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It's been an interesting fortnight with senseless dishonest attacks from Lucifer and his Illuminati in the Jewish press. But their folly has been made manifest.

This newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

God bless you as you walk in the Light of His Word . . . Anthony

Jewish Press stirs-up Racist Hatred!

Guide to the Perplexed: Recent articles by Greg Roberts in Fairfax Group Newspapers appear intent on stirring-up racist hatred in Australia. Until recently, controlled by Conrad Black's MI6 British Intelligence/City of London-owned Hollinger Corporation, owners of the Jerusalem Post, control of Fairfax is now held by Rothschild interest, Brierly Corporation.

Roberts' rantings about the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) establishing branches in Australia are an indictment of the extent to which the Australian public has been brainwashed and dumbed-down that they tolerate such stupid drivel. His authority for this nonsense is the international mishpuka (Jewish criminal) organizations of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its Masonic parent, B'nai B'rith, which from their inception have been clandestine British secret intelligence agencies, using their nominal Jewishness to conceal their actual allegiance and agenda.

B'nai B'rith-allied and Rothschild agents like August Belmont, John Slidell and Benjamin P. Judah, (charged with sedition for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln), sponsored the Ku Klux Klan which was founded in the late 1860s by Albert Pike, 33rd Degree Mason and Illuminati. Pike became head of the World Revolutionary Movement and planned world domination by a New World Order. According to Pike, "The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine . . . Yes, Lucifer is God . . ." (Albert Pike, A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et l'enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle, p. 588; Lady Queenborough, Occult Theocracy pp. 220-221).

The ADL was instrumental in creating and deploying such diverse terrorist groups as the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the KKK. This is the same ADL that would join with the KGB and the East German Stasi in covering the trail of the assassins of Sweden's Prime Minister, Olaf Palme (who inadvertently unearthed secret East-West collusion in shipping millions of dollars in arms into the Persian Gulf to fuel the Iran-Iraq War). According to the FBI, this "Jewish underground" was involved in a string of bombings across the United States in the mid 1980s, leaving people dead and wounded and millions of dollars in property damaged.

Their associates established and financed Communism and Nazism, helped found the neo-Nazi British National Front, and in Australia their David Greason, columnist for the Australia/Israel Review, founded both neo-Nazi groups, the National Front and National Action. The FBI described their JDL, who help fund their terrorist operations by selling narcotics, money-laundering and arms-dealing, as "the leading terrorist group in America".

Robert's article white-washes these hate-mongers and criminals who set up rival hate-groups like the hooded goons of the KKK, neo-Nazis, Fabian Socialists, etc., and bring them into conflict to produce a predetermined result whilst standing on the sidelines feigning shock, and crying "wolf", or "anti-Semitism", or "race-hatred" when they are surely the most hate-filled, racist bigots in the world, and the only non-Semitic people in the world who are anti-Semitic.

U.S. Freedom of Information Act records reveal the ADL played a major role in the FBI's Cointelpro "Racial Matters" and "White Hate Groups" operations, targeting the civil rights movement as well as its opponents. Among the paid informants used by the ADL during the civil rights struggles of the 1960s were KKK members implicated in the murders of three civil rights workers in Mississippi. Police reports show the ADL infiltrated and sought to provoke the KKK to bomb the Trenton, New Jersey chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Pay stubs have been recovered. Right now the U.S. is taking court action against the ADL for spying.

These criminals are behind Australia's undemocratic and fascist Racial Vilification and Anti-Discrimination laws, and the ungodly (according to the religion they claim, un-Law-ful) immigration laws which have destroyed our once homogenous harmonious society. Senator Alston's Broadcasting Services Amendment (Online Services) Bill, 1999, twice rejected by the Australian Internet Industry Association, and currently before the Parliament is based on drafts by these angels of hate bent on thought control.

