Teaching Sermons & Key Words
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WillOur Eyes Be Opened? And Shall We Know Him? - 34KB

there's a famine for the Word
What if His second Coming is not a man at all?
The Word at the beginning will be the Word at the end
God is found by knee-ology, not theology
We must recognize we are no longer in the Church Ages
ALL of the Protestants were teaching only PART-Word (and part-ERROR)
When did Jesus promise the separation?
What denominates dies. There can NEVER be a revival in ANY denomination
In Revelation 3 we find the Laodicean Church Age put Him out
Malachi 4 is to bring the elect back to the original Seed Word
The first ministry and the last ministry are the same 

In My Father's House - 12KB

In God's great thinking, we are already glorified
I go to prepare a place for you by interceding for ignorance of the saints
the fullness of the Word is come, that which was in part is no longer sufficient
Jesus is the Father's House, the holy city for which Abraham searched
When the Bride has been glorified, they are ALL God manifest in flesh
Your soul is a part of God, an Attribute of His Own nature

Experiences, Visions and Prophecy - 40KB

The Healing of King George VI
The Maniac of Portland, Oregon
Ten Thousand Mohammedans Accept Christ
Boy Raised from The Dead in Finland
Congressman Upshaw is Healed
Bombay, I Count That My Greatest Meeting
I've Seen Jesus Christ Raise Up The Dead
Man writes His Doom on Prayer Card
Blind Woman is Healed
Dave Hatch Testifies of His Healing

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