Experiences, Visions and Prophecy

The Healing of King George VI

King George of England, and a man by the name of . . . I forget, of Fort Wayne, you remember the meeting in Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle, was a businessman of the city. He had multiple sclerosis and been a bed patient, ten years, and a vision come over the man and he was made perfectly whole. Walt Amen was his name. Walked up, and he was a friend to the King's private secretary. And, through there, King George of England sent word to me. I have his statements, and have his letters of his seals, to come pray for him with multiple sclerosis. And so I couldn't go up that time, so I just wired back and told the King that I would pray for him here; that God would hear here just the same as He would over there.

And so then another telegram come through, and wanted me to come on over immediately. Later, when I went to England, over there to see him, now, the Lord had healed him. He couldn't even stand up over five minutes at a time. And I believe the second day, he played eighteen holes of golf. And never was bothered with it no more until the very day he died.

And I was in Africa when he died. They found a little tumour here on his lung, decided to cut it open. And air got to it someway, I don't know, and caused a blood clot to go to his brain, and killed him instantly. So, very fine man (Testimony, November 29, 1953.)

The Maniac of Portland, Oregon

I was preaching. Six thousand people inside, and I don't know how many outside, the rain pouring. Oral Roberts, none of the rest of them had come on the scene in them days, and I was. The tinsel was on the meeting, certainly. And while I was speaking, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," there was about a couple of hundred preachers sitting behind me. And, all of a sudden, down through that building come a great big man, about six-foot-two, weighing about two-forty or two-fifty, gray suit on, going like this, just real hard. I thought he must be bringing a message for someone. And when he got near the platform, all those preachers realized who he was, and they took a run as hard as they could go. He was a maniac out of an insane institution. And he run to the platform, and he started walking up towards me. And he said. . . I weighed one hundred and twenty-eight pounds at the time. And he said, "You snake in the grass. You hypocrite. Here, imposing yourself as a servant of God. I'm going to break every bone in your body, tonight, and I'll show this people that you're nothing but a big liar."

And I turned and looked at him. Ordinarily I'd been scared to death. But, instead of that, something happened. Oh, I wish it would always happen. Instead of despising that man, I loved him. Something has to do it. I've begged God, let me get in that state and stay there forever. But I loved the man. I thought, "Poor fellow, he wouldn't want to hurt me. He's out of his mind. Why, he's probably got a family somewhere. And as he started towards me. . .

Just before coming in the meeting, I led two little policemen to Christ, back in the dressing room. They rushed out to get him. Now, ask the police force, many people's called. That's authentic, it has to be before it's put in the magazine. So he. . . The police rushed out to get him. I said, "No, don't. Leave him alone. This is not of flesh and blood, this is a spiritual affair." They just took their hats off and walked back.

He walked up towards me, he said, "Tonight, I'm going to break every bone in your body."

I had to look up to see him. I thought, "Poor fellow," never said a word. He went. . . spit right in my face, and it flew all over me. I thought, "Poor fellow, he don't mean to do that. He's out of his mind."

And he said, "Tonight, I'm going to knock you way out in the middle of that audience." He was well able to do it, great big arms. And I never said a word. I knowed better than to say anything. I just stood still. The audience was hushed. I just looking at him.

He walked up to me, and he drew his great big arm back, and started to raise back. And I heard myself speaking to him, and It said, "Because you have challenged the Spirit of God, tonight you'll fall over my feet."

He said, "Fall over your feet? You low-down hypocrite!" He said, "I'll show you whose feet I'll fall over," and he drew his big fist back to strike me.

I said, "Satan, come out of the man." And he threw his hands up in the air, paralyzed him, went "Uh! Uh," turned around two or three times, and fell across my feet, till the policemen had to roll him off of my feet. What was it, faith? It was love that did it (When Love Projects, May 19, 1957.)