Greg Roberts seems intent on fomenting racial hatred in Australia, championing the guilty as the innocent. Let's see what beliefs motivate Roberts' champions of "all things bright and beautiful":

A famous Jewish writer, more authoritative than Roberts, Israel Shahak, had this to say: "Apart from his work on the codification of the Talmud, Maimonides' Guide to the Perplexed is considered the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy still widely read and used today. Unfortunately, in addition to his attitude towards non-Jews, and particularly Christians, Maimonides was an anti- Black racist."

Maimonedes states in a crucial chapter (book III, chapter 51), "Some of the Turks [i.e., the Mongol race] and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. Their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does."

"What does one do with such a passage in a most important and necessary work of Judaism? Face the truth and its consequences? God forbid! Admit (as so many Christian scholars, for example, have done in similar circumstances) that a very important Jewish authority held also rabid anti-Black views, and by this admission make an attempt at self-education in real humanity? Perish the thought. I can almost imagine Jewish scholars in the USA consulting among themselves, 'What is to be done?' -- for the book had to be translated, due to the decline in the knowledge of Hebrew among American Jews. Whether by consultation or by individual inspiration, a 'happy solution' was found: in the popular American translation of the Guide by one Friedlander, first published as far back as 1925 and since then reprinted in many editions, including several in paperback, the Hebrew word 'Kushi', which means Blacks, was simply transliterated and appears as 'Kushites', a word which means nothing to those who have no knowledge of Hebrew, or to whom an obliging rabbi will not give an oral explanation. (In a recent new translation (Chicago University Press) the word 'Blacks' does appear, but heavy and very expensive volume is unlikely, as yet, to get into the 'wrong' hands). During all these years, not a word has been said to point out the initial deception or the social facts underlying its continuation -- and this throughout the excitement of Martin Luther King's campaigns, which were supported by so many rabbis, not to mention other Jewish figures, some of whom must have been aware of the anti-Black racist attitude which forms part of their Jewish heritage."

"Surely one is driven to the hypothesis that quite a few of Martin Luther King's rabbinical supporters were either anti-Black racists who supported him for tactical reasons of 'Jewish interest' (wishing to win Black support for American Jewry and for Israel's policies) or were accomplished hypocrites, to the point of schizophrenia, capable of passing very rapidly from a hidden enjoyment of rabid racism to a proclaimed attachment to an anti-racist struggle -- and back -- and back again."

"The conclusion from this consideration of Israeli policies, supported by an analysis of classical Judaism, must be that analyses of Israeli policy-making which do not emphasise the importance of its unique character as a 'Jewish state' must be mistaken. In particular, the facile comparison of Israel to other cases of Western imperialism or to settler states, is incorrect. During apartheid, the land of South Africa was officially divided into 87 per cent which 'belonged' to the whites and 13 per cent which was said officially to 'belong' to the Blacks. In addition, officially sovereign states, embodied with all the symbols of sovereignty, the so-called Bantustans, were established. But 'Jewish ideology' demands that no part of the Land of Israel can be recognized as 'belonging' to non-Jews and that no signs of sovereignty, such as Jordanian flags, can be officially allowed to be displayed. The principle of Redemption of the Land demands that ideally all the land, and not merely, say, 87 per cent, will in time be 'redeemed', that is, become owned by Jews. 'Jewish ideology prohibits that very convenient principle of imperialism, already known to Romans and followed by so many secular empires, and best formulated by Lord Cromer: 'We do not govern Egypt, we govern the governors of Egypt.' Jewish ideology forbids such recognition; it also forbids a seemingly respectful attitude to any 'non-Jewish governors' within the Land of Israel."

That was Israel Shahak. Shall I quote the Talmud on Black people? It was primarily Jewish-run slave auctions and Jewish merchant ships that got the African Negro to America. The same people are behind indigenous rights issues like "Native Title" and secession in order to avoid royalty payments on minerals, etc.,

Roberts attacked the One Nation Political Party, which stands for equality of ALL citizens, unlike the ADL, B'nai B'rith and major Australian political parties. He condemned British Israel and Christian Identity people who follow a hypothesis constructed by Jews in the beginnings of their British Empire. Menasseh Ben Israel, the Amsterdam Rabbi in Cromwell's conspiracy introduced the idea that the British are "the Lost Ten Tribes", which would make "Jews" their relatives, and deserving readmittance ("Life of Menasseh Ben Israel" by Cecil Roth, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1945; "The Inner Government of England, Vol. 1, p. 275). British Israelitism is a part of the Jewish Kabala invented by John Dee, astrologer to Elizabeth I.

