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Christian greetings once again in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this issue we have three features. One centers around the correspondence of Israeli journalist, Israel Shahak, who was forced to leave Israel after he wrote an article that condemned the rabbis for endorsing the actions of observant Jews who left a Christian to die on the footpath rather than break the sabbath by calling an ambulance. Sickness of the mind so callously displayed by these G-d fearing tribesmen marks the measure of the people behind the Waco and Port Arthur massacres, the bombings at Oklahoma and Bail, 9/11, and a series of wars including the current invasion of Iraq.

The two articles that follow were authored by this week's guest contributor, Joan Veon. We introduced Joan Veon in Newsletter 134 that carried a link to an interview in which she discussed her book, Prince Charles - the Sustainable Prince. She has done extensive research on the United Nations and its hidden agenda, attending scores of conferences. In addition to writing and research, Joan manages Veon Financial Services, Inc. and her Website

Israel Shahak's expertise uncovers the Machiavellian depravity of consciences seared by the occult influences of the Cabala and Talmud. Such men as these pull the strings from behind the scenes on their puppet dictators, George II, Blair, and Howard. This exposť confirms that "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12). This revelation underpins two penetrating studies by Joan Veon that explain how the hidden hand is transmogrifying world consciousness for global governance, employing a new philosophy called 'universal jurisdiction,' whereby the elite at the top of the pyramid have carte blanche to 'defend' those who have no wish to be defended, and to compulsorily 'liberate' others to their political, cultural, economic, (and eventually religious) philosophies, and generally intervene for 'humanitarian' purposes, as they mold a brave new world of compliant serfs. Afghans and Iraqis are to be pioneers in appreciating that Big Brother truly cares, and knows what is best for us all. (Or else).

One American officer addressing his troops said, "This is not a war about religion, this is not a war about oil, this is not a war about politics. This war is about is sharing our freedom!" He neglected to state that anyone who does not accept American "freedom" will be shot! God bless and preserve the brave Iraqi people from American "freedom".

The once nominally Christian, free and marginally democratic United States, Britain, and Australia, are now led by dictators whose every political action has been planned and is controlled by the 'hidden hand' of an alien at enmity with God and the children of Adam (Genesis 3:15).

The Talmud is irrefutable data on the hidden nature of the evil we are confronting. And these people are groomed from the cradle to lie and deceive. Contradicting the Torah, their Talmud declares them the Master race and all other peoples 'human cattle.' Jesus said to their face, "You are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning" (John 8:44).

We must understand that the natural life or lineage is in the blood. Adam's blood-line is called The Book of Life, in which a brief chapter called The Lamb's Book of Life records the Blood-line of the last Adam (Galatians 3:29). Most of those who regard themselves as the Master race are on neither Book, yet unregenerate rascals and infiltrators from their accursed tribe are "blind leaders" within the circle of this Message have promoted kindred peddlers of Death to their pulpits before which blind congregations with itching ears and pockets gather, begging to be strip-mined and left shipwrecked.

Jesus cautioned us, "If the blind follow the blind, they will both fall into the ditch." Yet masses that claim to follow this Message are racing headlong after these pipers piping their false tune, like lemmings over Lucre Hill and into the Slough of Despond.

Wake up! Be mature! Stop reciting what the prophet said. Take his words back to your Bible from Genesis to Revelation to learn what he meant, then examine your own self—whether you are in the Spirit or after the "letter" only. And take anything I teach back to the Prophet's Message and to your Bible. This is the most deceptive age of all time. From the cradle to the grave we are fed lies and treated like mushrooms.

Remember Matthew 15:14. Don't be deceived by reports of large revivals and hundreds of water baptisms. It's easy to entice the poor to attend by offering used clothing or a free meal. The letter of this Message is as sweet as honey in the mouth, however once the revelation is swallowed, the hearer must mature beyond "doctrines of baptisms and of resurrection of the dead," and God sent us a prophet. Otherwise it becomes a bitter pill, and our name comes off the Book (Revelation 10:9-10; Hebrews 6:1-8). Preachers who are themselves not baptized into the revelation of the Message may draw a crowd, but without personal faith they cannot lead them into Christ.