Ten Thousand Mohammedans Accept Christ

That afternoon when the Holy Spirit came down at the meeting in the race-track and begin to reveal the secrets of the heart, after I had took the Scripture. About an hour, where it really taken me fifteen minutes, 'cause they had fifteen different interpreters for it to go through. So I'd speak like, "Jesus Christ the Son of God;" and this one say, "bah, bah, bah, bah, bah;" this one, "gloo, gloo, gloo, gloo;" and then, "um, um, um," like that; all meant "Jesus Christ the Son of God;" interpreters. And I'd have to jot down what I said last, I wouldn't know where he was at, and then wait till they got through.

And then when it got back, I said, "Now, the missionary told you of a Jesus that come to save you." You see them looking at one another, you know, different tribes, and all the way up and down like that. I said, "The missionary told you that. But did that missionary. . . In reading this Book, did you see there where He was a great Healer and said that He would live down through the age in the people till He come again? 'Works that I do shall you also.` You that's ever accepted Christ as your Saviour, with those tags on, would you like to see Jesus come back up here today and walk down through the people and do the same thing He did when He was here on earth?"

Oh, all of them, "Sure!" They wanted to see that, you see, they wanted that.

I said, "Then if He will do it, use us here to do the same thing that He did when He was here on earth, would you believe His Word? "

"Oh, sure!" You see, the Mohammedan setting out there.

The first . . . second person on the platform was a Mohammedan woman. The Holy Spirit speaking, I said to the woman myself, I said, "Now, you know I don't know you, I can't even speak your language." And she admitted that.

She had the red dot right in between her eyes here, which meant she was a thoroughbred and a Mohammedan. So, I said, "Well, now, for healing you, I cannot heal you." But I said, "Did you understand the . . . what I said this afternoon, the Message?"

And she talked back to the Mohammedan interpreter that . . . She was an Indian, what she was, She said, "Yes, she understood, she had read the New Testament." Oh, yeah, uh-huh.

See, they believe in God, too. They're the seed of Abraham, also. See? But said then, "She believed in God, but she believed Mohammed was His prophet." And we believe Jesus was His Son. See? So she said, "Oh, she believed God."

And I said, "Then if you know the Old Testament and know what God was in the man gone by, in the ages gone, then Jesus, One that we call 'the Christ,' was to be the God-prophet. Yeah, they killed Him. You think they didn't 'cause you said he got on a white horse and rode away. That's what you're taught by your priest, that, He never was killed, now. And he died a normal death somewhere else, years later."

I said, "You believe that. But this Jesus, according to the New Testament, He died and rose again, and sent His Spirit back on His Church." Now you got them, see. That's exactly what that Mohammedan challenged Billy Graham about, see. Same thing, same principle.

I said, "Now if. . . Mohammed never made you an any promises. But Jesus made us a promise, that the same works that he did we'd do also. Now, you remember He said in St. John 5:19, I do nothing till the Father shows Me." And I said, "Now, if Jesus will come and show me what your trouble is or what you're here for, tell you what your outcome was, what your past was, and what your future will be, and if He can tell you what your future. . . your past was, surely you'll believe what the future will be."

She said, "That's true." See, through the interpreter.

And I said, "All right, may He do it."

And all them Mohammedans just raising up, watching, you know. And when the Holy Spirit said, "Your husband short, heavyset man, with a black mustache, You was at a doctor, about three days ago." Said, "You got two children. He give you a female examination, he said, You had a cyst on the womb."

She looked down and bowed her head, she said, "That is truth."

And I said, "Now, if you read the New Testament, is that like Jesus Christ Who told the woman at the well?"

"That is true."

And I said, "Well, why did you come to me as a Christian? Why didn't you go to your Mohammedan prophet?"

She said, "I think you can help me."

And I said, "I can't help you. But if you'll accept this Jesus Who is here now, Who knows your life and knows all about you, He will help you."

She said, "I accept Jesus as my Saviour."