As a final insult to honest journalism, and the good taste and the integrity of the Australian public, Roberts linked Bible Believers Church with these Jewish doctrines and Jewish criminal groups. I challenge Roberts to prove any of his nonsense in God's UNCHANGING Word, the Holy Bible.

If this cowardly and dishonest attack accomplishes one thing, it indicates Bible Believers is preaching the Truth, and demonstrates that Lucifer as a roaring lion is seeking whom he may destroy.

Here's what Roberts wrote about Bible Believers' Church:-

"A Sydney-based Identity group, the Bible Believers, [The journalist has not done his research and set out to defame the Christian Church and incite hatred against us. We have never believed Christian Identity doctrine as our Newsletters have made clear.] says in a recent newsletter that the "mixing of the races has contributed greatly to the disintegration and ultimate collapse of many civilizations". [But the next words say: "of the past. (Frank, American Historical Review, July, 1916)." The Newsletter cites other authorities. This is documented history. Miscegenation is utterly forbidden by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to God whose Law of reproduction states everything bring forth of its own kind, or so Moses said (Genesis 1:11). God destroyed all life on earth with the Flood because of miscegenation (Genesis 6:4) which Jesus said would repeat in our day. And it is, thanks to the encouragement of people like Greg Roberts, the ADL and B'nai B'rith, who clearly do not believe the Bible.]

This was Newsletter nl037. All past issues of our Newsletter are available on-line.

Certainly the Lord God told Moses NOT to mix races, particularly not with the Edomites who were Hittites (like the Ashkenazim or Khazar), "against whom the Lord has indignation for ever" (Malachi 1:4). According to the Jewish Encyclopedia 1905 Vol. X page 284, "Edom is modern Jewry".

Neither was Israel to mix with Canaanites (like the Sephardim) of the seed of Cain who are "cherem" (Heb.) and accursed of God who told Moses to utterly destroy (cherem) them (Deuteronomy 7; see also the Talmud). Israel's first leader, former Prime Minister and confessed atheist, David Ben-Gurion, said that "Zionism without a 'return to Zion' is phoney." Anyone claiming to be an Israelite and living outside the Promised Land is an hypocrite outside the Covenant he claims and can't observe his Sabbath day! "Multiculturalism", a deceitful euphemism for multi-racialism, is unnatural and accursed of God. God separated the different races into their own lands (Deuteronomy 32:8).

Roberts continues:-

"The group says in another newsletter that on 1 January 2000, the world's computers will "go haywire". It predicts the "imminent collapse of the world economy" [Had Roberts bothered to click on the link to Gary North's Site, he would have discovered this prediction emanated from the world's top Y2K experts; advisers to U.S., Australian, Canadian and British Governments. Men like Ed. Yourdon, and Peter de Jager, various U.S. Senators, senior bureaucrats and leading experts. What does he imagine Rothschild and Rockefeller interests like The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac, City Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, corporations and governmants around the world have spent billions of dollars to avert?] "will be precipitated by, among other things, massive tidal waves [This prediction is a prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ found in the Gospel of Luke 21:25; Revelation 16:18-21, etc)]. . . that will destroy the Australian east coast." [This is axiomatic].

I have one Scripture to quote Greg Roberts. It is II Timothy 2:15, "Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth." And one word of admonition, "Seek the Lord while He may be found. Endeavour to be a man: not a manpleaser. Stand for Truth though all your associates be sinners."

My Church is unafraid of Truth which set us free from sin. If you care, you may search these Sites for false reporting on "Bible Believers".

