

You cannot get much more mixed up than that.

An example of the sickness overtaking our intelligence is a clipping from a reader in Tasmania; a letter published in the Hobart Mercury (1/11/83.)

Removal of Books

"I feel that the public should be made aware that there is more to the removal of books from the Winnaleah School Library than generally realized, and I quote from the so-called literature recommended for non-sexist teachers and their pupils.

From the "Combat Sexism Kit" book 1 for teachers: "...the marriage law is the most damnable outrage upon women that was ever conceived." From the same kit - Book 2 for students, the story is told of the breast-people and the breastless ones - the only difference being that the breast-people gave birth. And I quote: "... one day the breastless ones noticed that the breast-people were getting strong and skillful ... The difference and the progress of the breast-people, so startled and frightened the breastless ones ... So the breastless ones committed the first crime - they took possession of the lives of the breast-people and their little ones, robbed them of all they created and produced, took away their freedom and made them slaves. Their crime was known as "marriage" ... With no excuse for their behaviour, the males invented a lie to justify their crime ... When resistance continued, the males wrote their lies in books, and these books were The Bible, The Koran and the texts of Hinduism. To be assured of power, what was written became law and those who broke the law were punished, so the right of the males to enslave the females became legal and from then on the males were men and the females women."

This rubbish is being fed to your children through the feminist movement which has infiltrated our education system. It certainly explains why those of feminist persuasion and their union chief are upset at having their actions exposed, and why those of the same persuasion in the "Hierarchy" of the Education Department are trying to keep it "hush-hush".

Mrs. Allison Carins. Winnaleah.

It is difficult to imagine even a small group of people being so silly and ignorant as to give any credit to this rubbish and yet these people are school teachers. How could they justify (in their own minds) subscribing to this abortion of common sense unless they believe in evolution and see truth as irrelevant so long as they get what they want?

Even if we could assume that by evolution both sexes would be physically equal the writer makes nonsense of that faint hope of rationality by saying:

" day the breastless ones noticed that breast people were getting strong and skillful ..." so on the one hand she is saying that chance evolution did not in fact make the sexes equal in strength and skill, on the other that the males stopped them from becoming strong and skillful. I wonder what the writer thinks caused the difference of build between male and female of other species?

It is both obvious and scientific that the sexes are not equal; they are designed to comment each other for their mutual benefit and efficiency. From The Weekend Australian (26/11/1983), article:

Are men and women really that different?

"Major new research into the brain has now established that there is a definite physical difference:"

Male and female have different bodies, different minds, and different abilities. The ones inferior are those who think the difference makes them inferior.

Were Parliament honest there would be some form of psychological test to weed the mentally disturbed out of the education system. It must devastate parents to know that when they send their children to school they may be putting them into the hands of irrational fanatics and sex deviants for social engineering experimentation. For detail read Assault on Childhood.

Increasing prosperity and the ability to give everyone education, has brought not improvement but disaster. Why? Simply because modern technology has been used, NOT to educate but to manipulate.

Time's Up!

Let us hope we will awaken before we reach the point of no return. Each year our minds and bodies are more taken over by false teachings and drugs; each year our chance of recovery is less. If we cannot bring ourselves to make a stand now, how will we do so next year when we are more drugged and brainwashed?

A man needs work more to support a wife and family now than in the middle ages. Do you believe that automation and computerization has made us LESS efficient? Do you believe that normal intelligent people WANT (or that anyone will benefit from) 'liberation' to a lifetime of economically forced, useless, make-work occupation? Do you see rationality in degrading the family?

That our lives and the lives of families and friends are at stake can be said unemotionally and without dramatization. Australian population has no value to a socialist 'One World' government.


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