That did it. That was it. Ten thousand Mohammedans come to Christ that afternoon. See, about thirty years on the mission field, and it turned one over by literature; where in five minutes time, ten thousand come by the Gospel being made manifest (Philadelphian Church Age, December 10, 1960.)

Boy Raised from The Dead in Finland

Standing yonder in Finland that day, and that little boy laying there, and I walked around him laying there dead. Been dead for a half hour, you read in the book. I started to walk away, Something put their hands on me. I turned around, I thought, "What was that?" And I looked again. I thought, "Wait a minute!" Looked back here on the flyleaf of the Bible, "And it shall come to pass, a little boy about nine years old, he will be killed by an automobile. There'll be a long strip of evergreen, rocks lapped in there; the car will be laying across the road, wrecked. He will have on little stockings like, up high; a cropped haircut; and his little eyes will be turned back, the bones in his body will be broken."

I looked, I thought, "O God!"

I said, "Stand still, all of you!" The mayor of the city there. I said, "If that boy isn't on his feet in two minutes from now, I'm a false prophet, ride and run me out of Finland." Certainly! "But if he is, you owe your lives to Christ." That's right. They stood still.

I said, "Heavenly Father, across the sea yonder, two years ago, You said this little boy would lay here."

There was Brother Moore and Brother Lindsay, and them looking at that. And everywhere, and they'd wrote it in the Bible; and thousands of Bibles across the land had it wrote in it. What was it? An Absolute.

The Father had showed what would take place. There's no fear at all standing there. Absolute! Sure, he will rise.

Right there in Finland, where thousands of people coming in nightly, and have to even move some out and let them be . . . seat them, move them out and put somebody else in. There he stood with . . . All the people loved me; and they'd seen healings done, but here was a boy laying there dead. What was the Absolute? The vision. "I do what the Father says do. He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he also." There's your Absolute.

I said, "Death, you can't hold him any longer, God has spoken! Come back, give him up!" And the little boy raised up and looked around like that. The people got to fainting and everything. There it is, wrote right there and signed by the mayor of the city, by a notary public. That's right! (The Absolute, December 30, 1962.)

Congressman Upshaw is Healed

There was a great man right here, sitting here, wore crutches for a long time, the congressman of the United States Congress, sitting here, Mr. Upshaw, is sitting here, was a cripple for many, many years, sixty-six years, injured. And here he is tonight without his crutches, without his chair, without anything, walking just as normally. The Holy Spirit is true. Now, that's him with his hands up, if some of you have never seen him. That's him here. How many never seen Congressman Upshaw, the congressman, let's see you raise your hands there.

Well, he was an invalid for sixty-six years. He fell, and while standing here on the platform, when I walked up, Eternal God, Who is my Judge, knows I never seen or heard of the man in my life.

Not knowing, I'm uneducated. If I had had any education, I would have knowed this man if I had been in libraries and read books. And he run for President, I think, in 1926. And he, and a great man from Georgia, but I never knew him.

And one night I walked into the platform here, Mr. Baxter had just left the platform. I looked, hanging right out here, and I seen the White House, seen all about it, begin to speak. And I couldn't tell, and I told Mr. Baxter. In a few moments It fell, and I seen where the man was sitting. I seen it was him, seen him get hurt when he was just a little boy, and he had been a cripple for all . . . And I started to leave, and the Spirit of God begin to fall (My Commission, And Faith Without Works Is Dead, May 5, 1951)

Bombay, I Count That My Greatest Meeting

When I went to Bombay, I count that my greatest meeting because of the effects it had on the people, And I . . . If in Africa they say thirty thousand came to Christ at one time, then there was a hundred and fifty or two hundred thousand came to Christ at one time out of that half a million there. What could I do? There wasn't a thing. Perhaps maybe, say there was, just say there was a hundred thousand of them. There was no church, nothing I could do. There was nobody to give to them the Message that I believed, there wasn't even a Pentecostal denomination would cooperate with me. And all those souls probably drifted right back into Shiites, Jains, Buddhism, what-ever-more they come from. No place to put them. Now that's a shame, that's a disgrace. See, because I had no cooperation, because of the stand that I take (Taking Sides With Jesus, June 1, 1962.)

