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We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship.

Much of the material in this issue has been written by devout Roman Catholics who have observed how the hidden hand that controls our politicians also controls the popes, cardinals, bishops and priests of their false church. This information, not generally encountered by Protestants, can help us to understand the working of the mystery of iniquity, plumb the depth of the apostasy, and learn the identity of Satan's earthly minions who control the church of Rome through which they will soon control the World Council of Churches and the (once) Protestant denominations that will be forced to shelter its umbrella.

We know papal Rome is corrupt doctrinally. What we are seeing is the takeover of her political power and he influence over billions. Clearly, 'power corrupts: and absolute power corrupts absolutely'.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith and all who will receive the truth by feeding their soul from the waters of the River of Life. In order to fully appreciate this issue, new subscribers should read Newsletter #164, confirming all things personally in your own Bible. . . Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony

Burning Fuse can Ignite Mid-East

Orlando, USA, (Sentinel) April 1, 2001 -- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell are living in the past. . . They, as well as the president, seem to be totally unaware of just how dangerous the situation in the Middle East has become. Perhaps they think the Palestinians will meekly submit to being bludgeoned into submission by the Israelis. . .

The burning fuse is the rising anger of the Arab people, the folks in the streets, in the cities and in the villages. . . The Arabs are aware that the United States, which has voted many times to send United Nations peacekeepers here and there, just vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution to send peacekeepers to protect the Palestinians.

The United States is willing to cause the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children in the name of enforcing 'sacred' United Nations resolutions, but blocks the enforcement of more than 60 United Nations resolutions critical of Israeli actions.
Full story:

The Two Babylons - Part II

"Doubtless the counter-Reformation was in the main the work of the Jesuit Order, but for that very reason it also bears the stamp of its spirit, and is characterized by measures of violence, even by blood and iron. The lost Papal dominion was to be restored. Religion took a second place, or rather supplied the cloak which was to conceal the craving for rule, and to sanctify the use of violent measures. We need only remember the words of the Jesuit Bobadilla, one of the trusted comrades of Ignatius Loyola, to understand the nature and goal of the counter- Reformation, as conducted by the Jesuit Order. (He saw the military as "the true instructors to convert the heretics" -- Jesuit papers in German State Archive. Friedrich, Beitrage, p. 38).

The Jesuit Order, therefore, stands before us as the embodiment of a system which aims at temporal political dominion through temporal political means, embellished by religion, which assigns to the head of the Catholic religion -- the Roman Pope -- the role of a temporal overlord, and under shelter of the Pope-King, and using him as an instrument, desires itself to attain the dominion over the whole world.

That opinion is not only mine -- that of the renegade; the apostate Jesuits, good Catholics too, who otherwise praise the Jesuit Order, advocate it strongly.

Thus, for instance, Reinhold Baumstark says: "For beyond all facts stands the decisive circumstance that Jesuitism cannot rise above one point of view, that of the temporal political power and external compulsion" (Schicksale eines deutschen Zatholiken (Strassburg, 1885), Second Ed., p. 9. Baumstark was for many years Leader of the Baden Catholics in the Second Chamber at Karlsruhe. He died in 1900 as President of the Provincial Court Mainnheim).

From these efforts, directed for its own benefit and towards its own power, may be explained the twofold attitude of the Jesuit Order towards the Papacy; loudly emphasised submission which even takes the form of a special vow, (the vow taken by the Professed of four vows), and harsh insubordination as soon as the Papacy opposes the special interests of the Order, above all, its attempt at rule. Then, as a matter of course, the reverence for bishops and cardinals also disappears. If the Vicar of Christ be set on one side, how should any regard be paid to the "successors of the Apostles"?

The Jesuit greed for power also explains another phenomenon, conspicuous through the whole history of the Order -- its incessant quarrels with other religious organisations. Wherever the Order sets its foot, there peace ends and the struggle for existence begins. Its own churches are to be full, its own confessionals besieged, its own teachings in dogma and morality are to give the lead -- in short, it desires to rule alone. The immeasurable arrogance, the inconsiderate and contemptible attitude towards other orders, those truly irreligious peculiarities of the Order which the Jesuit Cordara designated as the causes of its rejection by God, are the natural consequences of its unbridled greed for dominion.