Satan is slick, transforming himself into ministers of this Message (II Corinthians 11:14-15). Yes he does! Forty years ago the Prophet taught that the days of great numbers being baptized into Christ were over. Finished! We live in the harvest time. The fruit is already on the plant, ripening in the Presence of the Son. Our commission is to spread this Message near and far, but when the true faith is unveiled only a "little flock" will be interested, and few of them will receive It (Revelation 10:11; 19:7; Matthew 11:25).

Recent Newsletters have exposed the lies posted by the propaganda departments of our alien-controlled governments, apostate churches, our institutes of education or should I say mind-manipulation, and the alien-controlled information and entertainment industries that pollute us. We have discussed the public unveiling of the US image unto the beast, soon to unite with the apostate Protestant churches following the earthquake that sinks Los Angeles, marking the close of the Gentile dispensation.

'Operation Iraqi Freedom' is a deadly psyop to kill, loot and enslave Iraqis, and draw the rest of the world into Satan's one world government trap. As I write, the denominational churches are uniting to fund and produce advertising campaigns against the war. Satan is so subtle he would almost deceive the very elected if it were possible.

Leonard C. Lewin's 1966 Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace proposed various replacements for war, including a comprehensive social-welfare program, NASA's open-ended space program aimed at unreachable targets, a permanent inspection program for disarmament, an international police force, enslavement program, new religious and other mythologies, socially oriented blood games, eugenics, and so-on.

We have seen or are seeing all of these proposals realized as plagues upon mankind. In a 1976 summary, Taylor Caldwell wrote, "There will be no peace in the tormented world, only a programmed and systematic series of wars and calamities, until the plotters have gained their objective: an exhausted world willing to submit to planned Marxist economy and total and meek enslavement—in the name of peace." Her words are precisely in line with the Protocols and the Elder's plan turned into a military blueprint for world conquest by Albert Pike.

Fear is a powerful weapon, but it is George Bush and the US economy that is afraid, not Saddam Hussein. Iraq's Weapon of Mass Destruction was fired at the USA in November, 2001, scoring a direct hit on the Fed. when Iraq its switched oil sales from US dollars to euros. Saddam's first transgression was nationalizing Iraq's oil; this was his last. In both policies he put the best interests of his nation ahead of Mammon. North Korea fired its WMD in December, 2002. And in recent weeks, Venezuela, the world's fourth largest producer of oil, China and Russia have been firing their WMD, scoring bull's eye hits on US fiat money. Cuba along with a dozen Latin American countries are engaged in barter, a measure that weakened the usurer's grasp and made Germany strong after the "Jews" declared war on her in 1933. George II's fear is that the second largest OPEC producer, Iran, might also switch to euros for its oil exports. George is terrified of a dollar crash in his first watch a la Soviet Russia, and standing in line, Japan. His college nickname was 'Temporary.' There may be no second watch for Dubya!

The invasion of Iraq is based upon lies. And sadly for George, his masters are they who created the euro and control both sides of this magnificent game. So long as they issue and control the money of a nation, they care not who makes its laws . . . Mayer Amschel must be proud. These Internationalists have no national loyalties. They controlled Adolf Hitler who was a nationalist. They subjugated Germany. Now, having bled the US for all that she stood for and everything she owns, their plan is to break and bring the Yankee dog to heel. The invasion of Iraq follows the invasions of Afghanistan, Somalia, Kosovo, and other defenseless peoples, each venture justified by lies. This present development is a further stage in attaining the totalitarian world government Satan offered to Jesus.

Notice the identity of Satan's troops. Behind the war and working under another name and in a different occupation are a people who style themselves 'Jews' to impersonate the twelve Hebrew Tribes with whom they share neither blood nor faith. Even the Israelites have been apostate for 2,000 years. And then there is the rag tag band of the apostate once Christian United States of America, Britain, and Australia. Iran's Ayatollah knew his stuff when he called America "the Great Satan," whose boots, said Jesus, all nations will lick, or die. George II vindicated this prophecy, saying, "Those you are not with us, are against our enemy." America is the image to the beast in the natural, political sphere as false Judaeo-Christianity in the spiritual realm.

The world's Superpower dare not tell the truth. Much is going wrong in their unjust and illegal war against brave soldiers and courageous dads, mums and children defending the homeland of Iraq. Muslim men from around the world are volunteering to fight America in Iraq. There have been many more US casualties than "embedded" journalists are allowed to report. When one team found forty dead marines and called HQ, US troops destroyed their film and cameras. When the helicopter took them back to base their remaining film and equipment was smashed and they were expelled from Iraq. The 'Ministry of Truth' is intolerant of alternative views, counterclaims, and honesty.

