From House of Commons, London.

"Whatever Justification there may be for military action against Saddam Hussein's regime, no one should be under any illusion that it stems from a concern for the Kurdish people.

"Prior to the Gulf War, neither the United States not Britain showed the remotest concern for the plight of the Kurds or the Marsh Arabs. After the Gulf War, the West used the plight of the Kurds in a cynical move to embarrass Saddam by exercising control over Iraqi territory with the establishment of the so-called "safe havens".

"Yet Saddam has committed no crime which has not been exceeded in south-eastern Turkey (north-west Kurdistan) by successive Turkish regimes. Because of its perceived strategic importance to the West, Britain, America, and Germany have not only acquiesced in the war of genocide against the Kurds, they have provided Turkey with the weapons to carry it out."


Already it was plain that the concern for the Kuwaiti democracy was a farce. The destruction of Iraq, was motivated by preventing Iraq's oil production of doubling the world's oil stocks. The present fighting among Iraq'a Kurds is financed by foreign agencies and is no more than OIL strategy to attempt to block Iraq's oil sales, prevent the Kurd Mosul Oil Field developement, destabilize Clinton's election campaign, the media forcing Clinton to attack Iraq, presumably to win votes, to create hatred among Arabs for the US, and so limit US involvements in Middle Eastern development (sphere of influence).

Stereotype lends credence to fallacy


From M Stuart Lynn, Berkeley, California, USA.

"Your editorial regarding paedophilia being the wrong target, ended by admonishing that "above all, we need to re-educate men: having sex with children is wrong".

"Men do not need to be re-educated. Men already know. It is paedophiles that need to be re-educated. Not all men are paedophiles. Neither are all paedophiles men, although most (paedophiles) are ('male').

"Unfortunately, your stereotype lends credence to the worst excesses of testosterone bashing. It is as far-fetched as if you had concluded with a call for the "the re-education of all women: selling sex for money is wrong" - implying that all women are latent prostitutes, and that all prostitutes are women.

"Ridding the world of paedophilia is a laudable goal. Let us not confuse the issues by labelling all men with the perversions of the few."


Note the tendency to target the whole population for the crimes of the few. Examples in the recent past were:

* Drugs. Since there is a significant trade in drugs conducted by a few for a minority, the whole population is made to suffer under the regime of decriminalization of drugs.

* Firearms. Since a few criminals and crazies are encouraged by government policies to use firearms to commit crimes, the whole of the population must suffer for the crimes of these few. In addition it must suffer the legal prohibition against defending oneself and one's family against armed criminals, crazies, and terrorists.

* Paedophilia. Note that there is at present a call for the decriminalization of paedophilia! I.e. children are to be exempted from prosecution for selling themselves for the purpose of sex, making it so much more difficult to obtain information as to the criminals involved in this trade in children, if the children can not be taken into custody.

Energy Resource Development In Eurasian "Landbridge" Area

IRAN signed a gas agreement with Turkmenistan while it was signing deals with Turkey in August. Russia and Turkmenistan also reached a new major agreement for joint exploitation and transport of gas. This kind of deal" is extremely important for the development of a 'corridor' from East to West. For developing nations the need for low cost energy is acute. The cooperation between these nations in the development of the gas resource allows rapid provision of low cost energy where it is needed.

Vietnam Goes "High Tech" & Nuclear

Vietnam has signed up Japan's International Cooperation Agency to prepare a plan for a high-tech industrial park west of Hanoi, the 'Vietnam Economic Times' reported August 12. The park will built in three stages over 1998-2020, and will include research institutes, laboratories, universities, and factories, generating 67,000 jobs.

Vietnam is nearing a decision to build nuclear energy plants, according to documents prepared by the Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission (VAEC) and leaked by the European Nuclear Society's 'Nucnet' information service. Dr Nguyen Tien Nguyen head of the VAEC, says that the decision to go nuclear is up to government policymakers, and that two studies now in progress will determine the outcome.

Dr Nguyen says energy demand is rising 18% faster than predicted, with forecasted demand reaching 100 billion kilowatt hours by 2010; current demand is 14 billion Kwh. VAEC calculates that even with full exploitation of hydropower (which now provides 70% of need), coal and gas, Vietnam will still fall short of its projected requirements.

The head of British Nuclear Industry Forum, expects both Vietnam and Thailand to "go nuclear". The most likely site in Vietnam would be a 600 MW plant along the central east coast. South Korea has proposed to build two plants, and close contacts also exist with Russia, China, and Japan. The US is in the process of removing Vietnam from the list of countries subject to nuclear embargo, and is moving toward laying down the terms for a nuclear cooperation agreement.