The Jesuit Order has attained many successes by its temporal political efforts. The courts of Vienna, Munich, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, and for a time of London too, to say nothing of smaller ones, were for a long time completely subject to it. But even these purely worldly successes lacked endurance and magnitude. Through the Jesuit confessors of the German Emperor and the French, Spanish and Portuguese Kings in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and their almost unlimited influence, the whole of Europe might have been subjected for generations to the Order. Instead of this, the political influence of the confessors is frittered away in a variety of intrigues, in small disputes which, though all directed to the increase of Jesuit power and dominion . . . (Count Von Hoensbroech, Fourteen Years a Jesuit, p. 430-432).

In our four-part study, Revelation 17:12-13, we saw how three rivals, the Vatican, the Black Nobility, and Communism are competing for world hegemony by any manner of means, and how each is controlled by the Illuminati's Council of Thirteen, working as ever under a different name and in a different occupation.

In Newsletter #164 we saw how the Judaeo-Masonic/Jesuit dictum, "the end justifies the means" is effectively the modus vivendi of the Roman Catholic church which has supported Fascism and Nazism against Communism, Communism and terrorism (through Liberation Theology) against (so-called) democracy in its lust for power at any cost -- and death to the heretics. The following quotations which define the Roman church's established doctrine on this subject also exhibit clear Talmudic thought, betraying its Babylonian origin:

  • "Sword, sword, leave your sheath -- sharpen yourself and shine, ready to kill and to slaughter" (the heretics), Arnould, Abbot of Citeaux, Pontifical Lepte.
  • "Not only can heretics be excommunicated, but they can be justly killed", Thomas Aquinas.
  • "It is right to kill heretics", Pius V.
  • "The Church can condemn heretics to death, for their sole rights are on sufferance". Franz Wernz, Jesuit General from 1906 to 1915.

Catholics were forbidden to join the Freemasons on pain of excommunication but nowadays we find cardinals and even popes in the Craft. There was likewise a time when the Jesuits would not admit a Jew, (yet Ignatius Loyola and the first Jesuits were themselves Jews -- Benjamin Disraeli, Coningsby). There is no lack of intrigue between enemies in pursuit of absolute power. As the ends justify their means, 'rules' are considered only for the profane.

Historically, the popes have condemned the separation of Church and State (Pope Pius XII, discourse October 14, 1951, at the World Congress of the Lay Apostolate). Constantine founded Rome upon the union of Church and State. The triple crown signifies papal dominion over heaven, earth and purgatory, however John Paul I and II both refused the tiara and rejected the Coronation ceremony and papal oath, in order to present a more gentle face to a world over which Rome's iron hand will soon hold absolute rule. Pope John Paul II agreed upon the separation of Church and State: "In the exercise of this position of man, the Church means to operate with full respect for the autonomy of the political order and the sovereignty of the state" (Abbe Daniel Le Roux, Peter Lovest Thou Me? p. 28). In his book, '1984', George Orwell called this "double-speak".

In the time of universal natural catastrophe when the desperate nations of the world believe that Rome has changed and relax their guard in pursuit of "peace", they will surrender sovereignty to the pope as leader of a New World Order. Too late they will find themselves caught in her trap (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 13; 17).

"People look at Rome. They look at the nation of Italy. And as they look they do not realize that Rome with her strict confines where the pope has an actual area as his domain, is literally a nation within a nation, and she has ambassadors and receives ambassadors. Papal false Christian Rome (she is even called the eternal city -- how blasphemous) now controls by religion even more ably than when pagan Imperial Rome controlled by the pure iron of force. Rome took on a new lease of life when Constantine joined church and state and backed the union by force. The spirit that motivated pagan Rome is the same spirit that now motivates false Christian Rome. You can see that is so because you now know that the fourth empire never went out of existence; it just changed in its outer texture" (William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, 195:1).