The Sydney Morning Herald The Age (Melbourne)

I write this response not because Greg Roberts has raised his colors, exposing himself and his masters who, from past experience do not print retractions, but to show Christians that the children of this world are in their lineage wiser than the children of Light. We cannot do God a service He did not request. Don't try to convert them. Before the Serpent's seed and all sinners are destroyed, God will deal with Israel in their Land. He will speak through their two prophets. And all Israel will be born-again in ONE day. Until then they are enemies of the Gospel for YOUR sake.


Two Scriptures tell a story:

Jesus discerned the heart of a rich young man who loved God and had obeyed all the Commandments. Yet in his heart he knew he lacked Eternal Life. He loved this material world more than he loved God. Jesus said, "Give your surplus the needy, and put My Word first in your life." But this was too great a sacrifice, and our next encounter with him is in torment, begging a beggar for a drop of water.

Matthew 19:27-30, "Then said Peter to Jesus, "We've left all to follow you; what shall we receive?"

And Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, those who have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of His glory (that's this earth in the Millennium), shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve Tribes of Israel (after the Millennium). And every one who has forsaken houses, family or lands, for My Name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and have Eternal life."

"But the Israelites of the Old Covenant who had first option, shall be last at that time; and the Gentile Church shall have first rank in the Kingdom, (being designated the Bride of Christ through the invisible union or new birth)."

I Corinthians 15:23-28, "But each man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at His "parousia". (These are the end-time Bride who will not see death in the flesh but manifest the Sons of God and be translated. Christ's "parousia" Coming was in 1963. He is here now, in WORD Form).

"Then comes the completion of the war, when He shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; having abolished all rival authority and power. For Jesus must reign, until He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that shall be abolished is death."

(The fourth horse rider of Revelation 6 is named "Death". He makes a covenant with the leaders of the Jews, which he will break, and which God will annul in the midst of Daniel's Seventieth Week (Daniel 9:27; Isaiah 28:14- 29).

"For the Father has put all things under Jesus' feet. But when it says "All things are put in subjection under Him," God Himself, Who gave Jesus this power to rule, is excepted (because God is the Logos and the Logos is Life -- John 6:63 -- then Death and hell will be cast into the lake of Fire).

"And when Christ has finally abolished all of God's enemies, the Son shall subject Himself to the Father so that God who has given Him the victory over all will be utterly supreme."

Christ's "parousia" began in 1963: the revelation of the Seven Seals "finished the mystery of God", bringing the Fullness of the Word, which IS Christ, back to earth in WORD form through the Message of William Branham, the prophet and messenger to the last or Laodicean Church Age (Malachi 4:5-6; Revelation 10:1-7; Acts 3:19-21; I Corinthians 13:10).

This word "regeneration" means renewal, re-creation or renovation. The word is often used to denote the restoration of a thing to its pristine and original state; its renovation, as a renewal or restoration of life after death. Like the renovation of this earth after the deluge or the renewal of the world to take place after its destruction by fire: that restoration of the primal and perfect condition of things which existed before the Fall. In other words, a new heavens and new earth which will be the old heaven and earth regenerated as your new soul is the same old soul that has been regenerated.

God's program is about regeneration. NOT replacement, but redeeming that which was lost. He calls us through three steps of grace or stages of faith. First, He reveals Who He is and what He has done. Those who receive that revelation and repent of their past unbelief are "justified" by grace through faith, and take His Name by being baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of past sins.

If you're justified, you are "just", not merely forgiven. It's as though you never did it. God places your past sin on Satan's account. You were trapped into it when Adam forfeited his dominion of earth to Satan by taking back his adulterous wife, Eve. And all of us were born in sin (through Eve's unbelief), conceived through (Adam's) iniquity, and come into the world speaking lies because we are born with the nature of this world, which is the nature of the ruler of this world who is Satan (Psalm 51:5).