I've Seen Jesus Christ Raise Up The Dead

I'd like to say something about this morning. Today, right after noon, rather, when we was ending the morning meeting, something taken place that maybe some of you wasn't here and didn't hear about it. I was closing service, and I'd—speaking from the platform here, watching a brother standing out here shaking hands with the people by the name of Brother Way, we call him here. His wife is a fine registered nurse.

And Brother Way is one of God's servants, and he's also works in secular work, but has a call upon his heart for years to the field of mission work. He felt led that God should bring him here and wait at this post here until receiving further orders to advance into the field. A few days ago, speaking to him, and having a little interview with him and his wife . . .

And this morning when making my confession of having complex, I referred to Brother Way also as having a complex, which is certainly normal among all people. And at the . . . a moment after that, Brother Way was stricken in a heart attack and dropped dead in the floor. And I seen his wife. And I noticed . . . I've been around many people dying, and I do not have to say this . . .

I like to brag on Jesus Christ, His power. But at this time I think we should never try to brag on Him in any way to something He didn't do. But I've seen Jesus Christ raise up the dead many times, infallible, doctors testing to prove.

For instance, in Connecticut just recently in a meeting, setting in a large, the old some kind of a famous auditorium, there was a Doctor Barten, a Christian doctor on the platform with me, medical doctor. And there was a fine renown Christian woman, a lovely, wealthy woman she was. She was setting kind of to my left. And I'd called the prayer line, and I noticed the woman just all at once . . .

When anyone, their heart stops . . . You can close your eyes, but when you are shocked to death, when your heart stops, really your eyeballs turn back and the white part of your eye pushes out. And I noticed it as she sank down. And quickly they called for the medical doctor, and he run to her to take her pulse, and shook his head, put his hand upon her, and his ear to her heart. And she was gone. She sank in the floor, and her daughter screaming which interrupted the meeting . . . I continued on, 'cause I didn't have no word of the Lord for the woman. And I continued on.

They said something about getting Brother Branham. And they said, "We don't want to call him in the prayer line, 'cause he's under discernment." And they said, "Get little Branham." That was Billy; and Billy . . . Being it was a woman dead, he didn't want to . . .

You know, people get suspicion of somebody being dead; that's just a hull. There's nothing there. That . . . People think strange . . . that. The person isn't there themselves; they've moved on. And so he was afraid to go around the woman because she was dead.

And then, immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me. I turned from the place, walked down the step, come around to where she was; and just as I started to where she was, the Holy Spirit spoke to me; and I said, "Mary!"

She said, "Yes, Brother Branham?" She was all right. And she had never seen us before. And it was the first in meeting.

Then at Shawano just recently, in, oh, I'd say, in the last, about four years ago or five, I was speaking one night at the armory. And there was a great crowd of people and a elderly man of some eighty years old, I guess, and his lovely wife . . . They were Lutheran by faith, go to that great famous Lutheran church there. I forget the name of it now. It's the largest Lutheran gathering in America, at one single gathering, of church membership. And it's a great country for the Lutheran. And while I was speaking, I noticed the fellow, head going back like that; and his hands went out; and he pitched forward, dead in the chair. And his wife begin screaming, and she screamed out, "Somebody help me! Somebody help me!

And I looked, I said, "Just everyone keep seated. Be quiet!" See? I waited for the Lord to give me a word. And I was just fixing to make the altar call, and that's just when he wants to show hisself.

So . . . Did you ever notice when you start to make a altar call, even little babies will start screaming and things like that? That's Satan. You who are spiritual understand.

So the Lord gave me his name, and I called him, and he come to life just like that.

