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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; it's good to see you.

New readers sometimes wonder why our Church Newsletter and Website are so attentive to secular history, natural events and political issues. Yet Scripture is replete with political history and prophecy which are the out workings and foreknowledge of beliefs, principles and opinions formulated into policy by the ruling power, imposed upon the majority, and most often contrary to God and His elect.

Our opponents are the natural Serpent's seed descended from Cain along with apostates from our own race. God set these at enmity with the offspring of the first and the last Adam. History written for and presented by the Powers-that-be is a deception crafted to manipulate men's minds to serve their purposes. Organized religion is a perversion for the same end. So we war not so much against flesh and blood as against wrong thoughts or concepts of unbelief, which is sin working through dynasties of the flesh (Genesis 3:15; Exodus 20:5-6; Ephesians 6:12).

True understanding is only possible when we see that all history is a continuum of interrelated pre-planned episodes, and not isolated events. Once we connect the dots the living reality of prophecy unfolds the present Truth—what Jesus is doing now, so always visit the links.

This week we present two main articles. In the first we review true secular history with links to further uncover its suppressed background and throw light upon current events and prophecies coming to pass now, confirming that all history is carefully planned in advance to accomplish Satan's almost 6,000 year old objective of world hegemony and universal worship. Our second main article describes how Christ's end-time Bride must let Him live, work and speak through her vessel with no human input other than to yield and move our senses out of the way.

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We serve those of like precious faith. Whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Judging America by what it does

August 10, 2004 — Two years ago . . . [Zogby International, in] two major polls in several Arab countries . . . found that Arabs had very positive attitudes towards American science and technology, freedom and democracy, products, people, education, movies and television. What drove down the overall attitudes towards America, however, was US policy "towards the Arabs", particularly the Palestinians.

We spoke before Congress and lectured on the results before distinguished audiences across the US. What we provided was an antidote to the fictitious claim made by some who had argued that Arab displeasure with the US was based on "cultural differences" or "hatred of American values". . . In no case did our respondents mention American values or products.

We have just completed a follow-up study in six Arab countries, to measure what changes in attitude may have occurred in the past two years and to identify the factors that may have accounted for these changes. The results are disturbing.

Overall, favourable ratings for the US have declined in the past two years. In some countries, the change has been dramatic. In 2002, for example, 38 per cent of Moroccans had a favourable view of the US. In 2004, only 11 per cent held such a view. Similar results are in evidence in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Even more disturbing is the fact that while Arab attitude towards American values, people and products remain mostly favourable, these too have declined in the past two years.

All this continues to be driven by US policy. The Arab attitude vis-y-vis American policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is extremely low. But these negative attitudes have now been eclipsed by an even greater Arab rejection of US policy towards Iraq. In Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. For example, America's Iraq policy rates less than one per cent favourable rating. In Jordan, it received a two per cent rating, while in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) only four per cent of the public approves of US policy in Iraq. Full story:

Palestinian Prisoners' demands are Humanitarian not Political

August 16, 2004 — During the month of August 7,500 Palestinian political prisoners will take part in a massive series of hunger strikes hoping to draw international attention and support to a campaign against the gross violations of their rights and against the appalling conditions under which they are being detained.

Whilst the Israeli authorities have tried to undermine the protest, dismissing it as a political action organized by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement and Islamic Jihad, the complaints and demands of the prisoners clearly highlight the humanitarian nature of the campaign. Full story:

Guantanamo Play leads Host of Mideast-themed Theater

London, August 14, 2004 — "There is no law here. It doesn't apply." So says one of the characters in the powerful new play, "Guantanamo: Honor Bound to Defend Freedom," currently running at the New Ambassadors Theater in London's West End.

Based on the testimony of the 11 British inmates at the Guantanamo Detention Centre in Cuba, as well as transcripts of interviews carried out between their relatives and the play's writers, Victoria Brittain and Gillian Slovo, it has created a storm of publicity in the UK.