Speaking of this fourth Gentile world empire Daniel 7:7-8 says, "In my dream I saw a fourth beast rise up out of the sea, too dreadful to describe, and incredibly strong. It devoured some of its victims by tearing them apart with its great iron teeth, and others it crushed beneath its feet. It was far more brutal than all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. And as I considered the horns, another little horn (a pope) appeared among them before whom three of the first horns were plucked up (the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Heruli) roots and all: and this little horn had the eyes of man, and a boasting mouth."

When the Gentile dispensation is fulfilled and Satan is cast out from heaven, he will incarnate the pope and rule the world. I Thessalonians 5:3, "When they shall say, (the pope has restored) 'Peace and safety;' sudden destruction will come upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

John saw Daniel's dream in a vision wherein all the evil attributes of the first three Gentile empires were bound up in the fourth. Revelation 13:1-8, "I saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and ten crowns upon his horns. And written upon each head were blasphemous names. This beast looked like a leopard but he had bear's feet and a lion's mouth: and the dragon (Satan) gave him his own power and throne (Revelation 2:13) and great authority. And one of his heads seemed mortally wounded but his fatal wound was healed: and all the world marvelled at this miracle and followed the beast in awe. And they worshipped the dragon (Satan) who gave him such power: and they worshipped the beast saying, 'Is there any as great as he? Who is able to make war with him?' And the dragon encouraged him to speak great blasphemies against the Lord; and gave him authority to control the earth for forty-two months (while two prophets minister to Israel). Throughout that time he blasphemed God's Name and His tabernacle, and all those living in heaven. And God permitted him to make war with the elect, and to overcome them: and to rule over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations (in the New World Order). And all mankind whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world shall worship him."

Although popes presently shun the triple crown, signifying their abdication of temporal power. This is a ploy designed to deceive the nations to surrender their sovereignty to the papal tiara in the name of world peace. Rome has not changed.

It is fitting that we view Rome through Catholic eyes as they wonder at seventeen hundred years of dogmatic tradition overturned since Vatican II by all-embracing humanism. But also through the incredulous eyes of the world which sees Rome's apparent transformation from a cruel woman with an iron disposition to a tolerant humanistic mother-of-all, regardless of race, socio-economic status, religious or political beliefs, because the hour is almost upon us when "ALL that dwell upon the earth shall worship the pope".

Let us consider the election of Albino Luciani (John Paul I). Of the 111 cardinals who were voting Luciani pope, 100 were appointed by Montini (John XXIII) and 8 by Roncalli (Paul VI). So if they were antipopes, it follows that those whom they elevated to the Sacred College were in fact non-cardinals, and as such, invalid participants in the papal election. Furthermore, Paul VI barred cardinals over 80 years of age from voting at all, thus ostracizing 16 senior cardinals from the conclave, several of whom had been appointed by Pope Pius XII. Therefore among the 111 participating 'electors', there were only three unquestionably valid cardinals, all appointed by Pius XII -- cardinals Wyszinski, Leger, and Siri.

As it was overwhelmed with invalid electors, the conclave that elected Luciani could not have concluded canonically. Rome's true pope, Guiseppe Siri, (Gregory XVII), was still alive and had never officially abdicated. Thus the conclave's only legitimate function could have been to recognize the Siri pontificate.

The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem has been a perennial goal of the Freemasons as the proper stage for the unveiling of their "messiah". However as they have correctly recognized for two centuries, the stumbling block to their temple project has not been the perpetually fragmented Mohammedans, but the Roman Papacy. On pages 823-824 of Morals and Dogma (1871), Albert Pike revealed: "Cagliostro was the Agent of the Templars, and therefore wrote to the Free-Masons of London that the time had come to begin the work of re-building the Temple of the Eternal. . . A lodge inaugurated under the auspices of Rousseau, the fanatic of Geneva, became the center of the secret movers of the revolutionary movement in France . . . The secret movers of the French Revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and the Altar upon the Tomb of Jacques deMolay. When Louis XVI was executed, half the work was done; and thence forward the Army of the temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope."