And this morning when I was turning . . . See? And I seen many times the Lord Jesus bring back the dead. The little baby in Mexico died at nine o'clock that morning, and this was between ten and eleven that night it come back to life. And that's a bona fide testimony with doctor's witness of it, see, that the baby died in his office at nine o'clock that morning. I think it was pneumonia. And the baby's living today, so far as I know. And that . . . before, oh my, thirty, forty thousand people.

And then this morning I seen our Brother Way as he's setting . . . He was setting right here now. But as he was setting right along in here somewhere; he was standing. And we were singing and "Glory, glory, hallelujah," and shaking one another's hands. I noticed him as it struck him, And his head went back, he . . . Brother Way isn't given to things like—anything like fainting or going like that. And he . . . I seen him fall backwards, and I seen his wife, which is a registered nurse, check his pulse. And she screamed; it was gone.

And then I believe it was Sister Nash, a lady here, a colored sister that comes to the church, some of them started running forward. And now, Mrs. Way kept reaching for me to come across the platform. And I said, "Everybody, keep quiet. Keep in your seat." Don't never be excited in them kind of times. See? That's what Satan wants to do. Just wait and see what He says. If it's somebody moving on to glory, well, we got to go sometime, no better place than in church. So then, right into the house of the Lord . . . So then . . .

But the man was turning back. I thought maybe something had—he'd fainted or something had happened to him in that manner. But when I looked, and his head turned around this way, and seeing the inside down part of his eyes pushed out . . . You can't shut—you can't put your eyes in that condition; it's the heart stopping that does that. And I went across this, and he . . . There was someone, kind person, had laid something for his head to lay on. And there was his feet, hands, and everything stiff. It stopped . . . His face was as dark as my coat, reddish black, and his eyes turned back. And I know heart attacks. I know what they do and how they turn. Anybody else that's ever seen it . . . So I put my hand upon his pulse, and there's no more pulse then there is on this desk. Not a thing! Here's his wife, a registered nurse who checked his pulse; there was no pulse there.

Then the other day while I was with Brother Way on a discernment in here, I seen that he had a murmuring heart anyhow. So then I thought, "This is it." So I laid my hands upon him; I said, "Dear God, I call in the Name of Jesus Christ, the soul of my brother, his life back again. And the Lord Jehovah knows and His Bible here before me, it felt like when I had my hand on his pulse—and as I know I'll answer for this at the day of the judgment if it be wrong—and the—felt like his pulse beat four or five times quickly, went, "Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump," and then started off going, "Pump--pump-pump--pump!"

And he was trying to open his mouth to say something to me—and—trying to get his mouth and gurgling kinda to try to say it. And he got out the word, "Brother Branham." Then he looked like he would go back to sleep or something, and I waited just a moment again, checked his pulse again; it was beating normally. And then, again I looked, and he looked over at me. And he was kinda . . . I seen him beside himself; he didn't know where he was at, but his heart, beating normal . . . And God had called back his life to him again.

So I say that in honor of Jesus Christ, Who is the same God, that . . . When this morning I had preached at length, way over my time, and tired, and worn . . . And there could be two things. He either got tired, or when I spoke of having a complex, not just to mess my brother up, as we'd say it, because I was making my confession of having complex. And I guess if I'd ask tonight in this audience of people. "How many in here knows you have complex?" practically every hand would go up. That you might know, Brother Way, just let me show you whether it's discernment. Now how many knows that you got a complex raise your hand. Looky there. See? But I don't know if that shock of me saying that to Brother Way, taking it like I might be rebuking him or something, then if—he fell into this condition, and the Lord Jesus brought him back.