Originally scheduled for a three-week run at the fringe venue, The Tricycle Theater in Kilburn, the show was eventually transferred to the West End where it has enjoyed a series of sell out shows. It has already been translated into Swedish and will shortly be performed overseas in the United States and Canada, where there has been unprecedented interest.
Full story:

"Come into My Parlor. . ." said the Spider to the Fly

Since 1989 Iraq and Iran have quietly amassed more than three hundred block-2 Aerospatiale Matra Exocet and Chinese C.802 sea-skimming missiles, designed to protect Middle East crude oil from theft. Back in 1982 a single Exocet was responsible for sinking the British destroyer HMS Sheffield, and then in 1987 another single Exocet cut the American frigate USS Stark in half. Now these 300+ refurbished and updated sea-skimmers have been placed on high alert. Their most likely target is a giant US aircraft carrier trapped in the narrow waters of the Persian Gulf, loaded down with 70 aircraft and 5,500 very vulnerable American sailors. Full story:

For Years – they borrowed the Difference

The income that Americans reported to the government shrank for two consecutive years after 2000, according to the latest data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Total adjusted gross income on US tax returns fell 5.1 percent to slightly more than $US 6 TRILLION in 2002 from $US 6.35 TRILLION in 2000. Adjusted for inflation, the income of all Americans fell 9.2 percent from 2000 to 2002 according to the very latest IRS data.

Americans compensated for that fall in income by massive personal borrowings, assisted by the Fed's interest rates cuts. But now, the writing is on the wall. The US consumer/borrower is tapped out and is being hit by climbing prices on everything from oil to imports of all descriptions.

The US consumer Price Index (CPI) for June was up 0.3 percent, more than expected. Consumer prices have been rising at an annual rate of 4.9 percent in the last six months. Since wages have been rising at only 2.6 percent, it's not surprising that retail sales were weak in June.

Here comes the economic clincher. Total US credit market debt (government, corporate, and individual) is $37.1 TRILLION. Debt is over 300% of GDP and still growing. Total credit market debt had reached 260% of GDP in 1929 on the eve of the Great Depression. Today, US total credit market debt has doubled over the past five years. The US Treasury Department has reported that there is $44 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities in the "Entitlement Programs". That alone is more than the net worth in the country. Added up, funded and unfunded US liabilities come to $US 81.1 TRILLION. The US net international debt position to the rest of the world stood as of March 31 at $US 5.2 TRILLION. Clearly, the USA is tapped out. It is running on empty momentum . . .

Combined, the US budget deficit plus the US external deficit comes to about 12 percent of US GDP. To re-balance both would subtract that 12 percent from the US economy. That would, all by itself, cause a national economic recession to be remembered in all the history books.

Broke—armed to the teeth—and aggressive:

That is how the rest of the world currently looks at the USA. The rest of the world, and especially the major nations in the rest of the world, know the US is woefully strategically over-extended—there are not enough boots on the ground in Iraq. These other major nations also know that the US is even more financially and economically over-extended.
Full story:

The Full Internal US Security State

Control the information and you control the decision. Control the decision and you control the policy. If all of this is placed in a single hand, then in time, it will not matter a lot what Congress does or even what the President does. If the same set of hands also, as Congress recommended, becomes responsible for all internal American security, then all the United States will have created for itself an unelected Autocrat.

Most individual Americans would certainly be "secure"—as "secure" as the East Germans were. But as the "East Bloc" nations discovered, the one agency against which they had no security at all was all the internal secret services. Having no such security, any arguments for privacy, individual freedom FROM the state, or unhindered individual liberty in thought, speech and peaceful private action was void. Full story:

Comment: Mr. Kerry has recommended America's proposed National Security Director (NID) become a member of Cabinet. As final controller of national intelligence he would trump other members of Cabinet, thereby granting the President dictatorial powers.

A NATO to control Germany?


Why is Germany attacked so assiduously by seed of the Serpent from behind the front of captive nations like Britain and the Empire of the City of London, or states trapped in the net we call Communism, but which the Chief Rabbi of the United States Stephen S. Wise called "Judaism" (The American Bulletin, May 15, 1935). Germany, which gave birth to the great Martin Luther whose ministry released the whole Christian world from imprisonment in Judaeo-Roman creed and superstition, would appear to be a text book victim of Genesis 3:15.

Germany, unlike China, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Turkestan, Armenia, parts of Burma, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, and North Africa, was not overcome by Huns, various Mongol hordes, and kindred elements under a new wave that worked within the highest echelons and defeated the Greek, Roman and Ottoman empires, and in 1688, England. The United States of America fell in 1776; France in the 1790s, and Russia, after 1,000 years of warfare, in 1917.

Germany fought the physical Serpent's seed as leader of the Holy Roman Empire (so-called); in World War I which was fomented in order to destroy Czarist Russia and to place that vast land under control of Illuminati agents; and in World War II which was fomented by manipulating the differences that existed between the German Nationalists and the Political Zionists, she sought to preserve Europe from the scourge of Bolshevism. Now, bereft of even the faith of early Reformers, Germany has fallen from God's Word to the bogeyman of Zionist psychology.

