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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Watching a military parade, a mother spotted her little Johnny who was out of step. Turning to a bystander she said, 'Everybody's out of step but my Johnny.' Today, Mrs. Howard claims all the citizens are out of step except Australia's Prime Minister, her little Johnny.

Throughout the British (i.e. Jewish) Empire the subjects and citizens are all out of step, except for alien-controlled men the likes of Jackboot Johnny, America's George II, and phony Tony Blair. Individual electors or member states of the UN General Assembly, the majority, are not consulted. The will of "we the people" matters not. Such is the nature of the 'Jew's' controlled two-party sham 'democracy' us colonials have been told to impose on Iraq and other sovereign Muslim countries.

Opera HouseAvoiding parliament, Australia's dictator John Howard announced his declaration of war to the hidden hand-controlled taxpayer-funded national broadcasting corporation.

Former Australian SAS chief, Brigadier Jim Wallace, said the War in Iraq could last just one week. Australia's SAS were training near Iraq more than a year ago, honing skills in reconnaissance, sabotage and close combat, and tutoring the locals in the arts of special operations warfare.

Share prices and the US dollar both rose sharply after Bush and Howard declared war. I am listening to George II lie through his teeth as I report his message of Purim revenge for us Goyim. Purim finds its Masonic imitation in the Ninth Degree of the Scottish Rite, dedicated to revenge for the 'murder of Hiram,' meaning anyone who thwarts Masonry's purposes as did Saddam Hussein when he nationalized the oil wells—after the CIA had made him president of Iraq. So much for Jewnited States 'democracy'.

The Prophet William Branham said, "I think democracy's right, but what we need today is an old fashioned revival in the White House to straighten up some of the things that are called democracy too . . . We need a counter-revolutionary . . . war: now, among ourselves . . . our democracy is so polluted until it's interwoven with Communism and all kinds of isms . . . democracy will never work. Democracy's rotten to the bone. If it could be run amongst a bunch of Christians it would be fine; but when you put it out there in the world, it became all sails and no anchor".

Few realize that America's Founding Fathers wrote a republican Constitution to prevent the United States from ever becoming a democracy. For democracy means "mob rule," and the 'mob' is easily purchased and controlled by big money and corrupt means as we see in the unconstitutional, alien-controlled sham 'democracy' of the corporation called the United States.

"Time is no more" for the United States, the buffalo with two horns that represent civil and ecclesiastical power and for over 200 years masqueraded as a lamb, today speaks and acts like the Dragon of Imperial Rome that preceded her. Jesus Christ called the United States "the image unto the beast" that soon will force "Trinitarianism" which is the identifying mark of Roman Catholic dogma, upon all men (Revelation 13:11-16).

"Time is no more" for the (once) Christian West. The apostasy unashamedly identified under Vatican II and indicted by God in the revelation of the Seven Seals is manifesting in the satanic behavior of a godless people who call themselves Christians when they are in fact children of the Devil.

We are about to be the witness and fund the cold-blooded murder of a defenseless nation that has been a military testing ground for over a decade, its citizens have been unable to emerge from the Gulf War it was enticed to start by United States duplicity. The blood of these innocent people can never be washed from the hands of the builders of the US, UK and Australian Trojan horse concealing the non-Semitic Talmudist elite—always working under another name and in a different occupation. At the close of the Gentile dispensation we find our cowardly self-serving leaders as blood-thirsty as the Pharisees were and remain to this day.

The 'hidden hand' has been humiliating individual Muslims and Islamic nations to transfer the enmity God placed between themselves and Adam's race into the hearts and minds of innocent people in order to provoke World War III. It has been announced the Greek Cypriots will be admitted to membership of the EU, while the Turkish half of Cyprus will not. And with Satanic hubris, the unelected George II has declared war on already disarmed Iraq unless her President goes into exile.

The short-term objective of a war against Iraq is to maintain oil sales in US dollars, to dry up the waters of the Euphrates and irrigate the non-Semitic anti-Semitic criminal entity Israel, and ensure its continued status as the Middle East's sole nuclear power; to begin the subjugation of Islam for the NWO elite; to produce a backlash against Israel and 'Jews' (as intended by their 'Elders'—but which will unintentionally work to the good of the 144,000 elect non-Jewish Israelites who are Hebrews); to proliferate the leverage of international banksters over all nations through increased indebtedness, and to provoke World War III which will make a Judaeo-Roman Catholic pope president of the New World Order.

