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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for meeting with us for fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

We will examine some additional facts concerning the Roman Universal church so that we may better comprehend world politics today and recognize how behind-the-scenes intrigues over the centuries were never happenstance, but the unfolding of a diabolical plan that will see Rome in cahoots with elite Jews ruling the world from Jerusalem. The following news items illustrate World War III is being fomented now in order to transfer absolute power into their hands.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible. . . Brother Anthony Grigor-Scott

It is Finished!

B.C. cartoonist, Johnny Hart, graphically depicts Israel's 2,000-year apostasy and speaks of the Gentile apostasy in these last days since Christ opened the Seals to reveal our redemption. Full story:

Marketing Ashes

Jerusalem (Al-Hayat Al-Jadida) April 13, 2001 -- A recently published book by an American researcher. . . proves that the figure of six million Jews cremated in the Nazi Auschwitz camps is a lie for propaganda: "the most spacious of the vaults in the camp could not have accounted for even one percent of that number."

"Dr. Ramses Awd, "The Holocaust -- Between Denial and Upholding" . . . the latest American book to refute and disprove the fable of the holocaust comes at the same time as the repeated declarations of Rabbi Ovadia: "We are concerned that these dramatic cries regarding the holocaust, whether for or against, are intended to cover up the corresponding holocaust which Zionism is now producing with missile and tank, against the Arabs in Palestine." (Translation provided by Palestinian Media Watch, The Jerusalem Post, April 18, 2001)
Full story:

Jesus would Not Walk in Jewry -- John 7:1

Beirut (The Wanderer) April 5, 2001 -- "What are we to think of people who uphold their position with violence, repression, smears, ostracism, and intimidation? A conclusion, differing from the Jewish holocaust story, might result in my kneecaps being broken". Full story: Joseph Sobran

Fear of being Slandered as "Anti-Semites" means We are Abetting Terrible Deeds in the Middle East.

London (The Independent), 17 April 2001 -- What if we had supported the apartheid regime of South Africa against the majority black population? What if we had lauded the South African white leadership as "hard-line warriors" rather than racists? What if we had explained the shooting of 56 black protesters at Sharpeville as an understandable "security crackdown" by the South African police. And described black children shot by the police as an act of "child sacrifice" by their parents? What if we had called upon the "terrorist" ANC leadership to "control their own people".

Almost every day that is exactly the way we are playing the Israeli-Palestinian war. No matter how many youths are shot dead by the Israelis, no matter how many murders -- by either side -- and no matter how bloody the reputation of the Israeli Prime Minister.

In February Newsweek propagated a virtual fraud on its cover by showing -- under the headline "Terror Goes Global -- Exclusive: Bin Laden's International Network" -- a frightening photograph of a man (head and shoulders), his face covered in an Arab scarf, holding a rifle in his right hand. The reader would imagine this to be a member of Osama bin Laden's network of "global terror". But I traced the Finnish photographer who took this picture. He snapped it at a funeral on the West Bank.

As that brave American writer Charley Reese said in his regular US column, the Israelis "have created their own unconquerable enemy". They have made the Palestinians so crushed, so desperate, so humiliated that they have nothing to lose. We, too, have done this. Our gutlessness, our refusal to tell the truth, our fear of being slandered as "anti-Semites" -- the most loathsome of libels against any journalist -- means that we are aiding and abetting terrible deeds in the Middle East. Maybe we should look up those cuttings of the apartheid era and remember when men were not without honour. Full story: Robert Fisk

The Two Babylons - Part III

The Bible is the tale of two cities. One is the heavenly Jerusalem -- God incarnate in His glorified elect, reigning through eternity over a kingdom of the "saved". The other is earthly Jerusalem "which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified". Here Satan, incarnate in the Roman pope, will rule a New World Order through the time of "Jacob's trouble" to the consummation (Revelation 11:8; Jeremiah 30; Daniel 9:26-27).

Some imagine the Roman Catholic church has been corrupted only recently but she was never Christian, committing adultery with the pagan Trinity against God's Word she claims as her Husband when she married the State at the First Nicea Council of AD325. The Catholic, New Catholic, indeed all encyclopedias declare that the Trinity doctrine and baptism in three Titles were not introduced into Christian circles until centuries after the death of the first apostles.

