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World Depopulation and Slavery

This excerpt is from an interview with Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz regarding the contrails above your home and mine.

HOROWITZ: The populations that have traditionally been targeted for genocide. I have a series of slides taken just weeks ago from the Denver Airport. There's a capstone, a dedication stone in the main terminal building of the Denver Airport dedicated to the New World Airport Commission by the Freemasons. And there's a big mural -- a huge, beautiful, colorful mural -- that is dedicated to the extinct species. And in the foreground, against the horrific backdrop of flames and destruction, there are three open coffins.

Yes. In the left hand coffin is a beautiful black woman dressed in native African attire representing the Black people of the world. In the center is a beautiful Native North American woman representing the Indians. And in the right, there's a beautiful blond-haired, likely blue-eyed woman, lying on an American quilt, clenching a Star of David and a Bible with a cross to her chest, representing the Jews and the Christians. So those are the people that are, you know, the agenda is to take them out.

And, in fact, the United States quilt is very significant because the depopulation agenda put forth by the Rockefellers and their friends is to reduce the United State's population by half, back to 1940's levels.

. . .that's one out of every two Americans are targeted to go. And then you're looking at, why Christians and why Jews? . . . now you get into the realm of Satanism and Satanic and evil, pure evil, of course you would want to take out the people who hold God very close to their heart. And that's exactly what this woman is doing. She's clutching to her heart the Star of David and the cross. The Godly people. The Jews got God's first covenant with Abraham, then the Christians got the blood covenant with Jesus.
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"The City" at Play -- Promoting WW III?

London -- The Independent, January 18, 2000, reported Britain and the EU have lifted their ban on arms sales to Indonesia four months after it was imposed during the violence which followed the referendum on independence in East Timor. Headlines state, "Indonesian Army Will Use EU Arms in Creeping Coup"

Indonesia's maritime minister, Sarwono Kusumaatmadji, described the decision as being "two-faced." While European countries speak of promoting reform in Indonesia, they simultaneously sell arms to its military. Elements of the army are said to be subverting government initiatives by perpetuating a controlled state of limited unrest in order to effect a gradual coup d'etat.

In the village of Haruku, close to the strife torn capital of Maluku province, Ambon, a massacre of 24 civilians is said to have taken place on January 24. "Witnesses to the attack, which virtually wiped the community of 3,200 people off the map, say three groups of up to ten soldiers each led a Muslim mob into the Christian village shortly before dawn" (Sydney Morning Herald -- February 4, 2000).

Australian-led Interfet troops defending the highly vulnerable East Timorese enclave of Oecussi within West Timor were replaced by a 700-strong battalion of Muslim Jordanian troops assigned to defend a Catholic Timorese minority from a pro-Muslim rogue Indonesian military, using arms supplied by Catholic Europe!

Much of the world's oil supply flows through the Strait of Malacca controlled by Indonesia. Is "the City" deliberately promoting instability in Indonesia with the goal of offering to impose peace as they have in the Balkans and seek to do in the Middle East?

Europe is supplying arms to a pro-Muslim military knowing they will be used against the Catholic minorities throughout Indonesia! In other news, Indonesia's President Wahid has called for his country to develop its own arms industry. And Colonel John Sanderson (AIF Ret.) who led Australian Forces in Cambodia said this week that the UN should establish a definite date for early departure from East Timor. And that divisions were beginning to appear amomg the various factions within East Timor.

The long-term plans for WWIII call for controlled conflict between Islam and the Political Zionists.

Search for E.T. likely to Fail

International Herald Tribune, February 9, 2000. Two prominent scientists have just stepped forward to say that the search for aliens is likely to fail. With new findings in astronomy, geology and paleontology, they say the Earth's ability to sustain life is much more rare -- and unique in the universe -- than previously thought.

To summarize the view put forth in their new book, Rare Earth, "Almost everywhere else, the radiation levels are too high, the right chemical elements too rare, the hospitable planets too few and the rain of asteroids too intense for life ever to have evolved into advanced communities"

One of the authors, a noted NASA scientist, astronomer and professor, said, "Almost all environments in the universe are terrible for life. It's only Garden-of-Eden places like Earth where it can exist."

Groups like the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), fear funds for their space probing could dry up.

On one hand, the search for life in space is fundamentally based upon a belief in evolution. Every hint of hope that has emerged from these searches, costing multiple millions of dollars, has subsequently been proven false.

On the other hand, a 1963 "peace study" proposed replacements for war might include: a comprehensive social-welfare program, an open-ended space program aimed at unreachable targets, a permanent inspection program for disarmament, an international police force, an extraterrestial threat, massive global pollution, fictitious alternative enemies, enslavement programs derived from the Peace Corps model, new religious and other mythologies, socially oriented blood games and a program of eugenics. (Leonard C. Lewin, Report From Iron Mountain On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace, p.84, 1967).

Like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the proposals in the Report from Iron Mountain sure "fit in with what is going on" (Henry Ford, New York WORLD, February 17th, 1921).