Now, I am—think that the same God that the great Saint Paul represented in his days, that when he preached at length ne night. . . And a man fell and his life was gone out of him, and Paul, getting over the man, by the grace of God said back to the audience "His life is within him." I think that it proves to us or if you've never seen it before, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

And then it might have been this, that . . . I've tried to think of it this afternoon, that I had stood here and with all my heart told you exactly the Truth, and tell you of my complex and make my open confession, and ask you to pray that my inside being would be changed towards the people, that I could do as the Lord did. And to confirm that He still would send me to field, He let that happen to show that He still heals the sick and . . . ? . . . raised up the dead. I think it was no more than a confirmation of what I been preaching about and had been witnessing of the Kingdom of God. And that's something along the line that He had just told Brother Roberson there and another one of the brethren.

Now, we love Him for that. And we thankful tonight that Brother Way is with us tonight. And surely God has not finished with our brother, or he'd have went on this morning. There's something for Brother Way to do. And I want you to know, Brother Way, that this entire church with myself will be praying that God will show you His plan for you and your wife's life. And as soon as it is materialized will place you in it. I'm sure He will do it, Brother Way. And all of us that's Christians will be thankful for Brother Way. Is that right, church? And I'll pray that he and Sister Way will find their place in the Lord for their service in life.

Now, also I wanted to speak to Brother Way, I come early so I could speak to him and find just what his attitude or what happened. And he doesn't know. See, it just went out, and he just dropped and went off (The Flashing Red Light Of The Sign Of His Coming, June 23, 1963.)

Man writes His Doom on Prayer Card

Many of you remember up there that night when that man come out on the platform. He thought that there was a mental telepathy to reading the prayer cards. And how he thought he had it right then, brother, he was sure he had it. He come around, he belonged to a church that don't believe in these, in the Gospel, the Full Gospel. And he come up on the platform. I was tired, and they was fixing to take me away. That was at Windsor, Ontario. And there . . . Come right across the . . . from United States there, right across from Detroit at Windsor, the big auditorium. And this man come up there with a gray suit on, and a red tie, intelligent-looking man, smart as a tack. He come to the platform, and I . . . he walked up. And I said, "Well, just let me have your hand." I said, "I'm tired, I've seen so many visions. Let me have your hand." And I never noticed the man, he put his hand over on mine. And I said, "Sir, there's nothing wrong with you. Go ahead."

He said, "Oh, there is too!"

And I said, "Let me see then." I said, "No, sir, there's not one sign. No, sir, you're healthy man."

He said, "Go look at my prayer card."

I said, "I don't care what you put on your prayer card." I said, "I don't have nothing to do with the prayer card." Not thinking, you see. I was tired and worn out, and my . . . But the grace of God, you see, was still there, you remember. If He sends you, it's His obligation to take care of you. It ain't mine, it's Him. He sent It. I'm just supposed to stand on what's Truth.

When Moses throwed his stick down, and it turned into a serpent, and the magicians done the same thing, what could Moses do, but stand there and wait for the grace of God? That's all. Same thing. He followed out the commandments, and you know what happened, don't you?

This man said, "Well," he said, "there is, look at my prayer card,"

I said, "Well, you might've had a lot of faith, and might've done it." Not thinking, you see, done . . . Not even paying attention. Then he unbuttons his coat, and pushed out his chest.

He said, "There you are!" to the audience.

And I thought, "What's going on here?"

Looked around and he said, "There you are!" Said, "See the gimmick?" That's your Judas! A religious man, a preacher of a great denomination! Said, "There you are. I had so much faith now. He's got so weak he can't read the telepathy. See, it don't come to him no more. And there he says, 'Not my faith was so great.` Said, "I put that on the prayer card, and now he can't catch it, you see. That's the gimmick."

I thought, "What's going on?" Then the grace of God came down.

I said, "Sir, why has the devil put in your heart to try to deceive God?" A modern Judas. I said, "You are a Church of Christ . . . " Excuse me. Well, I done said it, "You are a Church of Christ preacher. You belong to the Church of Christ over in the United States. And that man setting up there with that blue suit on, and your wife, and his wife setting there, you set at a table last night that had a green thing over it, a spread like this, and you made up that this was telepathy, and you were coming tonight."