The first four Seals of Revelation 6 signify Satan building his Roman Universal FALSE church while Christ calls His little flock. Impersonating Christ upon a white horse, Satan appears first as an anti-Christ spirit and he organizes an hierarchical religion wherein man usurps the Leadership of the Holy Ghost and receives honor due only to God. But Jesus, Who never placed His churches under man's control, called this "nicolaitanism, which I hate" (Revelation 2:6). Without Scriptural authority, and pictured with a bow but no arrows, Satan was an uncrowned bluff until after Constantine organized the Romish church and a triple crown was given him. Like the Khazar chagan Bulan's conversion to Talmudic Judaism, Constantine's conversion to Christianity was purely political. As Emperor, Constantine became head of the FALSE Christian church he had founded, there being no such office as 'pope' for many years to come,

With his church and State united, Satan changed to a red horse. A sword was given him, and he went forth to take peace from the earth by forcing the mark of the beast (which is reasoning against the faith -- Trinitarianism and false baptism in three Titles). And Killing all who withstood him, he invoked the Dark Ages and under the Third Seal he rode a black horse, selling prayer, clerical office and indulgences for future sins through men like the 'Jew' John Tetzel, whilst God commenced the reformation of the Roman Catholic system of worship under mighty saints such as Luther and Wesley.

Early in the Twentieth Century, Satan mounted his pale, sickly-colored horse in which all of the evils of the previous three seals were inbred. This was the age of apostacy but it would also be the age in which the apostolic faith was restored, the mystery of God finished, and "that man of sin, the son of perdition revealed" -- incarnate by the horse rider now identified by the name Death. When Jesus comes, "His Name was the Word of God"; and "God's Word is Spirit; It is Life". Under the Fourth Seal, Satan, who rode all four horses, gathers the nations to Armageddon through three unclean spirits called Fascism, Nazism and Communism that came from his mouth, from the mouth of the Roman Catholic church, and from the mouth of the false prophet or pope (Revelation 16:12-16). Then at His parousia Coming, Christ began calling His elect out from Rome and her (once) Protestant daughter churches, gathering them into the unity of the faith (I Corinthians 15:23; Ephesians 1:10; 4:13). Satan is leading his Universal FALSE church to perdition while Christ is meeting His little flock in the air for their journey to glory.

Choose you this day. If Baal be God, follow Rome. If Jesus Christ, follow Him.

". . . During the first day of voting last Sunday, Wojtyla [later Pope John Paul II] nonchalantly read a quarterly review of Marxist theory as the time-consuming balloting [for the selection of Pope John Paul I's successor] dragged on.

'Don't you think it's sacrilegious to bring Marxist literature into the Sistine Chapel?' joked a Cardinal. Wojtyla smiled, 'My conscience is clear'. . ." (Time Magazine, October 30, 1978, p. 87).

Journalist Robert K. Dahl says that Pope John Paul II's acquiescence to Judaism "has the appearance of treason, regardless of intent" (The Remnant, [St. Paul, MN], April 15, 1998). Indeed, in 1999, when John Paul II made the unprecedented decree that "the seeds infected with anti-Judaism" must "never again take root. . . " he was forbidding opposition to the religion of the Pharisees and proscribing the basis of the mission of Jesus Christ (Statement of Pope John Paul II in his "General Audience" at Rome, April 28, 1999, as reported in the official Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, May 5, 1999).

(On February 27, 1994 a bomb was placed in the Maronite Catholic, Notre-Dame de La Delivrance Church, in Junieh, Lebanon, killing ten Catholics and wounding 60 others. The Vatican is aware of the fact that Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri and Interior Minister Michel Samaha indicated the massacre was engineered by Israeli intelligence. Cf. NY Post, February 28, 1994).

Given the vast repository of documents, manuscripts, learned treatises and privileged correspondence pertaining to Judaism dating almost to the foundation of Christendom which are on deposit in the Vatican archives, John Paul II cannot be speaking from ignorance when he claims, as he did in the synagogue of Rome, April 13, 1986 that "Jews are our elder brothers in the faith" (L'Osservatore Rornano, English ed., April 21, 1986, p. 6).