Love him or hate him, Adolf Hitler, along with Mussolini, and other European leaders were involved in an extraordinary effort to eradicate the threat of Bolshevik tyranny from Europe. The stability of the governments they led was threatened via the USA as much, or perhaps more, than any danger that could have originated from Moscow as the Communist invasion of Russia came from the East side of New York and was financed by Wall Street bankers and tax-exempt US foundations.

America actually began planning hostilities against Germany in 1934 with planning for the "Industrial Mobilization Bill" after the Jews declared war on Germany in March, 1933.

On January 12th, 1939, nine months before war was declared against Germany, Count Jerzy Potocki, Polish Ambassador to the United States, sent a dispatch to his Excellency, the Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs in Warsaw about conditions in the United States:

1. How an artificial war panic was being created.

2. Roosevelt's expression of hatred for Fascism was for the purpose of diverting American opinion from domestic problems. (He was himself a fascist – Ed). By creating a war panic and rumours of European crisis Roosevelt sought endorsement of an armament program in excess of normal requirements as conditions in the American labour market are growing worse with 12 millions unemployed.

3. A particular group of people; Baruch, Gov. Lehman, Felix Franfurter, Morgenthau, and others all in highly placed American official positions, desirous of being representatives of 'true Americanism', are linked with international Jewry by ties incapable of being torn asunder. . . Jewry was not only able to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity but also succeeded in dividing the world into two alien camps. (The Hegelian dialectic – Ed).

4. Roosevelt had been given the power to enable him to enliven American foreign policy and at the same time to create huge reserves of armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.

When Hitler's defense of Europe was forced into the military alternative, the United States made an alliance with Stalin. Despite deep-seated public mistrust and hostility between the Soviet Union and the Western democracies, upon Germany's invasion of Soviet Russia in June 1941, Roosevelt created an instant alliance between the Soviets and the two greatest powers in what Soviet leaders had long called the "imperialist camp": Britain and the United States. Three months after the invasion, the United States extended assistance to the Soviet Union through its Lend-Lease Act of March 1941. Prior to September 1941, trade between the United States and the USSR had been conducted primarily through the Soviet Buying Commission in the United States.

Those with discernment can see the 'Hidden Hand' at work behind the US Administration as the United States favoured Judaeo-Communism above the culture and Christian values of our kindred in Europe. (Please read this link in full). We now know that one of the purposes of World War II was to establish Russia as America's equal and the Zionist state of Israel in Palestine. (Now World War III that has been ignited between the Political Zionists and Islam is planned to spread the savagery of sectarian hatred worldwide). But the public are still blind to what is happening locally, nationally or internationally as they were when the Second World War was over, and America, Russia's ally and financier "agitated" the anti-Communist cause and formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)!

Had America truly stood against Bolshevism it should have joined Hitler, Mussolini and Franco, instead of Josef Stalin. The decisions of these treacherous men demonstrate that the loyalties of our elected leaders are to their personal egos and to the 'Hidden Hand' that controls the party political systems worldwide. America never admitted to having fought on the wrong side. The traitor Winston Churchill did.

Have you ever wondered when ever NATO posed a real problem to the stability of Soviet Communism? Certainly not when Russian tanks and the Red Army occupied the streets of Prague, or Budapest. The anti-Communism of the American Establishment was about as serious as an Abbot and Costello movie. The Establishment's true concern with Nazi Germany then is its concern with Islam today: neither would permit the Jewish International banksters control over their currency and conditions of trade.

The conclusion of this article is found in President Bush II's Address on Terrorism before a Joint Meeting of Congress on September 21, 2001 with comments, and a brief excerpt from John McLaughlin's April 24, 1999, NBC One on One programme in which he interviewed Lieutenant General William Odom who explained, "[NATO] was created not as most people think, to defend against the Soviet military threat. The French didn't even mention the Soviet Union in the debate for it. They wanted NATO to deal with the German question. The British wanted NATO to keep the US in Europe . . . the expansion of NATO is for the same reason; the German question versus Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary is put to bed if there is a NATO roof over it."

