Bible Believers' Newsletter 343

"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we appreciate your fellowship.

In order to claim our inheritance it is essential we know who we by identifying our position in the Body and our place in God's Word. In this Newsletter we will review some Scriptures that prove we are the generation of Christ's end-time Bride that will not taste death in the flesh. I pray that through this study God will personally confirm your place in Christ's Bride.

Make no mistake about it: there is a planned financial crisis coming that will not be stopped. Brother Branham said so.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith: whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life, personally confirming everything in your own Bible.

Your brother in Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

The Media's Culpability for Iraq

October 1, 2004 — In October 1999, I stood in a ward of dying children in Baghdad with Denis Halliday, who the previous year had resigned as assistant secretary general of the United Nations. He said: "We are waging a war through the United Nations on the people of Iraq. We're targeting civilians. Worse, we're targeting children. . . .

Charles Lewis, the former star CBS reporter who now runs the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, D.C., told me he was in no doubt that, had his colleagues done their job rather than acted as ciphers; the invasion would not have taken place. Such is the power of the modern media; it is a power we should reclaim from those subverting it. Full story:

Street Rapists now in US Military

Baghdad, September 20, 2004 — By April 2004, rapes and assaults of American female soldiers were epidemic in the Middle East. But even after more than 83 incidents were reported during a six-month period in Iraq and Kuwait, the 24-hour rape hotline in Kuwait was still being answered by a machine advising callers to leave a phone number where they could be reached.

"Nobody had a telephone number . . ." says Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski . . . Military stupidity at its finest, or senior male brass who chose to shrug and look the other way? Karpinski believes the latter. "Reports of assault . . . were mostly not investigated because commanders had other priorities," Karpinski says . . . in the past two years alone, there were more than 2,100 sexual assaults throughout the US military. Full story:

El-Al'eda Terrorists strike Paris Airport Terminal

The shattered edifice of Terminal 2E, custom-designed for the giant double-decker Airbus 380 which could drive Boeing into bankruptcy, is frightening away France's record tourist crowds, their fear deliberately increased by vilification and panic-mongering by the New York media. As a result, the US$900 million terminal complex faces possible demolition.
Full Story: joevialls

Mordechai Vanunu Speaks

Australia, September 29, 2004 — My conversion to Christianity was in Sydney, Australia, in 1986, it was before this case. So when I find myself in prison I decided my Christianity is going to be my way to freedom, my boundary, my defence against Israel's power organisation, brainwash or psychologic warfare. So in some way, in many ways it helped me very much. . . They don't like it, and also, the Israel Government and state have teached all the world, especially the west, Europe, United States, Australia, Canada, they teach them to fear and now to be under blackmail by Israel propaganda of Holocaust and all this propaganda. Full story:

Australian Doctor deregistered after helping Cancer Patient

September 28, 2004 — Doctors around the world are being deregistered in droves by their respective medical boards for doing nothing more than helping their patients with nutritional and naturally based treatments.

Recent victims include notable pioneers in natural treatments including Dr. Durrant-Peatfield a UK doctor specializing in natural therapies for thyroid, adrenal and chronic fatigue conditions, and Dr. Serafina Corsello a respected holistic physician. Among those relentlessly harassed by their medical boards were: Dr. Revici, an internationally respected pioneer in the treatment of cancer by nutritional and natural means; Dr. Warren Levine, who founded the first Holistic Health Center in New York having helped thousands of patients during the nearly 30 years he was in practice; Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, who had been granted a sizeable sum by the National Cancer Institute to conduct testing on alternative cancer therapy. The medical board of New Jersey deregistered Dr. Eric R. Braverman MD, clinician and author, after authorities noted his unique research and his success in treating serious conditions with holistic therapies.

In Australia Dr. Eckard Roehrich, was deregistered on September 21, 2004 after he gave testimony in court on behalf of a family whose 11 year old daughter was forced to have chemotherapy against her wishes and those of her parents. The child's treating oncologist at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle contacted the department of community services which instigated the forced treatment by way of a court order. Full story:

Community meeting 5.00 pm Monday, October 4, Central Coast Leagues Club, Dane Drive, Gosford. NSW. 'Phone: 0404 074 031.

Japan told to put Article 9 in File 13

Japan Flag

August 13, 2004 — "If Japan wants a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, it first must revise its pacifist Constitution, says US Secretary of State Colin Powell. The Japanese news agency Kyodo quoted Powell as saying that Japan would have to re-examine Article 9 of its constitution, which renounces the right to go to war and forbids a military." Full story: trumpet

Comment: If she remains pacifist Japan cannot pull its weight in "the City's" World War III and planned third major revolution (that will become Armageddon).