The imperial occupation of Iraq by lecherous US colonial troops is intended to aggravate and humiliate Muslims, generating the hatred required by the 'hidden hand' that rules our presidents and prime ministers, to set all races, colors and creeds against one another in universal revolution shortly after they break their agreement with Rome and destroy that city and the United States with nuclear bombs. Multiculturalism was introduced with the same perverse objective.

Here is a link to private e-mail by Laurie Garrett of Newsday Magazine that 'escaped' to the Web. It describes her experience as an invitee at January's World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

Please welcome our guest contributor, Canadian writer Henry Makow who invented the board game Scruples and is the author of "A Long Way to Go for a Date." He has a PhD in English Literature from the University of Toronto, and writes about feminism and the new world order on his website and many other sites. He considers himself an assimilated Jew who believes in Christ's Gospel of Love.

After reading Henry Makow's Article I recommend you 'do your homework' by clicking on the link at the end of this page and study Chapter 10 of G. Edward Griffin's classic work, The Creature from Jekyll Island, entitled "What is the Mandrake Mechanism".

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your Brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

The War against Ourselves

Major Doug Rokke has a PhD in health physics and he was originally trained as a forensic scientist. When the Gulf War started, he was assigned to prepare soldiers to respond to nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, and sent to the Gulf. What he experienced has made him a passionate voice for peace, traveling the nation to speak out. The following interview was conducted by the director of Traprock Peace Center, Sunny Miller, and is supplemented with questions from YES! editors.

Excerpt from Dr. Rokke's interview:

'We also bombarded Vieques (Puerto Rico), with Depleted Uranium (DU) in preparation for the war in Kosovo. That's affecting American citizens on American territory. When I tried to activate our team from the Department of Defense responsible for radiological safety and DU cleanup in Vieques, I was told "no." When I tried to activate medical care, I was told "no".

Question: Any viewer who saw the war on television had the impression this was an easy war, fought from a distance and soldiers coming back relatively unharmed. Is this an accurate picture?

Rokke: At the completion of the Gulf War, when we came back to the United States in the fall of 1991, we had a total casualty count of 760: 294 dead, and a little over 400 wounded or ill. But the casualty rate now for Gulf War veterans is approximately 30%. Of those stationed in the theater, including after the conflict, 221,000 have been awarded disability, according to a Veterans Affairs (VA) report issued September 10, 2002. Many of the US casualties died as a direct result of uranium munitions friendly fire. US forces killed and wounded US forces.

DU babyWe recommended care for anybody downwind of any uranium dust, anybody working in and around uranium contamination, and anyone within a vehicle, structure, or building that is struck with uranium munitions. That is thousands upon thousands of individuals, but not only US troops. You should provide medical care not only for the enemy soldiers but for the Iraqi women and children affected, and clean up all of the contamination in Iraq. And it's not just children in Iraq, it's children born to soldiers after they came back home. The military admitted that they were finding uranium excreted in the semen of the soldiers. If you've got uranium in the semen, the genetics are messed up. So when the children were conceived—the alpha particles cause such tremendous cell and genetics damage that everything goes bad. Studies have found that male soldiers who served in the Gulf War were almost twice as likely to have a child with a birth defect, and female soldiers almost three times as likely . . .

I was sent to the Gulf with this instruction: Bring 'em back alive. Clear as could be. But when I got all the training together, all the environmental cleanup procedures together, all the medical directives, nothing happened. More than 100 American soldiers were exposed to DU in friendly fire accidents, plus untold numbers of soldiers who climbed on and entered tanks that had been hit with DU, taking photos and gathering souvenirs to take home. They didn't know about the hazards. DU is an extremely effective weapon. Each tank round is 10 pounds of solid uranium-238 contaminated with plutonium, neptunium, americium . . . .

As if that's not bad enough, the Pentagon has flat out threatened that they "may find it necessary to bomb areas in which war correspondents are attempting to report from the Iraqi side".