(According to ex-Jesuit, the late Alberto Rivera, it was the Jesuits who planned the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, calculating that through this incident Islam would pull closer to the Vatican through the humiliation of knowing that one of their own shot the one representing the prophet Jesus on this earth. In fact the Ayatollahs sent condolences and apologies to the pope. And last of all, the blame could be put on the KGB, making the world believe that the Communists are the pope's enemies when in fact Pope John Paul II has been a good Communist for many years. And the would-be assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca, is one of Europe's top hit men, and an expert marksman. He fired his weapon at a distance of only ten feet. Each bullet hit the pope below the navel. He had no intention of killing the pope. He was simply following the instructions of the Jesuits. It was well planned, Both the pope and the Muslim world thanked the virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima) that he did not die. The upshot was when the world saw the pope forgive Mehmet Ali Agca for shooting him, almost one billion Muslims had nothing but admiration for 'His Holiness'" (Alberto Rivera, The Prophet, Chick Publications. p.30-31).

Since adherents of the religion of Judaism do not have faith in either Jesus or the Old Testament Law and prophets, but in the Talmudic and Kabbalistic traditions, exactly what faith is it that John Paul II shares with these "elder brothers" of his?

When this pope claimed that opposition to the religion of Judaism was opposition to the Old Testament, that the religion of Judaism is "a response to God's revelation in the Old Covenant" and that the "Eucharistic prayers" of Christian worship are "according to the models of Jewish tradition," he was either babbling dementia or falling far short of the truth (Jews and Christians Share Much Together," L'Osservatore Romano, English ed., May 5, 1999).

When, on Good Friday, 1998, the Pope turned the Christian Gospel upside down and proclaimed that "Jews have been crucified by us for so long," it was one of the most atrocious examples of modern Catholicism's slavishly Judaic orientation.

John Paul II is pretending that Judaism is the Old Testament faith minus Christ. But even if that false proposition were true, the Pharisaic leadership would still be guilty of deicide, as Thomas Aquinas held:

"The rulers of the Jews knew that He was the Messiah: and if there was any ignorance in them it was affected ignorance, which could not excuse them. Therefore their sin was the most grievous, both on account of the kind of sin as well as from the malice of their will" (Summa Theologica, Q. 47, Art. 6 Pt. III).

Moreover, the Bible itself declares unambiguously the guilt of the Jewish leadership and the fact that those who adhere to the dogma of these assassins are under wrath:

"For ye brethren became followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews: who both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets and have persecuted us; and they please not God and are contrary to all men: forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost" (I Thessalonians 2:14-16).

No pope, preacher, president, prime minister, or professor has one scintilla of authority or competence to overthrow the preceding Words. The whole world may be arrayed against the Word of God but its force and validity endures.

The recent movement within the Church to declare opposition to Judaism an accursed form of "anti-semitic racism" is, in its inspiration and praxis, thoroughly Talmudic, for it either extinguishes the New Testament's teachings or distorts them to such a degree that they are effectively made "of none effect."

This movement must also ignore or negate 2,000 years of historic Christian exposition of these teachings.

The extra-Biblical and anti-Christian nature of this fifth column within the Church is patent. It derives its credibility almost entirely from the blind allegiance it commands from Christians duped by usurpers and traitors occupying high ecclesiastical office, and by the tremendous glamor which the media accord it.

Since the great criterion of Jesus Christ for assessing the diabolic or the divine was "by their fruits ye shall know them," we discern that the fruits of today's Protestant and Catholic leaders are mostly rotten in this regard. As such, their actions reveal that they are neither "vicars of Christ," nor His ministers or saints. They are in fact agents of Judaism in all but name.

Therefore, the various anathemas these impostors and apostates thunder against Christians, whose only crime is to believe as all the apostles, martyrs and saints of the Church always did, has about the same moral authority as a pronouncement from the Secretary General of the U.N. or the Master of the Masonic Lodge. (Given that the occupation of even the highest of church offices is no longer a guarantor of fidelity to Jesus Christ, the question of who holds true Christian authority is one of the thorniest questions facing [denominational] Christians today).