US to sell (give) Precision-Guided Bombs to Israel

Washington September 23, 2004 — Amid growing concern that Israel might launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran's budding nuclear program, the United States is moving ahead with the transfer to Israel of 5,000 heavy, precision-guided bombs, including 500 "earth-penetrating" 2,000-pound bombs designed for use against underground facilities. . . All the bombs are being fitted with the Joint Direct Air Munitions (JDAM) kit which uses inertial guidance and beacons from US military Global Positioning Satellites for deadly accuracy.

"That's an arsenal for war," said Joseph Cirincione, senior associate for non-proliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington. He said any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, clustered in three major complexes and dozens of other sites, "wouldn't be a pinprick strike; it would have to be a large-scale military air strike that would result in large-scale casualties." Full story:

Fears of National ID with Driver's Licenses

Washington, September 28, 2004 — House Republican leadership's new bill to restructure the nation's intelligence bureaucracy would turn driver's licenses issued by the 50 states into a de facto national ID card, say privacy activists. Full story:

To be Mature One must first be made Perfect

Maturity spells love, consummation of marriage and bearing of new life. For Christians, maturity follows perfection or new birth with the evidence of a Christ-like character, the senses under submission, and exercising the wisdom of discernment tempered by experience to judge the world with the mind of Christ in you (I Corinthians 2:11-16).

Maturity implies 'qualified to judge.' In the secular world a citizen upon reaching maturity has his name placed on a list for jury service to judge his peers. And God, Who is a Spirit, does not judge the World Himself but has committed all judgment to the Son and His Bride because they are His Spirit but It is manifest in flesh like their peers (John 5:27; I Corinthians 2:11-16; 6:2).

The world has ever been under judgment by God's Word exemplified in the lives of His people. God's own life in His saints is a witness of grace calling sinners to repentance, and a testimony condemning sin in the world. The end-time Bride possessed of the perfect interpretation of His Word is approaching maturity. The maturity of her Spiritual perfection is a sure sign that God's grace and mercy, or "probation" in Seventh Day Adventist terminology, are at an end and the plagues of God's wrath in judgment are about to befall all humanity with the exception of the Israelites "in Goshen" under the anointing of His two Hebrew prophets.

Our Spiritual perfection and maturity will shortly be expressed in the new wave offering of two identical loaves baked with leaven, representing the Alpha Bride of Pentecost and the Omega Bride restored to their apostolic faith. This offering wave the Holy Spirit in the manifestation of the Sons of God in Christ's end-time Bride before glorification, as signified by the leaven of our mortal flesh that was born in sin (Leviticus 23:15-16; Romans 8:19).

When Jesus had grown to maturity He was "waved" before the Lord on Calvary's Cross and accepted in that He was raised to eternal Life for our justification on the third day.

Hebrews 5:5-14, "No one can be a high priest just because he wants to be. He has to be born of a particular lineage and called of God to this work in the same way God chose Aaron, and as He calls His Bride out from believers of Adam's race. That is why Christ did not elect Himself to the honor of being High Priest; no, He was chosen by God. When He raised Christ from death to glorification He said, 'Today I have begotten You as the first resurrected Son in the new creation' (Colossians 2:15-20). And in another Psalm, 'You have been chosen to be a priest forever, like Melchisedec, who was also a Man, a priest and a king'."

So when we read Psalms 2 and 110 we can understand, "Why the heathens rage, and why the people imagine a vain thing".

In Hebrews 5:5, Jesus is called "High Priest" in respect of the Aaronic type, and also in respect to us, whom He has made priests by throwing open to us access to God in the Holy of Holies (Matthew 27:51). In Hebrews 5:6 He is called simply "Priest" which He is absolutely because He stands alone in that character without an equal. In calling Christ "an everlasting Priest after the order of Melchisedec" who was not of the lineage of Abraham, on which the self-chosen "Jews" (falsely) pride themselves to the exclusion of all else, God speaking in David and Paul emphasized the fact "His Chosen People" is an election from every nation, tribe and tongue of Adam's race (Psalm 2:8; Isaiah 11:10).

"Yet in the days of His mortal flesh, [and therefore before He had overcome and surrendered Himself to death on the Cross, and was resurrected and glorified], >Christ pleaded with God in the garden of Gethsemane, praying with tears and such agony of soul that He broke into a sweat of blood: great drops falling to the ground as He prayed more and more earnestly to God who was able to save Him from death (Luke 22:44), and He was heard in consequence of His filial reverence as confirmed in that although He feared death He was steadfast in His determination to perform His Father's will," saying in Luke 22:42, "Father, if you are willing, please remove this cup of horror from Me; nevertheless, I want to do Your will, not My own".

Christ was fitted to be a high priest by virtue of His empathy with mankind in their vulnerability to ignorances and unintended errors (Hebrews 5:1-3) like Paul's past sins (I Timothy 1:13) but unlike the Israelitish high priest, the sacrifice Jesus offered was the gift of His own overcoming, sinless life as kinsman Redeemer.