In America where the media is alien-controlled and censored, Websites have been closed down because they have presented truth. Mushroom diplomacy. We are kept in the dark and fed lies. We were told that members of the Shiite Muslim denomination would betray their people to a foreign nation they consider infidels, whose Desert Storm War murdered about half a million Iraqis and subsequent sanctions have killed about 1.5 million children. Oh, they'll just roll over, lay down their arms and cheer as soon as they see an American Flag. These people are not stupid. They are "Jew"-wise like the Israelites and all Semitic peoples. They know George II is worse than 100 Saddams. We were told that Iraqis lived in fear of Saddam, yet few have sought refuge overseas or in neighboring countries; anybody may purchase and own light weapons, even fully-automatic machine guns, without license or restriction from stores throughout the country.

Another instance of persistent dishonesty is the lie that insists Adolf Hitler disarmed his people; the truth is the Nazis encouraged the Germans to own guns; it was only 'Allied' occupation troops who disarmed German people. Over 20 million Mausers were produced. Every German citizen was armed, as is every Swiss household today—the exact opposite with few exceptions! Adolf Hitler and the nationalist Reichstag did, however, enforce all laws that prevented illegals, criminals, Communists, the mentally ill, narcotics smugglers, etc., from arming themselves. Only in alien-controlled countries like the US, Britain and Australia is private gun ownership being forbidden to all law-abiding citizens because our alien masters and their puppet dictators fear more for their own skins than they care for the security of their citizens.

After his appointment to office, Adolf Hitler stood in six general elections by the people of Germany. In the last general election, Hitler received 93% of the votes cast which is more than George can boast of his first election! What are the facts regarding Saddam Hussein's legitimacy? We will certainly never learn the truth from Jewish Media or "Jew"-drafted "history" books.

It is time put away cunningly devised fables and we seek after truth. Only truth can set us free from the Enemy of God and man, into the liberty of THUS SAITH THE LORD. But what is God doing? He is showing His people "things that will come to pass" so His Bride may be at peace. He is "clothing her in the righteousnesses of the saints which are the true sayings of God" (John 16:13; Revelation 19:7-9).

By the grace of God this Newsletter is serving those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive His Truth is welcome to feed their soul from the River of Life. Jesus will bless you as you personally confirm everything we present in your own Bible.

Tour brother in Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

'Fireball' lights up Night Sky

Park Forest, Ill., March 27, 2003 — A freelance photographer shooting a fire in south suburban Park Forest captured a bright flash of light that "turned midnight to noon" for several seconds, and police said it appeared it was the breaking up of a meteorite.

Huge chunks of rock-like objects from the suspected meteorite damaged the roofs of two homes, but nobody was injured. Full story:

Northwest Quake under Way—taking Weeks, not Seconds

Portland, Or., March 26, 2003 — A widespread earthquake is taking place beneath the Northwest, slowly unleashing energy that may be equivalent to the magnitude 6.7 Nisqually quake that rocked the region two years ago, experts say.

But the so-called "silent" or "slow" earthquake is releasing that energy over weeks rather than in the sharp, seconds-long jolts of a typical quake. No one can feel it.

The event started February 26 and seems to be sputtering to a halt far beneath northwest Washington and southwest British Columbia. The quake originated beneath the Strait of Juan de Fuca near Friday Harbor, Wash., and Victoria, British Columbia. . .

The earthquakes weren't detected until data was obtained from the global positioning system, or GPS . . .
Full story:

American Alchemists transmuting Silkworms into Scuds

March 22, 200—US Major General Stanley McChrystal confirmed for media "The Iraqis have not fired any Scuds, and forces searching the deserts of Iraq have uncovered no [Scud] missiles or launchers."

Before this insane American-led mass murder started in Iraq, Bush, Blair, Howard and others swore blind that their sole objective was to "Rid Saddam of his illegal weapons of mass destruction". . .

To start the disinformation ball rolling on day one, air raid warning sirens wailed all over Kuwait while journalists pulled on gas masks and tried their best to look like chemical warfare victims. Amid frantic shouts of "Gas, gas, gas!" . . . the entire video sequence was carefully constructed fiction. Full story:

Comment: Robert Fisk reports America is using WMD in Iraq, "US Marines had called up an A-10 strike aircraft to deal with "pockets of resistance"—but failed to mention that the A-10 uses depleted uranium", and how about napalm?