Getting His Church in Speaking Conditions

Since it was revealed to me I have found I John 1:7 most instructive, particularly for Christ's end-time Bride, because it unfolds the mysterious antitype of the Pentecostal feast of Leviticus 23:15-21, revealing the mystery of the Body of Christ made up by nine different baptisms with the Holy Spirit evidenced by nine different Tokens through nine dispensations as explained in our teaching sermon The Stature of the Perfect Man.

I John 1:7, "If we walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all unbelief."

I like to paraphrase this verse to emphasize its Message, "Unless our lives are manifesting the present Truth God is fulfilling now, we are not and cannot come under the Blood, which is to be born-again; neither can we experience Spiritual fellowship with those who are Christians".

As sunshine progresses over the earth we must keep pace with its light or we will be walking in darkness. Likewise we must walk in the S_o_n Light as the Spirit illumines God's Word—line upon line, precept upon precept—unfolding more abundant measures of faith for successive dispensations, walking in the Light God is unfolding for our day. Regardless of our intentions or how dearly we love Him, unless we keep on walking, we will be in the darkness and ignorance of denominational sin, and know it not. But if we walk in the Light of the present Truth we live in His sin-free Presence, for "whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God, the Creator of all light, and He shines forever without change or shadow" (James 1:17) as demonstrated by the witness in the stars, the great pyramid, and the Book we read today, three Bibles whose all-encompassing Light casts no shadow.

I John 1:7 explains the mystery of how the spoken Word Body of Christ is crafted of "thousand thousand" individual yet interdependent members drawn from every nation, tribe and tongue of Adam's race throughout the Gentile dispensation is perfectly glued together by faith, so that each in his own special way helps the others, to make the whole Body healthy and full of love. In the growth of the natural body, the spine once formed does not continue to add vertebrae, and once the arms and legs have formed it will develop no further limbs of flesh and bone. Likewise the Spiritual Body of Christ's Church has grown progressively with the addition of its different members, each with his sovereign gift for the perfecting of the saints, for Christian service without respect of persons, and for the edification of the whole Body (I Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4:12). But once the last member foreknown and predestinated is baptized into its place, not one more saint can ever be born-again by that part of the Word.

Brother Branham said, "Now I want to go into some certain proof we have that there is a definite affinity between man and animal. It is a physical thing. Do you know that you can take the embryo cells from an unborn fetus and inject them into human beings? Then those thyroid cells will go right to the human thyroid, the kidney cells will go right to the human kidneys. Do you realize how stupendous this is? Some intelligence guides those animal cells exactly to the right place. That intelligence accepts those cells and puts them in exactly the right place. There is an affinity between animal and man. They can't intermingle and reproduce. That has been tried. But back in the garden that intermingling did take place and the chemical affinity which still exists proves it. . ." (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 102:1).

Now he was speaking on another subject but his analogy may be applied to demonstrate that there are a specific number of members predestinated by God's foreknowledge to each part of the Body of Christ, or in the case of the natural body, only so many cells. When the number of cells or members is complete, that part of the body is sealed to the day of its redemption.

This mystery was revealed to the Bride in these last days to direct her to recognize and take her place and position in the Body and to prevent her from impersonating some other part of the Body that is already complete. When Brother Branham revealed the Seven Church Ages he explained how there was a portion of Logos predestinated to each Church Age to quicken the saints for that Age, and a portion of Spirit to bring Life to that part of the rhema. And whilst there was an overlap in the Message of each Age as the revelation began to unfold for the succeeding Age, there was no overlap in the actual Ages or dispensations themselves but a definite end to one dispensation and the certain commencement of its successor.

Denominations fail to recognize the progressive unfolding of revelation, the importance of all revelation, and its function in sealing individuals into one unique part of the Body that is the only member God is building in that Age or dispensation. This ignorance has caused the Babel of denominations we see today, each trying to add to the already finished and sealed part of the Body it is impersonating.

The Prophet said, "That's the reason they holler the way they do and don't get nothing (i.e. no new birth); it'll be revealed in the thunders." It has been revealed in the Seven Thunders which is what we are expounding. And we see plainly that the Word which baptized the saints of one Age, say the Lutherans and Anglicans, into the Sardis Age of the Body, cannot preach anyone into a subsequent part of the Body.

God has been creating this Spoken Word mystic Body a many-membered reproduction of the one-Member Spoken Word Body we worship as our Lord, elder Brother and example, Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:9). The Body has been growing into His stature as God added line upon line, precept upon precept, Word upon Word through the Gentile dispensation just like a child advances in understanding and experience from kindergarten to primary, to high school and on to tertiary studies (I Corinthians 13; Ephesians 4:13-16).