"Even though Jesus was God's Son, he had to learn from experience what it is to surrender self-will to obedience, when obedience meant suffering. It was after He had proven Himself perfect in this experience that He became the source of eternal salvation to all those who obey Him (Hebrews 9:28); for God has chosen Him to be a High Priest with the same rank as Melchisedec."

"There is much deeper revelation I would like to expound along these lines that is hard to explain, since you have become dull in your Spiritual hearing and slothful in achieving Spiritual insight." According to Brother Branham, slothfulness is one of the chief causes for foolish virgin in every Age, this Bride Age included (Matthew 13:10-23).

"You have been sitting under the ministry of this end-time Message for a long time now, and whereas you ought to be teaching others, you need someone to teach you over again the very first principles of God's Word; and are like babies who can only drink milk, and are not old enough for solid food. When a believer is metaphorically subsisting on milk it shows he is not conformed to the Divine will in purpose, thought and deed, for he is a mere babe. But solid food is for mature men, whose judgment has been trained by practice to discern between good and evil".

Jesus, although He was perfect, had to mature to be fitted as High Priest and Judge.

Hebrews 11:5-6, "By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him." Enoch was mature and a type of Christ's end-time Bride.

In a corrupt age in which "every intent of the thoughts of men's hearts was only evil continually" Enoch was in agreement with God in the "oneness" of the faith. Perfect faith was the ground of his translation and is the sole basis on which the living saints will be translated at the end of this corrupt age, for Jesus said, "As the days of Noah were, so also shall the 'parousia' Coming of the Son of man be." He went on to describe how the elect will be separated by their faith from the world to the Son of man who has come as a thief in the night and will physically steal us away when He departs, leaving the remnant to the tribulation (Matthew 24:37 - 25:46).

In Gethsemane Jesus prayed that His Church would be at one with God by faith (John 17:21-23). Paul taught, "when we all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of Christ" the body is complete and the new loaves baked with leaven ready to be waved in the manifestation of the Sons of God as the Holy Spirit was waved in Enoch before his translation when he transformed God's first Bible—His witness in the Stars, into God's second Bible, the Great Pyramid—His witness in the midst of the earth (Ephesians 4:13; Leviticus 23:15-16; Isaiah 19:19-20).

We are that end-time Bride with the mind of Christ who will not taste death in the flesh.

When we consider the present world condition and witness the bloodthirsty striving to coerce agreement among men against God "as it was in the days of Noah," we are left in no doubt that Satan is the god of this evil age. Instead of bringing men under obedience to God's Word after the example of Enoch—Britain, the United States and Australia have determined to force their sham democracy "out of the barrel of a gun" upon Islam as Mao Tse Tung forced Communism on the Chinese. These sham democracies are controlled by the International banksters who introduced Capitalism, Nazism, Communism, and the United Nations whose policies are equally Orwellian and whose Charter derives from the Communist Manifesto. Sixty years after they had killed the Messiah He confirmed Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Daniel 11 that say Communism will destroy Rome and the United States, and be their final stand against God (Revelation 18).

In his depopulation pogrom Pharaoh tried to slay all Hebrew baby boys. Hundreds of millions of innocent mainly nominal Christians were slain to introduce Wall Street-financed Judaeo-Communism; now five billion people are slated for elimination under global depopulation plans of the Banker's New World Order. Might this be why Jesus said, "Jerusalem is Egypt, spiritually speaking"?

In the eyes of the 'Hidden Hand,' the end justifies the means. So in attempting to destroy his rival, the Prince of the House of David, Rome's Edomite puppet king Herod issued orders from Jerusalem to slaughter all Hebrew boys from two years old and younger. Israel's present day Edomite puppet king, Ariel Sharon, has issued orders from Jerusalem to slaughter Palestinians of any age, who are certainly Semitic, unlike the vast majority of Israeli "Jews" (so-called). Also in Jerusalem, their Roman Catholic church will slay the 144,000 elect blood Israelites, their two Hebrew prophets and many of the "saved".

Maturity is a sign of the end-time. A sign promising Life without death for Christ's Bride, and Life through death for the tribulation saints and the "saved".

Maturity is a sign of the harvest of the field, and of men's souls. When Jesus explained the parable of the wheat and the tares, He taught "the harvest is the end of the world and the reapers are the angels." As we discussed in Newsletters 245 and 340, the seven angels or portions of the Spirit that caught Brother Branham up into a pyramid-shaped conjunction of themselves signified the gathering of PART-Word into the fullness at the end of Laodicea (Ephesians 1:10). They then ascended to the throne of God as signified in Revelation chapter four, descending upon the Prophet as he studied in the little room at the Wood's place and as he unfolded the Seven Seals from the platform, until he was anointed with the fullness of the Spirit. Then he introduced the fullness of the Word that separates the wheat for the garner and binds the tares ready for the burning (Matthew 13:39; Hebrews 6:8).