That worldly nature is our ruler, master or husband, until we are born-again. The husband is master or ruler of his wife and as such is responsible for her conduct. And whether he accepts his responsibility or not, He will answer to God. Marriage is NOT a 50:50 affair, and men and women are under two separate covenants with God.

Without a clear understanding of these two covenants, and the true revelation of marriage and divorce, it is impossible to understand salvation, forgiveness of sin, new birth, original sin, why Jesus was born of a virgin, or any Bible doctrine.

God can't just declare the slate clean. Your debts must be met. If Jesus as your substitute took them on His shoulders at Calvary, then bore them away, where did they go, apart from the sea of God's forgetfulness? They were placed on Satan's shoulders. An understanding of the two covenants and marriage and divorce make this plain. Satan, whose nature ruled you from your first birth, will be annihilated in the lake of Fire WITH all sin and death.

If you support the philosophy of equal opportunity, equality of the sexes, and women's liberation (so-called), you have enslaved yourself to sin, being without the faith and denying the loophole God provided in His Law whereby you must be saved.

As I said, once you have the faith of WHO Jesus is, not a second, third or any other fraction of God but Emmanuel, the One Person of God manifest in flesh; and WHAT that Logos (Word) has done as your potential Husband, you will receive His proposal of marriage. And repenting of past unbelief, lay your burdens upon His shoulder (Matthew 11:28-30).

Isaiah 9:6 said, "the government (dominion or rulership) shall be upon His shoulder". God told Eve, "Your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall RULE over you" (in love). If the husband RULES, he is also ACCOUNTABLE. Aeons ago when I attended Management school, I was taught one may delegate authority, but cannot delegate accountability. The buck stops with the ruler, or husband. It stops with Satan, and it stops with you, my married Brother. You are answerable for the conduct of your wife.

The natural always types the Spiritual. As Eve was to obey her husband, so the Church is subject unto the second Adam, Christ, in every thing (Genesis 3:16; Ephesians 5:24).

Accepting His invitation of marriage (regeneration or new birth), by faith, we take His Name in water baptism. Not three of His many Titles or dispensation claims, like Father, Son and Holy Ghost, but the Name of those three Titles as commanded in Matthew 28:19 and Luke 24:47. That Name is Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38-39; 4:12; Colossians 3:17). This first step of faith toward regeneration or new birth is known as "Justification".

God redeems us the same way He redeems the earth, which was justified and baptized with the Flood in the days of Noah. Now the Baptists claim we are born-again when we believe. An evangelist who advertises on our radio program told me we are born-again when we are baptized in water. Both are incorrect. Scripture says we are born-again AFTER we believe (Ephesians 1:13; Acts 19:2).

This is easily proven if we consider what the Flood achieved. It just washed-away past sin. But sin and the sinners in the ark came through the Flood -- Ham, his wife and Noah's wife. They replenished the earth with the same races from before the Flood. (We'll leave that for another time). This proves that believing and being baptized in NOT regeneration, only the first of three stages.

The second step in the process is called sanctification which means to be cleaned-up, made holy, and ready for the Lord's use. It's a further step in faith that will continue throughout life. As blood cleanses impurities from our natural body, the Church is washed by the blood of Christ. But the WORD was made flesh and blood so our soul is sanctified with the washing of water by the revealed Word. It is by faith or a clear understanding of the Word that unbelief or sin is washed away (Ephesians 5:26).

As a woman promised in marriage learns her husband's preferences and separates herself from all other men, we separate from anything that is not the Word and learn to live all-pleasing unto Him. Maybe we used to smoke, drink, tell dirty jokes or perhaps you Sisters once wore clothes pertaining to a man, cut your hair and painted your face. Once we see these things are condemned by the Word, we quickly separate from that unbelief. The Word has washed our soul by faith and we sanctify ourselves bit by bit from anything that is anti-Word, and therefore anti-Christ.

This earth was sanctified 2,000 years ago when the blood of Christ dropped on it from Calvary's Cross. But earth is not regenerated, proving one can be justified and not sanctified; sanctified and not justified, or both justified and sanctified, yet still not born-again. Judas was justified, sanctified, and manifested the Gifts of the Spirit. But he never went all the way to Pentecost for the new birth, and ultimately was lost.