Pentecost Types the Gentile Dispensation

The Seven Church Ages we've been reviewing, are represented in the Old Testament, by the Pentecostal Feast of Leviticus 23. The Gentile dispensation commenced on the Day of Pentecost. The first division, called "Pentecost", was typed by the remaining six days of the Hebrew Feast of Unleavened Bread. As Pentecost overlapped this Hebrew Feast, we can see why the members of the early Church were mainly Israelite converts.

Bread is the staff of natural life. Jesus is that unleavened Bread from heaven, the Word of God, or Spiritual Life, which if a man partake, he shall never die. In the Bible, "LEAVEN" symbolized sin. So we see how the remaining six days of the Hebrew Feast of unleavened Bread typed Pentecost, a period lasting perhaps twenty years, where the saints held and understood the PURE Word of God unleavened by creed or tradition.

The Feast of Pentecost, was also known as the Feast of Weeks, because it included SEVEN sabbaths.

Now a sabbath is a "rest". Moses and Joshua led Israel to a place where they could enjoy a NATURAL rest for their bodies. Jesus said, "Come unto Me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and you shall find SABBATH unto your SOULS" (Matthew 11:27-29). That's the new birth, the sabbath for Christians is a rest for the SOUL. When we enter our Spiritual Promise, we've ceased from our own works. But our sabbath can only be observed if we're in God's provided Place of worship, in the New Covenant: Christ, the living Word for OUR day.

The Pentecostal Feast, which types the Gentile dispensation, has within it seven rests, or sabbaths. We enter our Spiritual rest, our new birth, by Spiritual revelation, or faith from God.

The New Testament calls these seven rests, Seven Church Ages. As there were seven distinct and different rests, or Church Ages, the saints predestinated to each Age entered their rest, or were born-again, by seven different and distinct new births. By seven different portions of the Spirit; seven successive measures of faith, as God built His Church, the Body of Christ, "line upon Line, revelation upon revelation, Word upon Word" (Isaiah 28:13).

These seven rests or Church Ages are followed by another rest, called in Leviticus, the fiftieth day. Here the end-time Bride is brought to maturity by agreement with the FULLNESS of the Word, for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation. The Word in Its fullness has been restored to bring us to this Place today.

All Seven Church Ages are OVER. Finished! The world is in Laodicea but the Church is in the holy convocation of the fiftieth day where we do no servile work as we have THUS SAITH THE LORD, "the true sayings of God" (I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 19:9; 22:10).

Our resume of the Seven Church Ages, was given in order to trace the two churches, and the two spirits from Pentecost, to their consummation. One was the Holy Spirit, bringing Christ's little Flock to the birth. The other, the spirit of anti-Christ, building Satan's false church. So close . . . In this Newsletter, we'll expand upon this phenomena in the Laodicean Age.

This Age started just after the turn of the twentieth century. As it was to be the Age in which the true Church, would return to being the Bride She was at Pentecost, we know that there must, of necessity, be a return of dynamic power. The believers sensed this in their spirits and began crying to God for a new outpouring such as was in the first century. What seemed to be the answer, came as many began to speak in tongues, and manifest gifts of the Spirit.

It was then believed that this was indeed the long awaited restoration. It was not, for the latter rain can come only after the former rain which is the spring or teaching rain. The latter rain, then, is the harvest rain. How could this be the real thing, when the teaching rain had not come? The Prophet-Messenger who was to be sent to teach the people, and turn the hearts of the children back to the Pentecostal fathers, had not yet come. Thus what was thought to be the restoration, and the final quickening unto the rapture, had not come. In it, was a mixture of the unrighteous partaking of Spiritual blessing, and manifesting in the Holy Ghost as we've kept pointing out to you. In it also was devil power, as men were under the control of devils, yet no one seemed to realize it. Then, to prove that it wasn't the real, these people (even before a second generation had appeared) organized, wrote their unscriptural doctrines, and built their own fences as every other group ahead of them had done.

Remember, while Jesus was upon earth, so was Judas. Each came from a different spirit, and upon death each went to his own place. The Spirit of Christ later came back upon the true church, and the spirit of Judas came back upon the false church. It's right there in Revelation 6:1-8, "And I saw, and behold a white horse; and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering and to conquer. And when He'd opened the second Seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come". And there went out another horse, that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon, to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. And when He'd opened the third Seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come". And I beheld, and lo, a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a Voice in the midst of the four living creatures say, "A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see you hurt not the oil and the wine". And when He'd opened the fourth Seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come". And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

See how that Judas spirit came back as a rider on a white horse. It was white. So close to the real, just as Judas was so close to Jesus. A crown was given to the white horse rider. How? That spirit was now in the leader of the Nicolaitane system. And he was a triple crowned pope, who sat as God in his temple, calling himself the vicar of Christ. If vicar of Christ means "instead of Christ", or "in place of", or "on behalf of God", then the pope was calling himself the Holy Ghost, or deposing the Holy Ghost, acting for Him. That was the Judas spirit in him doing that. See how he conquered -- going forth conquering and to conquer. Christ did not do that. The only ones that came to Him were already predestinated by the Father.

