Chapter 10


While the immediate benefit of population-slashing is a great spur to the elitists and unchallengeable power is an irresistible goal, there is another impulse that drives pagan internationalists to their orgy - hatred of their one substantial opponent - Christianity!

Treason is not just against the nation! Treason is also against Christianity. The same treason that has overcome the nation has overcome organized Christianity. Today Christian Churches rarely teach more than the labels, and people only knowing the labels will follow whoever carries the label.

A convenient example was reported in Sydney's "Sunday Telegraph" (23/3/1986). Quote:

A man accused of conning a fortune out of wealthy Christians was disclosed in court as a rapist, a robber and a spreader of venereal disease.

Satanist and former record producer Derry Mainwaring Knight is on trial charged with 19 counts of deception, involving a total of $400,000.

It is alleged that he persuaded a Vicar to help him raise money to break a group of devil worshipers . . .

Naturally the money was used for, not against, corruption. If people only know Christianity by its labels then anyone can come claiming Christianity and get the support of Christians. If the preacher is subverted then the congregation follows along, falling into the same mud puddles, tripping obediently over the same stones, just because the leader wears the label.

The blind lead the blind! Religious leaders use a magnifying glass to read the label on the wolf's coat and say, "Ah! Pure wool!" So they embrace the wolf and display it to the congregation which, in blind trust of its leaders, also embrace the wolf.

Then leaders say, "This good sheep wants to fight the wolves so let us give it money to fight the wolves for us.

So they give it money and it goes and buys a few more sheep to eat.

The pampered leaders do not want to do the work they are paid to do; they do not want to dirty their hands. Besides, they see so dimly that they do not distinguish friend from foe.

Beware of Christians who struggle to reveal their Christianity but do not struggle to know and reveal truth. Be sure that had one substantial Christian Church had the faith to seek and reveal the scientific truth about the 'theory' of chance evolution, then the theory of chance evolution as a base for evil in the world, would not exist.

The hour is late. Your country has been sold and signed for. You have been sold and signed for. If you have the human spark, turn now! Open your eyes! Open your mind! Open your heart! For once you are delivered into the chains of your enemies, there will be no escape.

The overthrow of all human characteristics is necessary to produce the zombie (new man) who will gladly serve the Super Mafia. d&ta11.htm

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