That man raised up. He said, "That's the honest truth. God have mercy on me."

I said, "Sir, you put TB and cancer on that card, and now you have it. It's yours now."

And he grabbed me by the pants leg, he said, "I didn't . . ."

I said, "I can't help. You go right ahead. That's up between you and God. You wrote your doom right on your card." And that got him. That was all of it.

See, make-believers, deceivers, trying to find some fault with God and His Word! That's the Judases. That's the ones. You see how Judas come out? See how that guy come out? That's the way the make-believers happen. See? Make-believers. Oh, highly educated sometimes! And a great showdown comes between the Word and their creed, and when it does, they sell out to their denominations just exactly like their forerunner did, Judas. Judas sold out to his denomination, sold Jesus, the Word, to his denomination and betrayed Jesus Christ after he claimed to be a part of it (Three Kinds Of Believers, November 24, 1963.)

Blind Woman is Healed

"What?" She said, "The Healer." Said that, "A man from up somewhere, up in Arkansas, had been healed that morning, a blind shoe cobbler." You know the story, it'd been on the radio.

And I said . . . I thought . . . I played the part of a hypocrite. I said, "You don't believe that's the Truth?"

She said, "Yes, sir, I do."

And I said, "Do you believe in this day when God would do something like that, when . . ."

She said, "Sir, I listened to the religious program." She said, "I'm a Christian." She said, I listened to the programs, I heard that man up there that was healed this morning, that blind shoe cobbler. They throwed him out of the church, he was making so much noise, one church to the other. With his hat on a cane, wiggling it around, running up and down the church. He was everywhere in the city, hollering, 'I'm healed! I'm healed!' A blind shoe cobbler."

I said, "Do you believe that?"

And she stood there a little bit, was kind of drizzling rain, she said, "Sir, if you'll get me in where he's at, then I'll find my Father." Then I felt about like that.

I said, "Maybe I'm the one you're looking for."

She said. . . grabbed me by the lapels of the coat, she said, "Is you the Healer?"

I said, "No, sister, but I'm Brother Branham."

She said, "Have mercy!" I thought of poor old blind Fanny Crosby, "While on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by." See, He had healed one, He could heal her.

I put my hands over her eyes, I said, "Dear Jesus, one day an old rugged cross come bumping down the street, the shoulders with blood running out of them, the little frail body that was practically fell under the load. A colored man by the name of Simon, of Cyrene, came up and picked up the cross, helped Him bear it. I'm sure You remember it, Father. And one of His children is staggering here in darkness, I'm sure You understand."

She said, "Glory to God! I can see!" Uh-huh!

I said, "Can you see?"

She said, "Yes, sir."

I said, "Count them lights." And she counted them. I said, "What color suit I got on?"

Said, "You got on a gray suit, with a yellow tie." That was it, she could see.

Oh, God respects humility, uh-huh, "This in itself is that which will make, and bring to pass, the tremendous victory in the Love Divine." (On The Wings Of A Snow-White Dove, November 28, 1965.)

Dave Hatch Testifies of His Healing

date: 01-Apr-91 23:59 from: Dave Hatch to: Henry Griggs

DH> came the year I was 14—god hit me between the eyes. My own miracle and I lived. I shouldn't have and i knew it. kinda hard to keep on pretending after that. reality has a pretty solid meaning.

HG> you have opened up with details of your childhood for the first time that I can remember. I am hesitant to pry more, because childhood, bad ones especially, are touchy subjects. in this public echo, you may be reluctant to discuss your miracle. fair enough. but if you did want to, maybe you could tell us what sort of miracle it was. you know of course, that I will scoff and invent plausible explanations for it, just as you believe and invent supernatural explanations for it. It's your choice.
DH> Well—I think I did tell this one before—perhaps you missed it. It happened like this:
Brother Dave Hatch