Russia lost Billions of Dollars in Iraq

26 March, 2003 — A lot of very expensive projects have been swept away with the war . . . Countless news reports about the army operation in Iraq have pushed into the background the fact that the Russian economy faces a very serious threat on account of the war. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov released an official statement that the Russian Federation would stand for its legal economic interests in the Persian Gulf.

However, the foreign minister's statement was basically ignored on account of war news and everything that was connected with it . . . However, Viktor Khristenko, the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian government, decided to warn OPEC countries yesterday. As Khristenko said, OPEC might stop its existence after the war in Iraq is finished. . . Russia's success in the oil field is currently burning in Iraq. Full story:

Iran Next: Oil & the Economy – Catalysts for Future War

The main geo-strategic reasons behind the War of 2003 against Iraq and the rumoured Pentagon plans for a War against Iran in 2004 are the same as in the 1950's—oil and economic concerns. The US economy controls half the worlds wealth, consumes roughly 30% of the world's energy production when measured in British Thermal Units and yet has only 5% of the total population. As long ago as 1948, George Kennan argued that America's duty was "to devise a series of relationships which permit us to maintain this position of disparity. To do so we have to dispense with sentimentality . . . we should cease thinking about human rights, the raising of living standards and democratization".

France, Britain, and more recently the United States, have followed that advice for the best part of 50 years and with their Turkish and Israeli allies have attempted to dragoon the Arab states into line with a mixture of aid, diplomacy and threat. The advances in military technology and the collapse of the Soviet Union have now given the US a huge window of opportunity the new and more adventurist leadership in The Whitehouse is determined to exploit. The policies now being followed were first quietly put forward during the Reagan administration and have been honed and perfected through the 1991 Gulf War and Afghanistan. Full story: Information Clearing House

China readies for Future US Fight

Hong Kong, March 25, 2003 — The Iraqi war has convinced Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership that some form of confrontation with the US could come earlier than expected. . . Beijing has also begun to fine-tune its domestic and security policies to counter the perceived threat of US "neo-imperialism." Full story:

Bilderbergers' 2003 Meeting

Leaks from last May's Bilderberg meeting were one of the first indications that Iraq had been selected for the transatlantic alliance's current military outing.

Bilderberg seems to be where plans for US imperial adventurism are run past the handful of people powerful enough to stop them. As the illegal Iraq invasion crawls on, what will be the next staging post in the global crisis being engineered by the governments of Britain, the United States and Israel?

The lower echelons of the ruling class are being told right now that the world is facing total financial meltdown. The only way to save their hard earned investments, they are told, is to throw their weight behind this global crisis centered on the Middle East, to replace the time-expired East-West cold war crisis.

One other way out is to abandon global capitalism and introduce state-sanctioned local money systems, controlled and owned by the people in all nations. Instead Europeans are being railroaded into the Eurodollar. If you were ever under any illusion that the euro was different to the dollar, look on the back of each note—it shows a bridge stretching out from Europe across the Atlantic. But on whose terms?

Comment: Precisely what Brother Branham prophesied.

The 2003 Bilderberg meeting seems scheduled for The Trianon Palace Hotel—Boulevard de la Reine, Versailles, Paris, France, from May 15-18. American Free Press will cover developments in the run-up and during the conference.
Full story:

The Spirit behind the Invasion of Iraq

Israel Shahak is an Israeli journalist who was forced to leave Israel after an article he wrote condemned the rabbis for endorsing the actions of observant Jews who allowed a Christian to die on the sidewalk rather than break the Sabbath by calling an ambulance. The rabbis said the Jews should have called an ambulance if the person who collapsed on the sidewalk had been a Jew—but that the life of a non-Jew was not of sufficient worth to warrant a phone call on Saturday.

Israel Shahak recently responded to criticism that said he was misrepresenting the case in order to defame the teaching of Orthodox Judaism. Shahak provided a response, and both letters can be read on I have extracted quotations from Shahak's portrayal of how Orthodox Judaism views their warfare against us Gentiles. Needless to say, their attitude is directly opposite to the Christian concept of a "just war," in that pious Jews are expected to exterminate all perceived enemies of Jewry—the aged, women, and children. Enemies of Jews are alleged to be innately evil and deserving of death.