"The fight taking place against Catholicism and Freemasonry is a fight to the very death, ceaseless and merciless" (Bulletin of the Grand Orient of France, 1892, p. 183). But how was this war to be carried out, and to what purpose, since history reveals that all past attempts to wipe out the Church by physical attacks have miserably failed? The Masonic Brother Bethmont, member of the French Parliament, glibly boasted to Bishop Pie of Poitiers in 1878: ". . . Violence against the Church leads nowhere; we shall use other means. We shall organize a persecution which shall be both clever and legal; we shall surround the church with a network of laws, decrees and ordinances which will stifle it without shedding one drop of blood" (Msgr. Jouin, Papacy and Freemasonry, 1955, pp. 23-24).

This war is raging today in Australia, the US and throughout the Western World where anti-discrimination, anti-vilification, and anti-hate legislation -- intended to discriminate and vilify the majority, gender hatred and lawlessness, and incite violence and division, has been introduced. And because the product of those laws is the very conditions they are said to mitigate, more draconian laws are entrenched to increase the oppression.

The Report of the Masonic International Congress held in Brussels, in 1904, declared: "To fight against the Papacy is a social necessity and constitutes the constant duty of Freemasons." This confirms the encyclical Humanum Genus (1884) of Pope Leo XIII from which we learn that the Papacy is the ultimate target of those who conspire to destroy the [Roman] Church at her foundation: ". . . the Sect's purpose is to reduce to naught the teaching and authority of the Church among the civilian population. . . The enmity of the sectarians against the Apostolic See of the Roman Pontiff has increased its intensity . . . until now the evil doers have reached the aim which had, for a long time that of their evil designs, namely, their proclamation that the moment has come to suppress the Roman Pontiff's sacred power and to completely destroy this Papacy which was divinely instituted." If the Roman Pontiff's sacred power was to be "suppressed" and the Papacy "completely destroy[ed]", but, as earlier qualified, "without shedding one drop of blood," how was this evil work to be accomplished, and to what end? As the enemy surely knew that "the Faith is watered by the blood of the martyrs," a plan to remove the Pope without killing the Pope (so as to make way for a false authority under Anti-Christ) was being finalised during the 1930s. It was discussed in a secret meeting of the Jewish Masonic Lodge of B'nai B'rith in Paris, and was reported by the London Catholic Gazette of February, 1936, and the Parisian weekly, Le Revell du Peuple, from which I quote in part: 'Let us remember that as long as there still remain active enemies of the Catholic Church, we may hope to become Masters of the World . . . [nevertheless] the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before the Pope in Rome is dethroned as well as all the other reigning Monarchs of the Gentiles upon earth" (The Masonic Plan to Suppress the Papacy as Admitted by the Freemasons Themselves, Exile of the Pope Elect; Part VIII, Gary Giuffre). There are the root of Australia's Republican push and an attack upon the Black Nobility! The Talmud is likewise insistent upon the destruction of Rome.

As mentioned in Newsletter #164, Giuffre goes on to mention the threat to use an atomic or hydrogen bomb against Rome should Siri not go along with the plans of the conspirators. Regarding the Soviet, B'nai B'rith and American threats to use the atomic bomb on the Church (and the 1958 conclave) a verification of this plan is taken from The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, pp. 70-71.

How sincere the powers-that-be are about a nuclear-free world, however, is unfortunately well-demonstrated within the pages of Alice Bailey's book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, (p. 191): "The atomic bomb (although used only twice destructively) ended the resistance of the powers of evil because of its potency is predominantly etheric. Its uses are twofold at this time:

  1. As the forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilizations and their emerging cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilization, thus demonstrating the true synthesis which underlies humanity. # The atomic bomb emerged from a first ray Ashram # [will-to-good, Shamballa (force, violence) energies], # working in conjunction with a fifth ray group # [scientific workers]; from the long-range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent.
  2. As a means in the hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace, and thus give time for teaching on peace and on the growth of goodwill to take effect. The atomic bomb does not belong to the three nations who perfected it and who own the secrets at present -- the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada. # It belongs to the United Nations for use (or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head). # It does not essentially matter whether that aggression is the gesture of any particular nation or group of nations or whether it is generated by political groups of any powerful religious organization, SUCH AS THE CHURCH OF ROME (emphasis added), who are as yet unable to leave politics alone and attend to the business for which all religions are responsible -- leading human beings closer to the God of Love" (ibid., p. 548)

The threat to bomb the Vatican was also evident in the World War II American bombing of Rome, which Adolf Hitler declared an Open City, and the object lesson of the destruction of Monte Cassino (which showed what the Allies were capable of doing to the Church and Vatican).

