Chapter 7.


At first I thought social information should be directed to women. Women seemed more likely to be concerned about the future security of their children and, as managers of the household business, less inclined to waste time in the hotels. They seemed more aware of social events and able to give more time to the problem.

When handing out leaflets preference was given to women, so it was disconcerting to find that about 90% of replies came from men.

Ladies, why?

In Chapter 6, we saw a small but revealing incident in the attack against the human partnership. It is part of the elitist program of miseducation being run by 'shemen' (shemen = females who deny femininity = Radical/Political Feminists). These people have now infiltrated the Women's Liberation movement which they use as a disguise.

The construction of lies is so fantastic that most people, when faced with evidence of the rubbish being promoted, simply fail to believe it is serious or that people are being taken in by it. But miseducation, plus the power of media imagery, and snide inference repeated over long periods, amount to very influential brainwashing.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World.

That is not just romantic folklore, it is scientifically sound. It has long been known that the early years of a human life are the most important in forming character and attitude, and these are the years in which mothers traditionally, and by nature, have a predominant say.

The shemen (tormented by self doubt and manipulated by men who want world domination) attack the trust and natural respect essential to the human partnership and so necessary to the maintenance of civilized living.

There have always been rogue men and rogue women, and ordinary men and women have worked together to defend woman against rape. But the rape of men (through violation of their self esteem as partner-defenders of the sacred trust of the male/female partnership) is more rare. Humanity has not built up protection or even awareness of, this form of rape.

The more humane man is therefore vulnerable to accusation of misusing woman; charges that amount to a betrayal of trust. And the shemen puppets have great advantage in this attack on family unity because they hide behind the respect men have for women. The shemen hide behind the skirts of the feminine woman.

Women, if you do not want the security and the survival of your children in the hands of inhuman manipulators, then you have to stand by men being attacked by rogue females just as men have traditionally come to the aid of women when attacked by rogue males.

The clear aims of the socialist movement include getting women (back 100 years) into the workforce where they cannot look after the children, and getting children into the care of the state for brainwashing into self-destructive, anti-social philosophy.

Dr. Jay Belsky, Professor of Human Development at Penn State University, USA, after ten years research into the effects of 'child care centres' says that babies left at such places for 20 or more hours a week, have measurably greater behaviour problems and emotional insecurity ten years later.

Be not fooled by new-speak and double-think. Women's Lib. (in radical hands) is being used to trick women and children to the slavery of office, factory and mine. While shemen beguile with talk of freedom, the manipulators use the economic whip to drive women away from their children and into the workforce. Men, displaced from their natural role become, in the process, despondent and servile.

The family unit has been under attack for many years. To abort an advancing civilization, manipulators had to undermine the influence of the hand that rocks the cradle. The attack against men, mounted through the shemen in disguise of Women's Liberation, is mainly to put men on the defensive and prevent them seeing that the real attack is aimed to destroy the influence of women over children.

Dr. Benjamin Spock was used to establish a fashion to undermine parent guidance. His 'let them do as they like' philosophy did not gain world influence because of proven advantage; it was given prominence because it coincided with humanist plans for a promotion to break parental discipline and family unity. These people knew that if the hand that rocked the cradle could be enticed to give up its authority, then the security of male/female roles would be reduced and would produce a generation of men and women less aware, less defensive of, their time-proven roles of trust and respect.

(Note: Dr. Spock, like so many other unnaturally successful social innovators, now admits he was wrong. He may have been unaware he was being used but unfortunately being sorry does not undo the harm.)

The break-up of the family became possible because of the success of the 'Spock' trick in weakening the bond of the male/female partnership. The next step (the personal freedom hoax) tricked men and women into suspicion, disloyalty, betrayal.

Promiscuity (as personal freedom) is promoted as the greatest discovery since Eve, but does anyone think that promiscuity is something new? Does anyone think that (throughout history) it failed as a social concept for lack of trying?

The latest attack in the blood-drenched war against the family introduces hard-core porn and malevolent depravity, to children—children whose self-esteem and emotional security have already been damaged. The 'snuff' video industry promotes depravities the normal person never imagines.

Men have enslaved women, shout the shemen. Men breed women smaller and weaker and have bound them into a slave contract of marriage and subservience!