This reminds one of how the Allies treated Germans during and after World War II when the Jews had made them their enemies. The mass killing of Iraqi or Palestinian civilians, or American, British and Australian troops ordered to invade Iraq in prosecuting plans of the Zionist and higher Jewish authorities is not contrary to Orthodox Jewish morality. In fact, the total extermination of Iraqis and Palestinians could find a religious justification predicated on the Orthodox Judaist's belief in the superior value of Jews compared with Gentiles.

To quote from Shahak's response:- "In accord with this principle of total difference between Jews and non-Jews, and the absolute inferiority of the latter, Rabbi Ginsburgh asserted that 'If every single cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore something is special about Jewish DNA'".

"Later, Rabbi Ginsburgh asked rhetorically, 'If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of innocent non-Jew passing by to save him'?"

"The Torah would probably permit that. 'Jewish life has infinite value. There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life'".

Shahak stresses in his other writings how the teachings of Orthodox Judaism regarding treatment of Gentiles influences the world view of modern secular Jews. This involves the Jewish effort to publicize examples of racial and ethnic discrimination by us Gentiles while prohibiting revelations of discriminatory Jewish beliefs and actions.

Quoting again from Israel Shahak's response:- "Out of many such instances which sometimes—but not always, I am sorry to say—caused a scandal among secular Israeli Jews and the media, but never among the rabbis in the USA, let me quote three cases.

Quite recently, Rabbi Ginsburgh was interviewed by the Hebrew paper Maariv, one of the three major Israeli papers. When he was asked how Israel should behave in the current war, Ginsburgh first proposed destroying of Arab property and then: 'Secondly, I propose to liquidate all saboteurs. Any who has blood on his hands should be liquidated at once, and let us not to wait for him to sit in prison and be freed later. Nests of saboteurs can be liquidated within one hour. Yamit (a settlement in Sinai, evacuated by orders of Begin in 1982) and a worthy Jewish town, was evacuated in one hour. It is possible to do the same to Beit Jallah. Places where there are shootings or confrontations should be blown up immediately'".

Question: "Even if innocent people live in such places?"

Answer: "According to Halacha (Jewish law), during the war, one makes no distinction. One gives an opportunity to those who want to escape to do so; afterwards one fights against everyone, including children, women and old folks. The entire village should be destroyed. We are speaking about what was done to Sodom and Gomorrah. But under Arafat we speak about murderous leadership hating us, and doing everything until it gets the entire State of Israel. Thus, just as it happened in Sodom and Gomorrah, had there been there a few innocents we, perhaps, could consider further . . . But under Arafat, most people are totally wicked. Therefore we should say to the few righteous ones: 'go out' and then blow up the entire city' (Maariv, Friday Supplement, 12 January, 2001)".

"No Orthodox or Conservative rabbi said one word against this view about what Halacha says Jews should do to Arabs, presumably because they all know that it is the correct view. I also presume that whatever (the critic Stefan) Bialoguski, the ADL and similar Jewish organizations say against me for having translated the learned ruling of rabbi Ginsburgh, none of them will dare to say in public that he misrepresents the Halacha and enter into learned discussion with him about the question whether the Jewish religion in its Orthodox form really enjoins the killing of 'children, women and old folks' during war, or whether Palestinians should be compared to the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Israeli army to angels of the Lord who had destroyed them".

"The second example was already quoted in my Jewish History, Jewish Religion (p. 77-79). It concerns a case of a pious Jewish soldier in the Israeli army who studied in the prestigious religious college "Midrashiyat Noam," and who asked his teacher, Rabbi Shimon Weiser, 'whether it is permitted to kill unarmed men—or women and children? Or perhaps we should take revenge on the Arabs?' noting that standing regulations of the Israeli army prohibit such acts".

"His questions, the learned answer of Rabbi Weiser, who condemns the regulations of the Israeli army for being derived from non-Jewish sources, and the answer of the soldier in which he specifies what he has been taught, were published in the 1974 yearbook of that college".

Rabbi Weiser quotes in full the dictum shortened by Rabbi Karo: 'Rabbi Shimon used to say: "kill the best of the non-Jews, dash the brain of the best of the snakes," being applicable to what the Jewish soldiers should do during a war.' After learned halachic discussion his instructions to pious soldiers are to kill all non-Jews except if "it is quite clear that he has no evil intent".