God's threefold purpose was to reveal His fullness in one Man in order to redeem an election from among whom Christ's Bride who would grow to maturity by the fullness of the Word into the unity of the faith, thereby coming under pre-eminence to the Word like their Brother Jesus (John 5:19), and be so trusted by the Father until what we say in His Name He will do. In this manner after the Seventh Trump God will prove who is fitted for the full adoption as joint-heirs with Jesus in the kingdom and restoration to a renewed heavens and new earth.

We are in the graduating class now. There will be no final examination, we have qualified, but there will be a presentation of our workmanship in the manifestation of the Sons of God, after which we shall receive not a cap and gown but a brand new body and be gathered together with the Bride of all Ages, then given our citation by Jesus Christ at the Bema Judgment and introduced to the saints of all Ages at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in the Sky Lounge.

As the management of work in the natural world has advanced from manually pulling on heavy levers, to electronic commands at the click of a computer mouse or pushbutton directing the machinery to perform the same tasks more efficiently and produce superior results, so has the management of our Father's Spiritual business advanced from the Age of physical martyrdom, from trials of works and endurance while the Book was sealed and Christ was a Mediator for ignorance, to this time of perfect understanding. And the world we must master, more so than the cosmos, is the person of our body, mortal spirit and soul. These three elements must be brought to a willing submission under the Husband of our soul: Christ the revealed fullness of the Word. Not by the might and power of chastisement, of fasts or fear, (though these heavy levers have their time and place), but through pre-eminence to the Word and will of God by love and the obedient exercise of a clear understanding of His mind in us. That our Father's business might be accomplished, not by the sweat of our brow but by the manifestation of His Word when we speak It.

Revelation should energize and release God's creative power giving His Word life to perform what It says without our intervention. God does not require our help for His Word to work, but our submission, harmony and pre-eminence under His Word. His Word properly placed, spoken in season, under appropriate circumstances, and with the right motive and objective, will do what it says. Maturity means eldership and experience to discern these variables.

Brother Branham said, "A woman physically touched Jesus with her hand one time when He was here on earth. He felt the touch, and turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" And all of them denied it. But He discerned the thoughts, and He found the woman, told her what was wrong with her, and that her faith had healed her."

"Now, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Maybe that woman didn't have a prayer card, but she had faith. And that's all that's necessary. Have faith. Touch the great Physician. And by a Divine gift, if I can just get myself out of the way, let the Holy Spirit say what He wants to do, and do what He wishes to do. Now, that's a gift, not just imagination. And if it's imagination, it won't work. If it is real, it works. That's what Jesus said, "It's not Me that does the works; it's My Father that dwells in Me." So it couldn't be me. He was the Son of God; I'm a sinner saved by His grace."

"Just believe. Don't press. Just believe, and say, "Lord Jesus, let me touch Your garment." Just pray simple. Just keep praying. Everybody stay where you are; just pray and believe."

"Just believe; now, don't be in a hurry. Don't try to pray. Just believe. Now, do you believe, everyone? Can you believe? Just forget all the past. Think that Jesus promised this. I know it's unusual, but Jesus promised it."

"Now, if you will, be reverent just a moment, then we'll start the prayer line. I don't say that He'll do this. He may. By the grace of God I think I'm released from my own thinking" (God's Word calls for a Total Separation from Unbelief, p. 25:203-207).

Exodus 17:2-6, "Having crossed the Red Sea into Saudi Arabia, Moses pitched in Rephidim, but there was no water to drink. So the people growled and complained, Give us water that we may drink. And Moses said, Silence! Are you trying to test God's patience with you? But tormented by thirst, they cried, Why did you bring us out of Egypt to kill us, with our children and our cattle with thirst?"

"Moses pleaded with the Lord, What shall I do? They are almost ready to stone Me."

And Jehovah said, Take the elders of Israel with you and the rod with which you smote the Red Sea. I will stand before you upon the rock in Horeb: you shall smite the rock, and water will come pouring out, enough for everyone".

God overshadowed the rock and instructed Moses to strike not the rebels, but to inflict His judgment on the rock that they may receive abundant water to preserve natural lives. Paul tells us this rock typed Christ Whom God overshadowed and smote on Calvary that living waters of the Holy Spirit flowing from His riven side might impart Spiritual Life to His elect, that they may live more abundant lives.