Maglev Revolution Not To Be Overlooked

Central Europe needs maglev trains as an environmentally compatible substitute for short-distance air flights. It would be a big mistake not to see the technological revolution in magnetically levitated rail systems, and to focus only on the crude efficiency of the Transrapid high-speed rail systems in terms of ratios between passenger capacity, investments, and pay-offs, according to Hans-Christoph Atzpodien, the director of the Magnetic Train Planning Group in an interview with the 'Berliner Zeitung' 12 August.

Most recent talks between the Netherlands and Germany, centred on extending the planned maglev rail line Berlin - Hamburg to Amsterdam, via Bremen, Groningen, (Friesland, the Zuiderzee closure dam ....) This is seen as "proof" that maglev technology has every chance of becoming the transportation system of the future. The Hamburg-Amsterdam project would cost $5 Billion for the Dutch end of the line. It indicates the potential of connecting the European metropolitan centres, and the possible extension to Europe's southeast.

The Gas-turbine Modular Helium Reactor

SOURCE: 21st CENTURY Summer 1996

The GT-MHR is modular, simple in design, and no meltdown is possible. It is the first reactor to eliminate steam. Helium coolant and an advanced gas turbine is used to convert its heat directly into electricity. Several technological breakthroughs are responsible for the increased efficiency of the GT-MHR: new gas turbines developed for jet engines; compact plate-fins that recover turbine exhaust at 95 percent efficiency; magnetic bearings that are friction free, eliminating lubricants; and high-temperature steel vessels. The added bonus - it can run on bomb grade plutonium, completely consuming the plutonium!


With 50% greater efficiency, lower thermal emissions, economy, and the absence of noxious gas emmissions, it ought to be the Green's Dream Come True!

The Greens' response to technology is: "Live Wild Or Die"!

Little do the Green "Useful Fools" realize that the Earth "Living Wild" is only capable of supporting 3 million people! "Living Wild" implies a population reduction (the killing) of 5.997 Billion people. Some Holocaust! The Greens ought to change that slogan to "Live Wild And Die!"


The cost is $500 Million for a 285 Megawats module, delivering electricity at an estimated 3 cents per kilowatt hour. Locations already proposed are for Tomsk (Siberia), Southeast Asia, and China. General Atomics, San Diego US, is planning serial production of the modules.


Instead of becoming the "next Mexico" according to a forecast in the 'Economist', and being classed as an "emerging economy" or "the lucky country" combining "a Third "World Ecomony with a First World Standard of Living", we ought to seriously consider using some of our untold (secret) wealth to propel the nation into a First World Productive Economy.

The New World & The New World Dis-Order


Falling Bridges Over Troubled Waters

On top of the reports that 30% of US bridges are "falling down", Washington DC water, with its corroded pipes, became a health hazard, not fit to drink, during the Northern Hemisphere summer comes the following shocking news.

Discounting Child Health Services, & Food Stamps

Now we find that about 10 Million children in the US have no health cover insurance and nearly one in 12 residents of Hidalgo County will lose food stamps, next summer. The aim is to maximize available funds for specualtive gambling on the "markets".

Privatizing Government & Taxation

By simply re-drawing the boundaries of the district the second election won CCI (Capital Center, Inc), a private corporation in Jackson Mississippi, extraordinary powers over the city. As of 1 January 1997, CCI will control all public services, and become the sole taxing agency over the city.

Vested Interest Take Control

CCI's board of directors includes representatives of the city's major banks and utilities companies, the white-owned 'Clarion Ledger', and persons with ties to the Sovereignty Commission and the White Citizens Council.

Ethnic Cleansing US style?

From all indications, an 84-square-block area in downtown Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, is to be subjected to a "privatized version" of the "urban renewal" ("Negro removal") plan of the 1960s. Public funds will be used to clear the way for depopulating the inner cities. The land will yield vast profits for corporate real estate interests. CCI's extraordinary powers were approved by a compliant city council, including members who have personally benefited form CCI's land grab.

Democracy Is Such A Bore!

CCI had to first win the approval of 70% of the property owners in the targeted district. Although none of the largely black renters were allowed to vote, CCI fell short in the first referendum. Perhaps CCI should have sought Jeffrey Kennett's advice on how to achieve fantastic and fascistic results without elections?

The US Maintains Its Status Of The Highest Incarcerator!

Prison population rose to 1.6 milion in 1995. 6.8% Growth! The Federal Bureau of Prison found its facilities are 26% beyond capacity.

Cartels Reign Supreme!

CARGILL'S grain cartel has posted record profits, despite the lowest level of US corn supplies in 48 years. Cargill's domination of the US corn market also kept its processing plants running this summer, while shortages idled its competitors!

Welcome to the New World Dis-Order! diar0916.htm

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