The soldier responds: "As for the letter itself, I have understood it as follows: In war time I am not merely permitted, but enjoined to kill every Arab man and woman whom I chance upon, if there is reason to fear that they help in the war against us, directly or indirectly. And as far as I am concerned I have to kill them even if that might result in an involvement with the military law".

I have heard of no rabbi who has questioned that ruling.

My last example is chosen in honor of our newly elected Prime Minister, Mr. Ariel Sharon. His first major exploit was the massacre of Kibyeh, in which many Palestinian civilians, including women and children were killed. Since some Israeli Jews (but not too many) protested against this, many rabbis rushed to Sharon's defense, proving that the massacre was conducted according to the strictest standards of the Halacha. The most eminent among those rabbis was Rabbi Shaul Israeli—for many years one of the highest rabbinic authorities of the National Religious Party and of the religious Zionism in general, who published an article entitled Kibyeh Incident According to the Halacha in the yearly rabbinic journal The Religion and the State (in Hebrew 'Hadat Ve'Hamdinah') for the year 5713 (1953).

The article, was a dazzling display of halachic scholarship, quoting and discussing every possible source from the Talmud till modern times, came to the following conclusion: "We have established that there exists a special term of—'war of revenge,' and this is a war against those who hate the Jews and [there are] special laws applying to such war.

Accordingly, if the enemies of the Jews had attacked them once but retreated, and they intend to attack them again, they are to be defined as the haters of the Jews and a war of revenge should be waged against them. In such war there is absolutely no obligation to take precautions during warlike acts in order that non-combatants would not be hurt, because during a war both the righteous and wicked are killed. But the war of revenge is based on the example of the war against the Midianites in which small children were also executed (Numbers 31:17, "Now, therefore, kill every male among the little ones"), and we might wonder about this, for how they had sinned? But we have already found in the sayings of our Sages of blessed memory, that little children have to die because of the sin of their parents. And our final conclusion is that we should continue with acts of retaliation and revenge against the haters of the Jews: such acts are considered to be a war of religious obligation (in Hebrew "milhemet mitzvah"). Every calamity and hurt that happens to the enemies, their allies and their children from such actions is caused by them and [merely] the reward of their sins. There is absolutely no obligation to refrain from acts of retaliation out of an apprehension that innocents would be hit by them, because it is not we who are causing all this but them, and we are innocent".

Indeed, the learned opinion of Rabbi Israeli has been followed, so far as I know, by all Orthodox rabbis of any standing in the case of wars waged by the Jewish State. It is only in wars waged by non-Jewish states such as the USA, which do not enjoy the benefit of Biblical and Talmudic precedents, that some of such rabbis have permitted themselves (hypocritically, in my view) to raise humanitarian objections and castigate non-Jewish authorities.

Comment: If you read this letter unabridged and then read The Revelation of the Seven Seals, (p. 83:5-85:5), you will understand what Brother Branham was trying to teach us when he exposed "Satan's reasoning" in "the polluted seed of Adam," and who they are.

Turning to the present invasion of Iraq we see the spiritual Serpent's on both sides of the conflict deployed to purchase with their blood and their money, the objectives of the 'hidden hand' of the physical Serpent's seed or "polluted seed of Adam." Behind the 'front' of these 'human animals,' as they regard us, puppet masters pull the strings of our presidents and prime ministers, extending credit at usury to prosecute their own ancient plans.

Shock and Awe not only for Iraqis

By Joan Veon

While Americans can't help but be fixated by America's "Revolutionary" military operation called "Shock and Awe," designed to render great physical and psychological damage to the enemy by raining down a huge number of devastating cruise missiles in short time, few realize that Americans are about to receive their own economic "Shock and Awe."

The front page of last Saturday's Washington Post featured a huge picture showing the burning of Baghdad. But down at the bottom was the "bunker buster" which will shatter our own field of dreams.

The Post reported that "a few hours before the Senate action, the House, meeting well past midnight on its version of the budget, voted 215 to 212 to approve Bush's full $726 billion tax cut request." Furthermore with the House and Senate controlled by the GOP, it is expected that by Wednesday, a final version of Bush's "growth and stimulus" bill will be ready . . .