Carlos Vazquez Rangel, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Masons of Mexico, has publicly supported long-held suspicions that Roncalli and Montini were not just "fellow travellers" of the Freemasons. In an interview with the political weekly Processo in 1993 Vazquez stated that "within the eight city blocks that make up the Vatican State no fewer than four Scottish Rite lodges are functioning. Many of the highest Vatican officials are Masons and in certain countries where the Church is not allowed to operate, it is the lodges that carry on Vatican affairs, clandestinely."

Vazquez claimed that the effort to mitigate the "church's" penalties for Masonic membership, championed by the late Archbishop Mendez Arceo of Cuenavaca, also a Freemason, eventually came to fruition because of the early cooperation of John XXIII and Paul VI who had both became Masons years before their respective usurpations of the Chair of Peter: "On the same day, in Paris the profane Angelo Roncalli and the profane Giovanni Montini were initiated into the august mysteries of the Brotherhood. Thus it was that much that was achieved at the Council was based on Masonic principles."

The original Italian translation of the document entitled Permanent Instructions or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Masonry was given to Nubio (Piccolo Tigre, a nondescript "Jew") of the Alta Vendita lodge in 1824 when he was sent to Rome to carry it into effect, and it was to this instruction that he referred when he wrote from Forli to Signor Volpi, "As I have written to you before, I am appointed to demoralise the education of the youth of the [Roman] Church". These secret Instructions which were written in 1815, are in perfect accord with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and intended only for a chosen few Masons of heavy calibre. They state in part: "The Pope, whoever he may be, will never enter into a Secret Society. It then becomes the duty of the Secret Society to make the first advance to the Church and to the pope, with the object of conquering both. The work for which we gird ourselves up, is not the work of a day, nor of a month, nor of a year."

"It may last for many years, perhaps for a century; in our ranks the soldier dies but the war continues. We do not at present intend to gain the pope to our cause, nor to make him a neophyte of our principles, or a propagator of our ideas. Such would be an insane dream. Even should it happen that any cardinal or any prelate, of his own will, or by deception, should share in our secrets, such would not be a reason for desiring his exaltation to the Chair of Peter. Nay, his very exaltation would be our ruin; for this reason that, his apostasy being promoted by his ambition alone, that very ambition of power would necessarily impel him to sacrifice us."

"Catholics! what must we consider Freemasonry, when Freemasons themselves pronounce it an apostasy from Catholicity, and foresee that a power fully acquainted with them and their machinations would, as a consequence, seek to crush them."

"That which we should seek, that which we should await, as the Jews await a Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants. Alexander VI would not suit us, for he never erred in religious doctrine; a Pope Borgia would not suit us, for he was excommunicated by all the thinking philosophers and unbelievers for the vigour with which he defended the Church. We require a Pope for ourselves, if such a Pope were possible. With such a one we should march more surely to the storming of the Church than with all the little books (pamphlets) of our French and English brothers" (Edith Starr Miller, Occult Theocrasy, p. 432-433).

Cardinal Siri, a prelate of great renown as a negotiator and peace maker between labor and management, evidently fitted the Masons' needs to the letter. Moments after his unanimous election of 26 October 1958, Siri was persuaded in a most brutal fashion to 'step aside' in a forced papal 'abdication', known by all present to be completely invalid. Masonic cardinals had even voted for him, to insure his election and acceptance of office, only to demand his immediate resignation five minutes later, by threatening to annihilate the Church. They then offered 'peaceful coexistence' between the Church and her persecutors if a 'compromise' candidate could be found as a 'caretaker pope'. The conclave had been vitiated, and two days later, the caretaker turned out to be Angelo Roncalli, a mouthpiece for the Masonic agenda who was sought by the forces of Antichrist to head the Church, not as Pope but as antipope. In this way, they hoped to perpetuate a death grip on the Church's structures with a succession of Masonic figureheads devoid of any Spiritual guidance. For only by subjugating a true pope who was unknown to the outside world and 'replacing' him with a false shepherd could the Freemasons arrive at the total realisation of their goal. The true Pope, who vainly hoped to prevent a catastrophe for the Church by delaying his public claim to office, brought about something far worse instead. For as long as he lived, his very existence prevented the election of another true Pope. He was mocked as his election was repeated, and again suppressed at three successive conclaves.