For some reason, the Pentagon threatening to murder journalists isn't news in the USA. Nor is an American serviceman admitting to being ordered to set the Oil Fires in Kuwait in 1991 considered news. Full story:

Comment: DU means depopulation. Read the teaching sermons World Depopulation and Slavery

Saddam vows to fight 'Anywhere'

March 17, 2003 — Iraqi President Saddam Hussein says Iraq will fight "anywhere in the world" if the United States invades. US President George W. Bush says tomorrow will be a "moment of truth" in the Iraq crisis.

Saddam says, "When the enemy opens the war on a large scale it should realize that the battle between us will be waged wherever there is sky, earth and water anywhere in the world." He says it is a "great lie" that Iraq still has banned weapons and accused the United States of appointing itself chief judge of the world.

"Who appointed America the unjust judge of the world so that it can say if this country has a weapon of a certain range that it should destroy?" He says at the same time the United States is "allowing the evil-doers. . . like the Zionist entity (Israel) to produce all kinds of weapons" . . . Full story:

Comment: One would expect Mr. Hussein and all Iraqi citizens to defend their country against the aggression of an alien-controlled unelected US president incapable of telling the truth, sacrificing American lives to build Satan's totalitarian one world government. Together with George Bush I, Bill Clinton, John Major and Tony Blair, he has the blood of millions of Iraqis on his hands plus tens of thousands of British and American servicemen who fought in the Gulf War and their families who now face death through the effects of depleted uranium, untested, unsafe vaccinations, etc.,

Crusaders to the Rescue

Iraqi Christians are paying the punitive price of persecution for the Bush administration's desire to remove Saddam Hussein.

The Iranian Revolution and the rising influence of militant Islam have already forced the secular Iraqi dictatorship to make concessions to proponents of Islamicization. But the threat of US attack, together with a widespread feeling in the Arab and Muslim world that Washington's War on Terror, is a war on Islam, have prompted Saddam to play the Islamic card in an attempt to shore up support for his regime at home and in the Muslim world . . .

UN economic sanctions have also aided the Islamic revival in Iraq. The hardships of daily life in the embattled country have naturally turned the Iraqis to their traditional religion. As reported in the Frankfurter Allgemeine, Iraq now ranks 126th out of 174 countries surveyed by the UN Human Development Index, just one place above Lesotho. In 1991, Iraq was ranked 91. The country's traditionally Muslim peoples are now flocking to mosques. Full story:

Comment: All is going according to the nineteenth century plan to foment World War III between the political Zionists and Islam with nominally Christian Gentiles as their cannon fodder and surety for the international banksters who will fund and control both sides.

Israel rejects critical 'Roadmap' Proposal

March 17, 2003 (AEDT) — Israel has given notice it has no intention of accepting an independent Palestinian state or removing its illegal settlements from Palestinian lands.

Such proposals are contained in a so-called "roadmap" to peace put forward by the UN, US, the EU and Russia. Israel's hardline response is contained in a leaked government document. Israel wants all reference to an independent Palestinian state replaced by the words "a state with certain attributes of sovereignty". Full story:

Comment: Jesus said, "You are of your father the Devil. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the Truth" (John 8:44).

Making the World Safe . . . for Bankers

By Henry Makow, PhD 2003 all rights reserved

Interests behind the Bush [I] Administration, such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship . . . – Dr. Johannes Koeppl

International bankers live in fear. (A dissenting opinion by CBS: Bankers do not feel 'Fear.' Greed, Jealousy, or Lust, Yes!'Fear,' No!) Not of starvation, disease or war. These are the concerns of children in the Third World.

These bankers are terrified we might object to paying them billions each year in interest for money they create out of nothing, guaranteed by our taxes. (The Federal Reserve Board, a private cartel of mostly foreign banks, finagled this monopoly in 1913).

The bankers are frightened that, like the homeless man's dog, we might say 'I can do this myself.' They are scared the government might go even further and 'default' on trillions of make-believe 'debt.' They are frightened of losing 'control.' In order to sleep more soundly, the bankers have taken 'steps.'

These precautions help us to understand the world we live in, why it is becoming safer for bankers but less safe and more bizarre for everyone else.