It should be pointed out that its title is a misnomer. This will not stimulate the economy but will cause much larger deficits, which will be borne by Americans as a result of the war which is being waged. According to many key economists, the proposed legislation will change the tax code of America from a tax on income to a tax on consumption. . . Bush is globalizing our tax laws. . .

Under this Value Added Tax—VAT, every time a purchase is made, there will be up to a possible 27% tax on it. This tax will replace the tax on income, making only consumption taxable while all forms of income are tax-free. For those who have enough savings to live off of their income, this is a windfall, but for those who have only debt with little or no savings this will create a financial burden equivalent to the Israelites having to make bricks without straw. At the heart of this plan is the elimination of tax on corporate dividends. Again, if you obtain your living from stock dividends, this will be like going to heaven. No tax on income—only a tax on what you buy. . .

For the first time in our history, the United States will revert back to the kind of system the colonists fled to get away from—a feudalistic system of financial oppression where the rich were permanently rich and the poor were permanently poor.

Comment: Click and search for 301/371-0540 for the full text of Joan Veon's essay. In addition to her observations, this tax change appears to indicate that the 'hidden hand' that rules George II plans to introduce the long-anticipated deflation and the depression Brother Branham prophesied. World depopulation on a massive scale has long been the goal of the powers that be, plus a return to serfdom. You may care to refresh your mind by reviewing the seven-part teaching sermon, World Depopulation and Slavery.

UN Humanitarianism:
Setting the Stage for Complete Global Governance

By Joan Veon

Joan Veon

In 1998 and 1999, we were inundated constantly with Y2K and the fear of not updating our computers globally. People started to stock up on food, move to the country, buy generators, etc. In 1998 when this global propaganda phenomenon began, I covered a number of international meetings where the Y2K message was the same as that which was being delivered on the national level. Then in 1999 something unusual happened, I heard nothing about the consequences of Y2K at the international level. Meanwhile, Joe Average continued to be inundated on the national level. On January 1, 2000, when Y2K was a non-event, I sat in front of the television for three days listening to what really took place. I concluded the Y2K scare was to get the world wired and interconnected globally. To do so, a cover-up excuse was needed.

With regard to Iraq and the big bad boogeyman, what is the real agenda? Is it oil? Is it the economic stimulus America and the rest of the world needs in order to re-ignite the economic growth machine, is it power or could it be the "New World Order" in operation?

For the first time in our history, America is going to war by provoking another country. Before you jump to conclusions, I am not trying to defend Saddam Hussein. But take a look at the precedent that is occurring here.

We have a country that has not outwardly provoked anyone. There are rumors of his dictatorial powers but he has done nothing to America. Yes, they may have weapons of mass destruction but they are not the only country that does. I am sure there are more sophisticated countries than Iraq that have these weapons. So why are we picking on them?

I believe that the answer is found in Henry Kissinger's book Does America need a Foreign Policy? Toward a Diplomacy for the 21st Century. In the book, Dr. Kissinger lays out the rationale for a new foreign policy. Basically he says that the UN is a system of collective security, "A system of collective security is juridically neutral; far from defining the threat, and it is obliged to wait for it to emerge before action can be considered. In a system such as the United Nations, the aggressor cannot be named in advance and has a right to participate in the deliberations regarding its actions; to do otherwise would be to abandon the impartial and quasi-judicial character of the organization."

The UN Security Council, which has veto power, has declined to grant full consent to Bush's actions. Instead there is talk about how the UN needs to be changed. I believe that the next major step will be to change the function of the UN from preventative action to one of humanitarian intervention.

Writing in 2001, Dr. Kissinger explains how a "new Interventionism" which is humanitarian in scope has evolved. Beginning in 1974 when the Nixon administration increased Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union from less than 1000 to nearly 35,000 to Bill Clinton who turned away from traditional notions of security and geopolitics to one of humanitarian intervention which asserts "humane convictions are so integral a part of the American tradition" [that we have the right to defend others]. Using the Gulf War as an example, Kissinger explains how America could no longer stand by when Iraq invaded Kuwait since it was a threat to one of our allies, "all of whom are indispensable suppliers of oil for the industrial democracies." Three months later, "NATO, under American prodding, bombed Yugoslavia for seventy-eight days around the clock, to end Serbia's human rights violations in Kosovo, even though Kosovo represented no threat to American security in any traditional sense." After Kosovo, there was Somalia to help distribute food, then Haiti in order to free a country from a military government, then Bosnia to end the civil war.