The 'caretaker' Roncalli paved the way for the 'destroyer' Montini who for the sake of appearances, because he was not circumspect, had to be seen to have been banished to Milan in disgrace in 1954, without the red hat, by his co-conspirator, Pope Pius XII. The reason for his ouster as reported in Il Borghese and SI SI NO NO was his alliance with Stalin and Togliatti. Montini was discovered to have passed information to the Soviets concerning the names of bishops secretly sent into Eastern Europe and Russia to minister to the "Church of Silence", causing their arrest and execution. The antipope Montini would later officially ratify and 'impose' the heretical Second Vatican Council documents upon the faithful.

Because they are not behind the scenes, most traditional Catholics simply cannot comprehend why or how such a crime could have been so successfully carried out almost undetected by the outside world with the active participation of high princes of the Church over a generation, as alleged by the 'Siri thesis'. Surely such a long, drawn-out conspiracy would be beyond the ability of even the most evil of men. But 130 years ago, Pope Pius IX explained that: "If one takes into consideration the immense development which [the]. . . secret societies have attained; the length of time they are persevering in their vigour; their furious aggressiveness; the tenacity with which their members cling to the association and to the false principles it professes; the persevering mutual cooperation of so many different types of men in the promotion of evil; one can hardly deny that the SUPREME ARCHITECT of these associations (seeing that the cause must be proportional to the effect) can be none other than he who in the sacred writings is styled the PRINCE OF THE WORLD; and that Satan himself even by his physical cooperation, directs and inspires at least the leaders of these bodies physically cooperating with them" (Acta Sancta Sedis, v. 1, p. 293, 13 July 1865).

In a note on page 20 of the original edition of The War of Antichrist With The Church And Christian Civilization, 1885, re-titled Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked As The Secret Power Behind Communism, Msgr. Dillon says: "The Jewish connection with modern Freemasonry is an established fact everywhere manifested in its history. The Jewish formulas employed by Freemasonry, the Jewish traditions which run through its ceremonial, point to a Jewish origin, or to the work of Jewish contrivers. . . Who knows but behind the Atheism and desire of gain which impels them to urge on Christians to persecute the [Roman] Church and destroy it, there lies a hidden hope to reconstruct their Temple, and in the darkest depths of secret society plotting there lurks a deeper society still which looks to a return to the land of Judah and to the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem? "

Consider Protocol 17 of the Learned Elders of Zion:

2. We have long past taken care to discredit the priesthood of the "goyim," and thereby to ruin their mission on earth which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us. Day by day its influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower. Freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere, so that now only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion: as to other religions we shall have still less difficulty in dealing with them, but it would be premature to speak of this now. We shall put clericalism and clericals into such narrow frames as to make their influence move in retrogressive proportion to its former progress.

3. When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court. When, however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place.

It would appear this third clause was fulfilled in the days when Karl Rothschild (1788-1868) was an initiate of the Full Secret of the Illuminati (that Lucifer is God). Other Satanists had stirred-up so much anti-Vatican hatred that the governments of France and Italy were on the verge of destroying it. "Karl Rothschild stepped in to act as "Peacemaker" between the Vatican and her enemies. History relates how his intervention saved the Vatican and made Karl Rothschild the 'friend' and 'trusted adviser' of the Pope, and he reorganised the affairs of the Vatican Treasury and State Department."

"But history has proved that Karl Rothschild was no true friend of the Vatican. Two World Wars, instigated by his family of moneylenders, and their international affiliates who direct the World Revolutionary Movement, have seen Christians of all denominations divided into opposing camps, been made to fight and kill each other off by the tens of millions. This has been done to bring Pike's plan for the final social cataclysm nearer to fruition. Communism grew stronger as Christianity was weakened, until today, as Pike's plan required, Communism has darkened the whole earth" (William Guy Carr, Satan, Prince of This World, p. 48-49; Newsletter #090).