The hidden hand of Talmud and Kabbalah is revealed wherever the Jewish people are made the objects of veneration and sanctity. Jewish supremacy was opposed from the earliest days of the Church. John Chrysostom wrote: "Jesus said to them, 'If you are children of Abraham, do the works of Abraham, but as it is, you are seeking to kill Me.' Here He repeatedly returned to their murderous design and reminded them of Abraham. He did this because He wanted to detach them from their racial pride and to deflate their excessive conceit, and to persuade them to no longer place their hope of salvation in Abraham or nobility of race, for this was the thing that prevented them from coming to Christ; namely that they taught that the fact of their descent from Abraham sufficed for their salvation" (The Fathers of the Church: St. John Chrysostom New York: Fathers of the Church, Inc., 1960, p. 70).

By his radical departure from Biblical teaching and Christian practice, John Paul II and hundreds of thousands of Catholic and Protestant leaders who share his "elder brothers in the faith" falsehood, reveals himself as an accomplice of anti-Christ, by Scriptural definition: "Such a man is the anti-Christ who denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father" (I John 2:23).

Christ testified that "no man cometh unto the Father except by Me." Yet men have grown "dull of hearing" (Hebrews 5:11) and to the great drama of Christian salvation prefer instead a bland accommodation with the spirit of the modern age, which holds that a civilization based on the Father can be created by those who have made a religion out of denouncing and rejecting His Son.

This delusion, which would be laughable were its consequences not so tragic, has led to the rise of legions of "Judeo-Christians," who equate Judaism's strange gods with authentic Old Testament Israel and who go so far as to claim that it is necessary for Christians to embrace Judaism in order to be justified before God.

They look to a religion based on a Pharisaic sect comprised of the irreconcilable enemies of Christ for clues on how to become a better follower of Christ!

Worse, they intimate that Jesus is a liar. Jesus directly condemns the "tradition of the elders" and its "commandments of men," which are the oral basis of the idolized books, Talmud and Kabbalah. (Matthew 15:1-9, Mark 7:1-13).

Jesus puts paid to the lie that the Pharisees had any oral teaching from Moses. He tells them that if Moses were really their teacher they would follow Him (Jesus), not their tradition (John 5:46-47).

The brazen betrayal and hypocrisy of Judeo-Christians in the face of clear Gospel teaching on this subject, bids battle and defiance unto Heaven itself.

The glorified modern popes, preachers, politicians and rabbis often succeed for a time in deceiving the multitude, and in gathering a large and noisy following in this world, but their deeds also follow them and proclaim their evil, long after the paeans of media praise have wafted away on the sands of time. God is not mocked (Michael Hoffman II Judaism's Strange Gods, p. 112- 116).

Message-believers, take note!

Those who believe in Darwin's evolutionary theory might be excused for believing history "just happens by accident", and not by plan, but as Franklin D. Roosevelt revealed, "If something happens in politics you can bet it was planned that way".

On July 23, 1773, Pope Clement XIV issued the Bull 'Dominus ac Redemptor', abolishing the Jesuit Order, stating: "The suppression is accomplished, I do not repent of it, having only resolved on it after examining and weighing everything, and because I thought it necessary for the church. If it were not done, I would do it now. But this suppression will be my death" (John Dowling, History of Romanism, p.604).

On September 23, 1774 the pope died by poisoning (Eric Jon Phelps, The Black Pope, p. 363), and his Bull was of no effect in England, Prussia or Russia which had their own State churches and granted protection to "the Pope's Militia", in hopes of a political advantage over Rome. However their subjects would rue this bargain with the Devil for the Jesuits infiltrated Protestant and Orthodox churches of the host countries, laying the groundwork for future strategies of domination or destruction in their pursuit of absolute power.

The Jesuits warred against the Vatican through the forty-one years of their suppression. They exposed the outrages of the Dominicans' Holy Office of the Inquisition and enfranchised Rome's enemy, the 'Jew', further humbling the anti-Jewish Roman Catholic sovereigns (into whose royal houses the Khazar had by now married), and establishing an alliance with the House of Rothschild, set out to extract vengeance from the papacy and Europe's Roman Catholic monarchs.

In 1770 Rothschild retained Adam Weishaupt to organize a system to execute the age-old Protocols of Zion. The completed scheme was the Illuminati, unfolded on May 1, 1776. The Protestant princes and rulers in Germany were well-disposed to Weishaupt's official plan to destroy the Catholic church and sought membership in his order. Through these men Weishaupt gained control over the Masonic orders, into which he and his other Jewish cronies were initiated in 1777. In order to prevent the rulers from understanding the true aims of the Illuminati, he forestalled their contact with the higher degrees.