We are instructed in I John 5:1-8 how the birth of a natural child types the birth of a babe in Christ, the new birth or Spiritual regeneration. The first thing in a natural birth is the breaking of water, then the blood; finally the shock of cold air or a slap of the doctor's hand, and the soul and spirit of mortal life enter the baby. Water, blood and Spirit, all three are required for the second or Spiritual birth. Without all three we have a still birth in the natural or the Spiritual.

I am persuaded that very few who believe themselves Christian have ever encountered anything that can give them the new birth in this day. Oh, they may be "saved" and sincerely love the Lord, but they are not born-again. Indeed I would imagine most church-goers have never personally met a Christian in their lifetime. Or know how to determine whether one is a Christian or not.

This brings us to the entrance of the Life of Christ or Holy Spirit in a new birth. We receive the Spirit by faith, or a clear understanding of God's Word. His Word is Spirit in a form we can receive by faith (John 6:63). The Spirit enters through our eyes or our ears as we understand the Word. Without a clear understanding of the PRESENT Truth -- what Jesus is doing NOW, it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. Impossible to be born-again. A blind and deaf mute cannot be born-again.

God is only writing epistles of the PRESENT Truth. The only part of His Word He can fulfill is the prophecy for THIS time. We must search the Bible and recognize OUR day and ITS Message. Only when we see THAT part of the Word living through us, can we say we are born-again.

This will become clear if I paraphrase I John 1:7 which teaches that "unless our life is manifesting the Light God is shining NOW, we are not and CANNOT come under the blood (or be born-again). Neither can we have true Spiritual fellowship with those who are genuine Christians".

A lot of nonsense is spoken by those who claim to be born-again but are not. Without a Word of Scripture they claim the evidence of the new birth is speaking with unknown tongues or some other manifestation of the Gifts. Scripture does not question "Did you speak"? But in every Age it asks, "Have you UNDERSTOOD what the Spirit has said to the (Spiritual and carnal) churches?" (Revelation 2-3).

Jesus said the evidence is faith. Understanding, NOT works. Works without faith is dead but true works is faith expressed. He stated emphatically, "When the Holy Spirit, who is truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth (revealed for YOUR Age): one who has the Spirit won't interpret the Word for himself, he will say only what he's heard from God: He'll reveal what will come to pass in YOUR dispensation" (John 16:13).

We are born-again when we recognize OUR day and ITS Message. When that part of the Word is manifesting through us we know we are born-again. Outside the Word for the hour we are not called to at all.

What happened was a Spiritual union with the LIVING Word, the Word for THIS day, by faith. We died to our desire for the world and the things of the World, and the Holy Ghost and Fire came down and burnt out all the nature of Satan from our soul. Once we are born-again, our soul only is redeemed. One day soon it will be our body.

One day, God will baptize this earth with the Holy Ghost and Fire, killing all the germs and insects. All natural life on and around it will pass away. Even the water, which is two explosive gases, will detonate, sending flames thousands of miles into space, for the Bible said, "there was no more sea." Earth will burst and blow to pieces. The crust and hundreds of feet below it, will be completely demolished, changing the surface of the entire earth.

It's not all together natural fire. It's also a holy Fire that will take away Satan and all of his demons. Both (the supernatural realm) of heaven, and the natural earth will be changed or regenerated into a new heaven and a new earth.

You sometimes see bumper stickers that say, "Christians are not perfect, they're just forgiven". That's a lie! Christians are perfect and without sin. Sin is not smoking, drinking, murder, adultery, etc., Sin is one thing only. Sin is unbelief in the revealed Word of God. Christians cannot sin or unbelieve the revealed Word for we are united with the Word, being regenerated, and we cannot deny what we are (I Peter 1:23; I John 3:5-9; 5:18). nl077.htm

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Brother Anthony Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister. He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in various countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to minister in your church.

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