Many men are devastated by these accusations and, driven by guilt feelings, try to make amends by supporting Women's Liberation. Women are confused and equally misled. But think about it honestly and logically; do baby boys really FORCE their mothers to raise them as brave fighters ready to lay down their lives to protect the family territory? Do baby boys really FORCE mothers to raise them strong so that they can do the heavy work and the dangerous jobs? Do baby boys force mothers to raise the girls frail and sensitive so they may be dominated?

Or could it be that women have traditionally chosen the biggest, strongest and most successful men as mates and bound them to marriage as a means of protecting their children and securing their own future? Could it be that women have deliberately raised their sons to be brave, strong and protective, so as to provide the needs of motherhood for themselves and their daughters?

Fortunately many men and women still have sufficient common sense and rationality to be able to see that the future of humanity depends on a secure male/female relationship. Many more men and women, when it is brought to their notice, will be capable of seeing through the intellectual quackery of the shemen and their masters. Men have not enslaved women, and women have not enslaved men. It is the elitists who mislead and enslave both men and women.

The fact is that there is no relationship more beautiful than the trusting mutual dependence of the natural human partnership, and a great part of the bitterness and vitriol generated by shemen comes from a subconscious shame of having thrown away the opportunity to share in such a relationship.

It Seems Incredible.

Difficult though it is to accept that the attitudes and ambitions of an entire civilization can be manipulated, let us not forget it has taken humanity thousands of years of painful experience to learn that the secure family and responsible moral behaviour is the only foundation for a strong nation, security and contentment. But it has taken a mere three generations of conditioning to erase the memory of these lessons and has allowed, just in the last few years, laws to be set in place that make the family legally irrelevant.

You cannot now advertise (except in a very specialized context) for a married person; to do so is classed as discriminating against people living together outside of marriage and THAT discrimination is illegal.

That is what you should think of as incredible. Forty years ago 90% of the population would have risen in rebellion; they would have dragged the entire parliament out into the street had it brought in a law that discriminated against the family and stripped it of honour.

Why! Because at that time people still had some inkling that the security of the nation and their personal contentment depended on the security of the family. They still appreciated that many generations had tried repeatedly the ancient dead-end trail of harlotry (now called 'the new enlightenment').

Do you still say we cannot be programmed to lose our cultural heritage?

Women, it's your future also! H E L P !

Satanic Orgies.

The web of paganism has stealthily enmeshed our society and especially the education system. Communism now dominates the humanities in our universities and socialists do not hide the fact that they promote anarchism, pedophilia, homosexuality, promiscuous sex education, and all manner of deviant anti-social behaviour.

But what is the end purpose? Naturally it is aimed at the destruction of our Christian culture and genocide of our people, but are there sub-plots?

A report from New York (Sunday Telegraph 15/7/'84):

"For four hours cult leader Richard Kasso, 17, repeatedly stabbed the youth as his accomplice, James Troiano, 18, held the victim.

"They forced the youth to cry out his love for Satan.

"Then, while Lauwer was still alive, Kasso gouged his eyes out.

"There was absolutely no remorse, says district attorney William Keahon."

Recent information that actual killings now provide the ultimate thrills in pornographic lusts for the 'snuff' video mass audience, gives the last clue necessary to put that puzzle together. Let us consider three points:

1. Educators call it personal development but getting mixed groups of children together and having them feel each other, and tell of their feelings, is not human development in any meaning of what is human. Especially so when this instruction is taken in association with training in the belief that there is no moral right or wrong and that people should experiment with all forms of sex.

Conclusion: what is actually being taught is childhood acceptance of harlotry without shame.

2. The encouragement to drug taking and the availability of various forms of drugs in the school yard. This again must be taken in association with the teaching of no moral rightor wrong and the encouragement to experiment.

Conclusion: kids are being enticed to accept mind-distorting drugs as a social necessity.

3. Death education: of growing importance in Australia and 'big' in the U.S.A.

Conclusion:paves the way for acceptance of ritual murder.

What does this add up to? It adds up to novice training for Satanic orgies and human sacrifice. The forces of the left plan more than just the eventual extermination of Christianity and a large part of world population. In their vile nature they plan the ultimate degradation—they are driven to exalt in the final insult of having the children of Christians wallow in Satanic orgies and dedicate their faith to Satanic rites and rituals before the 'Final Solution'.

Think about that! avoid7.htm

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