First, people with money machines tend to have a lot of friends. The bankers helped their friends establish monopolies in oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, transportation, media, etc., and took a healthy stake. As you can imagine, these people are thick as thieves. Lawyers, journalists and intellectuals all vie for a piece of the action. (Servicing this cartel of cartels is what passes for success these days).

The bankers' first precaution is to buy all the politicians. The second is to buy the major media outlets in order to promote the illusion politicians make decisions and represent our interests. The third precaution is to take control of the education system, ensuring that people stop thinking at an early age.

Then the bankers use the government and media to convince us that religion, nationalism and the nuclear family are unfashionable, and we want what they want.

We 'want' world government ('globalization'). The bankers need to eliminate nation states, freedom and democracy in order to streamline their business and consolidate their power. The UN, the IMF and World Bank—glorified loan sharks and collectors—will make the laws.

We 'want' diversity. Countries are not allowed to maintain their national identities or traditions. Last Christmas, Gary Doer, my provincial premier tried to rename the Christmas tree at the legislature a 'multicultural tree.' Diversity is respecting every culture but our own. Every nation must be heterogeneous and disparate as a box of Smarties, no one in a position to challenge the bankers.

Or take 'feminism.' Masquerading as equal rights for women, this Marxist Lesbian ideology is designed to destroy the nuclear family (the basic building block of society) by undermining paternal authority. Cultural differences between men and women are not 'stereotypes.' But signatories to the latest UN 'CEDAW' Convention (recently passed by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee) will be required to 'take all appropriate measures to modify all social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women.' (Article 5)

This kind of Communist-inspired social engineering is simply persecution of heterosexuals. It is intended to arrest our natural development: the birth rate has halved while the divorce rate has doubled. An army of highly paid lawyers, social workers and bureaucrats treat the casualties. These self-serving do-gooders are the bankers' biggest constituency.

People—stunted, love-starved, sex-obsessed, without families, religious or national identity—are easy to control. (They'll join anything; they are looking for a family). But in case of resistance, the bankers have created a bogeyman, 'terrorism' to justify a huge security apparatus.

The Office of Homeland Security is designed to control us—the domestic population. Why would this be necessary? We're 'in debt' trillions of dollars and the bankers intend that we pay. One day they will take away our toys. In case it's a problem, an Orwellian police state will be in place. But first, the Muslims must be subjugated and robbed.

Talking about the United States as if it were an independent country is silly. American politicians pawned US sovereignty in 1913. Ever since, US soldiers have been bullyboys for international bankers, and nothing else.

The American taxpayer and soldier made the First World War possible. It started just six months after the establishment of the 'Fed'. Its purpose was to increase debt, cripple the great European nation states, slaughter a generation, and establish two of the bankers' pet projects: Communism (Russia) and Zionism (Palestine.) After the war ended, banker world government—The League of Nations (a.k.a., 'The League to Enforce Peace') was established.

The US didn't enter the Second World War in December 1941 to save Western Civilization. England had stood alone for years.
The US entered the war just six months after Hitler attacked Russia. The purpose was to save Communism! [I am indebted to A.K. Chesterton ('The New Unhappy Lords,' 1969) for this insight.] For the same reason, the USSR got $5 billion in US lend-lease after the war ended.

After the smoke cleared, Communists instead of Nazis tyrannized Eastern Europe. Soviet agents/US diplomats Alger Hiss and Harry Hopkins established the United Nations on land donated by John D. Rockefeller. One of the UN's first acts was to create the State of Israel.

Ben Hecht ('A Child of the Century') wrote "the Twentieth Century was cut off at its knees by World War One." Before committing suicide in 1942, Stefan Zweig ('The World of Yesterday') spoke in the same tones about the demise of Western Civilization.

The planet has been hijacked. Our leaders are dupes, opportunists, traitors or all three. Almost everything we know about modern history is a hoax. A stench of moral compromise wafts from our public and cultural life. Anything promoted by the media, education, or government is suspect. This is what happens when we deny God.

This is what our children will inherit, a world that is safe . . . for international bankers. nl265.htm

Homework: Please read The Mandrake Mechanism, Chapter 10 of G. Edward Griffin's important book, 'The Creature from Jekyll Island".

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