Following the Wilhelmsbad Convention of 1782 (which voted the death of Louis XVI and the French Revolution), Rothschild's Illuminati took control of all Masonry for the Asiatic financiers. They had already worked their way into Catholicism by infiltrating their agents into Jesuitism before their suppression which seemed to have been the signal for the unleashing of operations with such force that the momentum has carried through to the present day.

After their expulsion from Spain in 1767, the Jesuits found refuge in Corsica where they raised up their great avenger, Napoleon Bonaparte. His advisor, Jesuit Abbe Sieyes, had him imprison Pope Pius VII five years until he restored their Order by the Bull 'Solicitudo omnium Ecclesiarum' on August 7, 1814. They took his headship and humbled him: Napoleon's soldiers upturned St. Peter's chair beneath which is carved, "There is no other God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet", manifesting Rome's folly to all men since Mohammed was born five-hundred years after Peter's death. And 'Peter's chair' had been stolen from a caliph during the Crusades. (Ridpath's History Of The World). The war was terminated by the Congress of Vienna and by the secret Treaty of Verona in 1822 (Emanuel M. Josephson, The "Federal" Reserve Conspiracy & Rockefellers. p. 4-5).

Numerous parallels exist between the self-styled 'Jews' and the so-called 'Society of Jesus'. The former are generally non-Semitic and persecute the kindred of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, and all Semitic peoples generally, whilst the latter are anti-Christ the Word and persecute the Savior and His saints.

As the self-styled 'Jews' have been driven from the kingdoms of Europe at some time because of their unconscionable behaviour, between 1555 and 1931 the evil 'Society of Jesus' was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities.

These groups both turned exile to advantage, employing their religion as a mask to pursue absolute political power without principle. Their ends justify their means as evidenced by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which guide the self-styled 'Jews', the Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Masonry (Gargano, Irish and English Freemasons and their Foreign Brothers, 1878, p. 62; Lady Queenborough, Occult Theocrasy, p. 427-435), and the Secreta Monita of the Society of Jesus. Their aims are mutually anti-Christian. The self-styled 'Jews' and the Jesuits own multiple citizenship and live as parasitical states within a state, overseen by an elite whose objective is world hegemony. And Freemasonry was designed by the same hidden hand.

"The Jesuits were driven to co-operate with the other two international brotherhoods, the Freemasons and the Jews, in the destruction of the Spanish Empire" (Salvador de Madrariaga, The Jesuits, 1820). Jesuit co-operation with the Rothschilds was also evident in the assassination of President Lincoln.

If the conclusions of Eric Jon Phelps' research expressed in his manuscript "Vatican Assassins" are correct, the 'Society of Jesus' is certainly Luciferian, if not 'Jewish' AT THE TOP. Here is what he says: "These forty-one years were absolutely golden for the Company of Jesuits. They punished all their enemies including the Dominican priests, perfected the inner workings between themselves and Freemasonry, created an alliance between the House of Rothschild in establishing the Illuminati, punished and then absorbed the Knights of Malta . . . They used the Orthodox Catherine of Russia and the Lutheran Frederick of Prussia to conquer and divide Poland, rendering the Pope's Bull of Suppression of no effect in that Roman Catholic land. They caused the French Revolution, beheading a Bourbon King and a Hapsburg Queen as punishment for their expulsion from France and Austria. With Napoleon the Freemason they drove the Bourbons from their throne in Spain and the Braganzas from their throne in Portugal and even attempted to take Palestine from the Moslems like the Crusaders of old."

"The Company's most important victories were both religious and political. They deeply penetrated the Russian Orthodox Church and Germany's Lutheran Church, its Tubingen University in particular. Politically, they took control of the Crown and Bank of England. For this reason England would never go to war with France again, it would conduct the Pope's Opium Wars against the people of China (just like the Company, with its CIA and Mafia Commission, is presently conducting a massive Drug Trade against the "heretic and liberal" people of the American Empire) governed by the Order's enemy -- the Manchu Dynasty -- and would refuse to help the Italian patriots in their warring with the armies of the Pope during the Italian Revolution of 1848. The Jesuits also captured the Papacy with the Vatican, along with its landed Church properties the world over, and for this reason the Pope would never suppress the Society of Jesus, ever again!" (Eric Jon Phelps, Vatican Assassins, p. 307).