4. The king of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe, the Patriarch of the International (i.e. Catholic) Church.

5. But, IN THE MEANTIME, while we are re-educating youth in new traditional religions and afterwards in ours, WE SHALL NOT OVERTLY LAY A FINGER ON EXISTING CHURCHES, BUT WE SHALL FIGHT AGAINST THEM BY CRITICISM CALCULATED TO PRODUCE SCHISM . . .

"On August 28, the beginning of John Paul I's papal revolution was announced in the form of a Vatican statement that there was to be no coronation, and that the new pope refused to be crowned.

There would be no sedia gestatoria, the chair used to carry the pope, no tiara encrusted with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. No ostrich feathers, no six-hour ceremony. In short, the ritual . . . was abolished. . . Luciani, never used the royal 'we', the monarchical first-person plural . . . The 'coronation' became a simple Mass. . . With that gesture Luciani abolished a thousand years of history. . . The triple-decked, beehive-shaped tiara was superseded by the pallium, a white woollen stole around the pope's shoulders" (David Yallop, In God's Name, p. 161-162).

"In early September Albino Luciani found that in some mysterious way he had been added to the exclusive distribution list of an unusual news agency called L'Osservatore Politico (OP). It was run by journalist Mino Pecorelli and invariably carried scandalous stories that subsequently turned out to be highly accurate. Now, along with top politicians, journalists, pundits, and others with a need to know first, the pope could read about what OP called 'The Great Vatican Lodge.' The article gave the names of 121 people who were alleged to be members of Masonic lodges. A number of laymen were included in the list, but it largely comprised cardinals, bishops, and high-ranking prelates. Pecorelli's motives for publishing the list were simple. He was involved in a struggle with his former grand master, Licio Gelli. Pecorelli was a member of P2, a disenchanted member.

. . . If the information was authentic, then it meant Luciani was virtually surrounded by Masons. And to be a Mason meant automatic excommunication from the Roman Catholic church. Before the conclave there had been various murmurings that several of the leading papabili were Masons. Now on September 12, the new pope was presented with the entire list. . . The Roman Catholic church had decreed long ago that it was implacably opposed to Freemasonry. The new pope was open to discussion on the issue, but a list of 121 men who were confirmed members hardly constituted discussion.

The secretary of state, Cardinal Villot, Masonic name Jeanni, lodge number 041/3, enrolled in a Zurich lodge on August 6, 1966. The foreign minister, Monsignor Agostino Casaroli. The cardinal of Rome Ugo Poletti. Cardinal Baggio. Bishop Paul Marcinkus and Monsignor Donato de Bonis of the Vatican Bank. The disconcerted Pope read a list that seemed like a Who's Who of Vatican City." (ibid, p. 177).

"At every mealtime, says Magee, he would say, 'Why did they choose me? Why on earth did they choose me?' 'He was constantly reminding us that his Pontificate was to be of short duration. Constantly saying that he was to go so that he would be replaced by the "Foreigner".'

". . . Day after day, says Sister Vincenza [his housekeeper], he insisted that he had usurped the papal chair he sat in. 'Look, Sister, I should not be sitting here in this seat. The Foreign Pope is coming to take my place. I have begged Our Lord.'" (John Cornwell, A Thief In The Night, p. 330).

"I (John Magee, John Paul I's secretary) asked him, 'Holy Father, have you chosen the person to give the Vatican retreat next Lent?'"

He said, 'Yes, I have.' Then he immediately said, 'The type of retreat I would like at this moment would be for a good death.'

He was constantly reminding us that his Pontificate was to be of short duration. Constantly, saying that he was to go so that he could be replaced by 'the Foreigner.' All of this was a great enigma to us then." (ibid, p. 242).

"Before I (John Cornwell) left him (John Magee, now Bishop Magee), I asked him, 'Do you have one memory of John Paul that stands out?'