After thirty-eight years of wandering they reached Kadesh in Edom where Miriam died. Once again there was no water for the people or their flocks, and they rebelled against Moses as before. Numbers 20:8-12, "And the Lord said, Take the rod, and gather the assembly together, and as they watch, speak to the rock and tell it to pour forth its water, and you shall give the congregation and their beasts drink. With Aaron, Moses gathered the congregation together before the rock, and said, Listen, you rebels! Must we bring you water out of this rock? Then he raised the rod and smote the rock twice: water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts also. But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, Because you did not believe Me and did not sanctify Me in the eyes of the children of Israel, you shall not bring the congregation into the land which I have given them".

The first smiting of the rock typed Christ smitten on Calvary to bring forth the former or teaching rain for new birth. The second smiting showed the insufficiency of PART-Word and typed Revelation 3:17-20. Churches in that Laodicean state not content with faith alone, and having rejected the Prophet's Message of the Fullness, which is Christ, add to their PART-Word man-made traditions with self-works of signs and wonders without the Spirit, crucifying unto themselves the Son of God afresh (Hebrews 6:1-8).

The second smiting in these last days brought forth the Life-giving Message which restored the teaching rain or "faith once delivered to the apostolic saints" (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:11; Acts 3:19-21; Jude 3). Those who decline the "shout" of the prophet's Message and refuse to come out from Rome and her (once) Protestant daughters (I Thessalonians 4:16; Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4) will be destroyed from among the elect and cast into the great tribulation (Malachi 4:6; Acts 3:23; Revelation 22:17-19).

Meanwhile the "shout" has caught Christ's end-time Bride into the fiftieth day holy convocation of the Pentecostal feast. Unlike Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley, and Brother Branham during the Church Ages of PART-Word, who tried to work out the meaning of this and that, we do no servile work. We now have THUS SAITH THE LORD, the perfect interpretation of the Word (Acts 3:23; I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 10:7). As Brother Branham said, "Seven thunders in a row . . . heavens couldn't write that . . . because there's nothing to go on. (The Seventh Seal is not written – Ed). It's a relaxing time. It was so great till it's kept secret from the Angels."

Revelation 19:7-9, "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the time has come for the wedding banquet of the Lamb, and His wife having prepared herself is permitted to wear the cleanest and whitest of fine linens, signifying the righteousnesses of saints. And the angel said to me, Write, Blessed are those who are invited by name to the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he added, This is THUS SAITH THE LORD".

As Moses was not commanded to strike the rock a second time, but speak to it, the end-time Bride is commanded to 'do' no more than speak the Word. And told in Revelation 10:11 how to practice until the Seventh Trump. Moses' actions betrayed his doubt, not in the power of God's Word, but of His grace and willingness to gratify such an undeserving, rebellious people. He types the denominational systems that fail to comprehend God's Chosen People are the Bride of Christ who is sinless, without spot or wrinkle, wholly worthy, and without sin.

Sinlessness is not psychology or words only. Sinlessness is the revelation that you are in Christ who "is the high priest of our profession" (Hebrews 3:1).

I Corinthians 13:8-13, "All the special gifts and powers from God will someday come to an end, but God's own love (which is our new birth) is eternal. Someday prophecies, and speaking in unknown tongues, and special knowledge, will disappear. During the Church Ages we knew only PART-Word, and we preached PART-Word. But now that we have the fullness of the Word through the revelation of the Seven Seals, PART-Word is done away" (for without a Mediator It is no longer sufficient to baptize anyone into the Body).

"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood and reasoned as a child: but when I became a man my thoughts grew far beyond those of my childhood, and I put away childish things. In the same manner during the Church Ages we could see and understand only a little about God, as if we were peering at His reflection in a poor mirror; but now since the revelation of the Seals it is as if we were standing face to face: then I knew in PART, but now I know even as also I am known. (For the Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart). Three things remain, faith, hope, and love—but the greatest of these is love."

Our duty to our self is to "make ourselves ready" for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the Wedding Supper of the Lamb by bringing our passions and prejudices under submission to God's Word, uniting with every Word, and doing and saying only what God reveals or otherwise inspires. Without God in us it is impossible to please Him.

All God was He poured into Christ. All Christ was He is pouring into His church. Jesus said, when you are born-again, "You will know that I am in the Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you." At that day you will know it, for it is God coming back to live in and commune with His people as He did at the beginning. As soon as He has His Church in speaking conditions, to a place where He can flow Himself through us in love, inspiration and fellowship, He will take His church back whence it fell, back to an Eden again. nl337.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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