"It has been an established fact for years that the political Zionists plan to make Jerusalem the administrative capital of a One World Government. This lofty (but purely carnal) ambition was laid out in unmistakable terms by David Ben Gurion, Israel's Prime Minister, in a piece written for Look Magazine in 1962, predicted what would happen on the world scene over the next quarter of a century. His words are reproduced in their entirety from the original:

"The image of the world in 1987 as traced in my imagination: The Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and the rising political importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime. With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in world alliance, at whose disposal will be a international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah. Higher education will be the right of every person in the world. A pill to prevent pregnancy will slow down the explosive natural increase in China and India. And by 1987, the average life-span of man will reach 100 years" (Look Magazine, January 16, 1962, p. 20).

"Please notice carefully that the Israeli prime minister foresaw the time when America would become a "welfare state with a planned economy." Unlike the American peasants, he obviously understood what the backstage manipulators had in mind for our once great Republic!"

"The American slaves would then be merged into a "world alliance [under] an international police force . . . Jerusalem will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents."

The first part of Ben Gurion's prediction has reached fruition. Can an attempt to fulfill the second part be far behind?"

"In the light of Ben-Gurion's statement quoted above, one cannot but be struck by the words of Pope John Paul II in a 1994 Parade Magazine interview with Tad Szulc. The Roman Pontiff declared that his "greatest dream" was to go to Jerusalem on a religious pilgrimage as soon as possible; such a visit would have a "crucial spiritual and peacemaking" meaning for him."

"We trust," said the Pope, "that with the approach of the year 2000, Jerusalem will become the city of peace for the entire world and that all people will be able to meet there, in particular the believers in the religions that find their birthright in the faith of Abraham." The leader of the world's one billion plus Catholics declared that Jews are "our dearly beloved brothers and, in a certain way, it could be said that [they] are our elder brothers."

"Rome's Chief Rabbi Toaff declared that he was "surprised and delighted" by the Pope's "very courageous act." "You know,' said the Rabbi, "the distance from the Vatican to this synagogue is very short -- only a few kilometers -- but it took 2000 years to cover it. And John Paul II did it" (Parade Magazine, April 3, 1994)."

"Does this unprecedented move by the Roman Pontiff signal a soon-coming Judeo-Catholic power play to seize the leadership initiative in the development of a One World Religion in the New World Order? Such a move is certainly well within the realm of possibility."

"Attempts to establish such a world alliance, with headquarters in Jerusalem, would almost certainly trigger the third world war prophesied by top Illuminist Albert Pike in his 1871 letter to Mazzini."

"Pike said that this third world war would erupt in the Middle East as a result of animosity between the Arabs and the Israelis, and that it would culminate in the establishment of a world dictatorship" (Des Griffin, Descent into Slavery, p. 210-211).

Now we can see why the United States and the (once) Christian West tolerate and participate in the injustices perpetrated against the nations Rome and the City of London choose to weaken or destroy. Brother Branham taught from the Books of Daniel and the Revelation how Rome would establish a covenant with the 'Jews'. And whilst their seven-year agreement of Daniel 9:27 is yet future, these ancient foes are clearly co-operating openly as never before because, like Communism, they are part of the Luciferian program to divide and conquer.

Satan's house is not divided. But the Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Communist, because he lacks the Holy Spirit of God in a new birth, is a pawn in his game and under one or other faction of the Luciferian elite. The Judaeo-Masonic-controlled Vatican and the International Banking tribe of the self-styled 'Jews' have been working towards a common Luciferian agenda with Lucifer's church.

In 1963, God's prophet William Branham echoed the voice of the Lord: "Mystery Babylon the great, (the Roman Catholic church, the great whore and mother of harlots and abominations of the earth -- her once Protestant daughter churches) is fallen, and is become the haunt of demons, the prison of every foul spirit and cage of every unclean and hateful fowl (the dirtiest bird there is -- like the Jesuits, Freemasons, Communists, Talmudic 'Jews', etc.). For all nations have been intoxicated by the wine of her fornication (or idolatry), and the kings of the earth have prostituted themselves with her, and the businessmen of the earth are grown rich through the gross excess of her enticements. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that receive not of her plagues" (Revelation 14:9-11; 18:1-4; Matthew 25:6). nl166.htm

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