So on and on went that spirit, and one day, it'll become truly incarnate in a man, who'll head up the World Council of Churches, just as we've been saying. And by his gold, (remember, Judas held the bag), he'll control the whole world. That antichrist system will own everything, and try to control everybody. But Jesus will come back and destroy them all, with the brightness of His coming. And their end will be the lake of Fire.

But what about the true seed? It will happen, just as we've said. The people of God are being made ready, by the word of truth, from the messenger to this age. In her will be the fullness of Pentecost for the Spirit will bring the people right back to where they were at the beginning. That's "THUS SAITH THE LORD."

It's "Thus saith the Lord", for that's what Joel 2:23-26 says, "Be glad then, you children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God: for He's given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain, in the first month. And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with wine and oil. And I will restore to you the years that the locust's eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, My great army which I sent among you. And you shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the Name of the Lord your God, That hath dealt wondrously with you: and My people shall never be ashamed."

The Bible said, "God is going to RESTORE". The Lutheran Age did not restore the church; it started a REFORMATION. The Wesleyan Age didn't restore. The Pentecostal Age did not restore. But God has to restore, for he can't deny His Word. This isn't the resurrection of the Church; it's the "restoration". God will take the Church right back to Pentecost of the beginning. Now notice in Joel 2:25, it tells why we need restoration. The locust, cankerworm, caterpillar and palmerworm have eaten all but the root, and a small bit of the stem. Now we're told that all these insects are one and the same in different stages. That's right. They're the anti-Christ spirit manifested in organization, denomination and false doctrine through the ages. And that poor little root and stalk is going to be restored. God isn't going to plant a new Church. He's going to bring His original planting back to original seed. He's doing it, as stated in verse 23, by the teaching, or "former" rain. Next will come the harvest rain, or rapturing faith.

Thus at this very moment, we're in the complete fulfillment of Matthew 24:24 "insomuch that, IF it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." And who is it that'll attempt to deceive the very elect? Why, the spirit of antichrist in the "false anointed ones" of this last day. These false ones have already come in "Jesus' Name", claiming that they've been anointed of God, for the last day. They're the false Messiahs, (or anointed ones). They claim that they're prophets. But are they one with the Word? Never. They've added to it, or taken from It. No one denies that the Spirit of God, manifesting in gifts, is upon them. But like Balaam, they all have their programs, make their appeal for money, exercise gifts, but deny the word, or by-pass it, for fear that a controversy might diminish their chances for greater gain. Yet they preach salvation and deliverance through the power of God, just like Judas, with a ministry imparted by Christ. But because they're wrong seed, they consequently have a wrong spirit motivating them.

Religious? Oh my! They outshine the elect in effort and zeal, but it's Laodicean; not of Christ, for it looks for big crowds, big programs, and startling signs amongst them. They preach the second Coming of Christ, but deny the advent of the prophet-messenger; though in power, and signs, and true revelation, he eclipses them all. Ah yes, this false spirit, that in the last day, is so close to the real, can be distinguished only by its deviation from the Word, and whenever it's caught in being anti-Word, it falls back on the one argument we've already shown to be false:- "we get results, don't we? We have to be of God."

Now before we close, I want to bring this thought. All along we've been talking about the Seed of Wheat being buried, then sending up two shoots, then the tassel, then the true ear. This might make some wonder, if we said that the Lutherans didn't have the Holy Spirit, just because they taught basically justification. It might make some wonder about the Methodists, etc. No sir, we're not saying that. We're not talking about the individuals -- or the people, but the age. Luther had the Spirit of God, but his age was not the age of full restoration by another outpouring, like in the beginning. It was the same with Wesley, Booth, Knox, Whitefield, Brainard, Jonathan Edwards, Meuller, etc. Surely they were full of the Holy Ghost. Yes, they certainly were. But the age in which each lived was not the age of restoration, neither was any age but this last Age, the age of complete black-out in apostasy. This is the Age of apostasy, and this is the Age of restoration, it is the Age of the finished cycle. With this, it's all over.

So we conclude the Seven Church Ages, saying only what the Spirit said to each age, "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches."

I sincerely believe that the Spirit of God has been speaking to us, not only teaching us the truths of the ages, but He's been faithfully dealing with hearts, that they may turn to Him. That's the reason for all preaching and teaching, for it's in preaching and teaching of the Word that the sheep hear the Voice of God, and follow Him.

Not for one moment do I bring a message to the people, that they may follow me, or join my church, or start some fellowship and organization. I've never done that, and will not do that now. I have no interest in those things, but I do have an interest in the things of God, and people, and if I can accomplish just one thing, I'll be satisfied. That one thing, is to see a true spiritual relationship established between God and men, wherein men become new creations in Christ, filled with His Spirit and live according to His Word. I would invite, plead and warn all, to hear His Voice at this time, and yield your lives completely to Him, even as I trust in my heart, that I've given my all to Him. God bless you, and may His Coming rejoice your heart. radio027.html

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