Therefore Clinton used "humanitarian" reasons to justify his entering sovereign countries. What this really says is that national sovereignty as we have known it no longer exists. It is not recognized any longer on the international level! This new philosophy is called "universal jurisdiction." Kissinger says the 1990 sixth edition of Black's Law Dictionary does not even contain the term.

Besides humanitarian reasons—there is another evolving reason to invade a country: if it is a "failed state." A failed state is supposedly a state in which the president or prime minister is not providing for his people in all of the basic ways. East Timor was the first failed state that we "saved". All the above are setting precedents so that humanitarian intervention becomes universally accepted and practiced. For the most powerful, it is legal license to go after countries with large deposits of natural resources. For the less powerful, it will be no different than the rebirth of Attila the Hun.

In doing further research, I found that a group calling themselves the "New World Order Forum" is advocating exactly what Henry Kissinger advocates.

Located in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, and using the logo of the Order of the Garter (the Order of the Garter is the inner most powerful circle advising the Queen and was begun in 1348 by Edward III), this group has put together several forums in which they have concluded that the world needs a new governance structure that "isn't Pax Americana," one that is based on principles, not power.

These principles "need to command a very wide base of support if the international community is to be able to carry out the major 'restructuring of the global political and financial architecture' that is now necessary to create a more multi-lateral World Order."

With regard to the UN, they say it needs a new "global political architecture" based on some sort of new World Constitution, enshrining the principle of the sovereignty of the people at a global level. Notice they are not advocating sovereignty of nations.

Furthermore the New World Order Forum says the UN has to have a "more modular structure"—where it can get the involvement of community, business, faith, and voluntary organizations—SHADES OF THE UN People's Parliament and the UN Millennium Summit. The UN was given the "right" to add a "People's Parliament" at the September 2000 Millennium Summit in New York.

In addition, this forum states that the Security Council should be reformed with regard to the veto and the need for action to deter members from pursuing their own national interests.

Lastly, the New World Order Forum spent a fair amount of space discussing the new role of the UN. In doing so, some of their participants felt that the nation states are "an independent agent" and the "biggest threat to civil liberties and freedom"! This, along with UN humanitarian intervention will be the topic of discussion at the June conference. At that time, they will partner with the New Atlantic Initiative based at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) to convene a joint Windsor Forum on the theme of "The UN and Global Security: do we need to 're-invent' the UN, and if so, how?" It was reported in the March 22-23 edition of the Financial Times, the AEI is the "Bush Administration's ideological vanguard. Over a "black coffee briefing on the war on Iraq" on Friday, they presented their vision of the postwar agenda that includes "radical reform of the United Nations, regime change in Iran and Syria and "containment" of France and Germany."

How do you eat an elephant? One step at a time. It appears that all of the steps have been taken to bring us to a point in time where the nation-state concept is obsolete, the US Constitution is an outdated document and that the role, structure and position of the UN is evolving to save us from us.

Interestingly enough, the action of the US and the veto of the Security Council as well as America's attack on Iraq appear to have set the stage for debates on the role of the Security Council and the need for another new phase of global governance. This indeed is a New Age as a New World Order is about to take over.

President Bush has continued in the globalist steps of Clinton—who took up from the globalist steps of Bush I and Reagan, as well as all of the previous presidents to Wilson who fought hard to get Congress to agree to the League of Nations, the United Nations' predecessor. What we are now witnessing are the finishing touches.

This was recently verified by Sir Brian Urquhart. He has advocated global governance and the evolving role of the UN in global democracy for years. Recently he observed, "No one foresaw the ideological approach of the Bush administration. It has introduced principles that do not exist in the charter—the idea of the right to change the regime of another country, the idea of talking military action to pre-empt a possible future threat. What is under threat is the concept of world order as written in the charter that was largely drafted by the US. At present the US seems to want to change the rules."

Now that all of the barriers between the nation-states have been torn down the thinking of the globalists is that it is time to have the sovereignty of people replace the nation-state. In our case, that would include Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Written on the walls of the Town Hall Center in Basle, Switzerland, which dates back to the 1500s, "Freedom is greater than silver and gold." Once our freedoms are lost through the above evolution to global democratic governance based on people not governments, we will never get them back. nl267.htm

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