Almost without hesitation he said, "You know, he repeated over and over again, 'Why did they choose me? Why on earth did they choose me? He said it every mealtime, repeatedly, every single day of his Papacy. He spoke repeatedly of the 'Foreigner' who was going to follow him. 'I am going soon,' he would say, 'and the Foreigner is coming.' One day I asked him who this Foreigner was, and he replied, 'He it was who sat opposite me during the conclave.' Now, after I had left the papal apartment as secretary to John Paul II, I was appointed master of ceremonies in the Vatican, and I had access to the plan of that conclave for the first time. The cardinal who sat opposite Papa Luciani was Cardinal Wojtyla!"

The bishop was silent for a while. Then he said, "I am convinced that John Paul I had a great insight into the fact of his imminent death" (ibid, p. 255).

"Because John Paul I wished to make an end to the notorious financial transactions between Marcinkus and Calvi, the Freemason who was master of the situation through Casaroli, member of the Lodge P2, made him disappear: Surprisingly came the 'strange death of John Paul I', poisoned by Aqua Toffana, as described by J.J. Thiery (on page 153 of his discoveries).

"And what was not less strange: the only witness of this 'strange death', another Freemason prelate -- identified as such after his death (through the works in his library) -- died a few months later also rather suddenly." (Rev. Fr. Henri Mouraux, The Hidden, But Victorious Way of The Free-Masonry).

Since Vatican II, popes Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II have each carried the Satanic "bent cross" to be revered by crowds with no idea that it stands for anti-Christ. Such a cross bearing a distorted figure of Christ is said to have been used by Satanists in the 6th century and by black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages to represent the 'Mark of the Beast'.

"On Monday evening, October 16, satellite TV pictures were relayed from Rome to the whole world of the eerie first images of the new Polish pope, Karol Wojtyla; who, like his short-lived predecessor, took the strange double name of John-Paul. He was spotlighted at night before throngs of anxious Romans who stood vigil in St. Peter's Square with a full moon overhead. The ominous scene was reminiscent of the first appearance at night of Roncalli as John XXIII atop the balcony on the evening of October 28, 1958, as if the two events bracketed the whole nightmarish Vatican II era. For those familiar with St. Malachy's predictions of popes and anti-popes, this foreboding sight recalled to mind his ancient forecast 'From the Midst of the Moon', or 'From the Half of the Moon (Gary Giuffre's Newsletter, "Polish Communist Party Praises Choice of "Pope", 1989).

This interpretation could easily refer to . . . the fact that his 'reign' lasted just 33 days, slightly longer than one lunar cycle. (I believe it was the signature of the Masonic 33rd Degree, showing that the papacy is in their hands as when Illuminatus Franklin D. Roosevelt affixed the Great Seal to the United States one dollar note in 1933, signifying that the efforts of the Illuminati to control the U.S. economy had 'met with success'. This has been a Masonic symbol since Freemasonry was subsumed by the Illuminati in 1782. It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who convinced the Jesuit "Jew", Adam Weishaupt to wholly accept the Frankist Cabbalist doctrine and who afterwards financed the Illuminati having given Weishaupt the task of re-establishing the old Alumbrado movement for the Cabbalist Jews. The goal of the Frankists was to work in secret to establish Jewish world supremacy. (Jakob Frank officially converted to Catholicism as a cover for his activities). Weishaupt instituted the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, as the controlling body of Freemasonry (H.L. Haywood, Famous Masons and Masonic Presidents. Richmond VA: p.152). May 1, or 'May Day', is the day Frederick II of Prussia instituted Shriner Freemasonry, the day following Walpurgis night -- when the dark mystical forces are celebrated -- and became the Cabbalist Jews' occult holiday because this date signified the sacred number of Yahweh, 15. By 'coincidence', the dates of sentence and execution at the illegal Nuremburg Trial and in the signing of various Peace Treaties all match Jewish festivals, as April 19 marks the Branch Davidian fire at Waco, Texas, and the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahomah City, and also the anniversary of the first shots fired in 1775 between minutemen and British troops at Lexington and Concord.

"Nobody knows that Zionism appeared as a Marxist movement, a socialist one . . . Zionism is actually a revolution" (Sergei Lezov, Strana i Mir Magazine, Munich, November 3, 1988, p. 94). "The ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism" (Jewish Chronicle, London, April 4, 1919). "Laodicea means 'people's rights', or ' Communism'" (Revelation 3:14). nl165.htm

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