I was born with a severe double harelip—to the point that the front of my face was simply missing—my eyes were perched one on each side of a gaping hole where my nose/upper lip/jaw/sinuses should have been. Needless to say, I had some plastic surgery. Not some, a lot—9 major and lots of minor operations. (Don't recommend the experience—I used to have nightmares about it.) The point was that the technique used was wrong. What they did, was to crush the scrap of upper jawbone I did have, and spread it out, let it heal, then crush it and spread it again. This isn't a good idea. As it turns out, the "ability to heal" wears out. The result was that most of the subjects for this technique were dying, in a rather messy and unpleasant way; the repairs would literally come apart—much like a leper's flesh rotting off. (Yuck even.)

OK, enter me. I didn't know any of this little lot—other than the fact that I'd had a lot of surgery, and still had the odd problem or two. When I was about 13, my mouth started to "feel funny"—and mother put me to bed, and suddenly started buying me model airplanes, and all sorts of goodies. I was in hog heaven. No worries, enjoying life to the full. (Nothing hurt, and I had no idea anything serious was wrong.)

The time was in the early 1950's—and the healing revival had just started. My family heard and I was duly hauled off to a town about 10 miles away, to a series of meetings there. I got told I had a problem—and the nice man was going to pray for me and make it better, more or less.

Once again, no problem—I enjoyed the outing, carefully listened to what I was told in the afternoon instruction session—then fronted up that evening at the main meeting. Went through a prayer line along with about 1000 others.

Gentleman doing the praying was a man by the name of William Branham—that didn't mean a thing to me. It did later.

We went home—I said "I'm healed" (because I was supposed to—and I supposed I was. As far as I was concerned, I had nothing really wrong, but I went along with it all, it was different, and I enjoyed it.) Then I went back to my model airplanes.

Later that night, perhaps two hours later, suddenly my mouth began to feel +real+ funny—and I told mother. She came running, figuring that this was it, and I was going to die then and there. No such.

I opened up, mother looked and called dad. Then they took turns looking. After a while, I asked what the $#@# they were looking at—so they got a mirror and showed me.

While we watched, I +grew+ a healthy, normal, upper part of my mouth. About 3 inches of flesh one way, about 4 inches the other. The bone which had been disintegrating, suddenly became solid, and increased in size by about times 3. My teeth suddenly had something to hold on to, and they became solid—and my upper jaw didn't wobble back and forth any more. The entire process took about three or four hours—I got plenty tired of holding my mouth open so we could all watch—but it was interesting enough that I didn't mind. . . :-)

For many years, the new growth was plainly visible as a different color from the rest of my mouth—it's now toned in to where it looks much the same, except the new area doesn't have surgery scars, and the old area does.

The most dramatic effect on me was suddenly being able to speak clearly, and being able to blow my nose. For my parents—the interest was that I wasn't dying any more. We suddenly got +real interested+ in God, and church.

That wasn't the only experience I had in those years—but it was enough to get me on the road. Enough that I went and studied theology as well as ChemE. Facts is facts, and that one literally hit me in the face..:-)

Should you accept that as gospel? Well . . . The only evidence I have to offer you at this time would be to write to my mother and take her testimony, and to have a look at my mouth and the existing scar lines. On a scale of Devil's Advocate evidence rating, I'd have to rate that as only about 3 on a scale of 10.

You will appreciate that for me—it's different. I was there. And I know what happened in my own mouth. And I have shaped my life around the certainty of that knowledge. (The physical facts aren't all—they opened the door—more followed. Lots more. Some not physical at all. But the facts started it).

How does that affect you? Simple—go out and get your OWN evidence. Without emotional preconditions that will automatically can any indications that will go somewhere you don't wanna go . . .

Regards, Dave Hatch SysOp Ministry Support BBS 3:711/809 /808 bb920503.htm

(In March, 2002, Brother Dave joined Brother Branham and the Pentecostal saints beyond the curtain of time. We look forward to our reunion very soon at the first resurrection, for the Wedding Supper in the Sky).

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