Since this has come to pass in our days we know that we are the end-time generation from which God is calling Christ's Bride who will not taste death. We live in "the shortening of days" under the Seventh Seal of Matthew 24:22-24. The "shout and the Voice of the Archangel" have caught us up into the Spirit in the Lord's Day preparatory to the manifestation of the Sons of God for our translation. As prophesied we are seeing false christs and false prophets presenting incredible signs and wonders but teaching contrary to God's written Word which is the Absolute of His elect.

Self-styled "Jewish" evangelist Benny Hinn falsely stated that Jesus was appearing in Moslem countries, would soon visit many churches, and that he might video Jesus in his own meetings in Kenya. Warning of such charlatans Jesus said, "Believe them not," for the 'parousia' Coming of the Son of man is universal and as such cannot be His second physical return which follows the destruction of all life on earth (Matthew 24:25-28; Malachi 4:1-3). Besides this, no physical being can have a universal presence. Christ's universal 'parousia' Coming was in 1963 and His presence on earth will continue until the translation of the living Bride (II Thessalonians 2:6-8).

When William Branham "proclaimed the day of vengeance of our God" (Isaiah 61:2) Jesus might have said, "this day this Scripture is fulfilled" (Luke 4:21). We are that end-time Bride who will not taste death in the flesh because we will go to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb before the tribulation. Brother Branham said, "It will come to pass someday that the very things that we see Jehovah doing today, men in the ages to come, if there is, will die for the thing that we're talking about today. You'll have to do it when the mark of the beast comes on, and they're not allowed to preach the Gospel this way."

"When the great union of churches comes together, which is in order right now for the world church, you'll have to seal your testimony with your own life to this. You must believe it now" (This Day This Scripture is Fulfilled, 8:67-68).

Enoch had the birthright and was called out of the seventh generation from the first Adam. As it was in the days of Noah, Christ's end-time Bride also has the birthright and is being called out of the seventh generation from the last Adam. Enoch had the testimony that he pleased God and "walked" with Him. Amos 3:3, "How can two walk together except they be agreed on the Word?" Today as it was in the days of Noah, the whole world is like Cain, in rebellion against the Word and walking out from the Presence of God. Only our end-time Enoch group is walking with God.

Enoch types the Bride. God sent a prophet to restore us to the apostolic faith and finish the mystery of God to call us all into the unity of the faith so we would share Enoch's testimony, that we please God, and walk in the footprints of our Lord Jesus. William Branham was that prophet. Unless we are agreed on the Word we cannot manifest that we are the Sons of God and change in the atoms before God destroys all life on earth—not by flood—but by fire?

Jesus said the generation that saw Israel restored to nationhood in 1948 will not die before the six Seals He described in Matthew 24 are fulfilled (Matthew 24:1-37). Jesus called Israel's restoration to statehood "the sign of the end of the world" (Matthew 24:3, 32-34). So we know this is the generation of the end-time Bride who will not taste death in the flesh. If you think we are slicing the loaf too thin, please remember that God translates the Enoch group seven years before Jacob's trouble and the consummation, so it is sliced thinner still.

We live under the Fourth and Seventh Seals while any blood Israelites yet to be martyred live under the Fifth Seal. The manifestation of the Sixth Seal ends the Gentile dispensation, with Earthquakes that will sink Los Angeles and destroy the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Jesus promised a marked increase in tectonic activity under the Fourth Seal as we approach the opening of the Sixth Seal. Only last week Mount St. Helens began to spew fresh lava with one or two earthquakes less than 3 on the Richter scale every minute.

Here is what Jesus foretold under the Fourth and Fifth Seals. Matthew 24:7-8, "Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in different places [under the Third and Fourth Seals]. All these are the beginning of sorrows [referring to World War I under Fourth Seal that commenced its manifestation in 1906 and continues until the earthquake closes the Gentile dispensation].

Matthew 24:9-13, "At that time [said Jesus speaking of the Fifth Seal during the currency of the Fourth Seal [for the Fifth Seal runs from Calvary to the close of the Gentile dispensation], You blood Israelites will be tortured, killed, and hated by all nations for My Name's sake (Matthew 27:25). But [after the end of the Laodicean Church Age when the world is in a Sodom condition and Christ is put outside the apostate Gentile denominations] many [Hebrews] will be offended and repelled and begin to distrust and desert Him whom they ought to trust and obey, and betray and pursue one another with hatred. And many false prophets will arise and deceive the non-elect [with Talmudic legalism, Zionist, Communist, humanist or religious propaganda]. And because lawlessness will be rampant, the love of the great body of people will grow cold. But he who endures obedient unto martyrdom shall be saved".

"Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse" (Lily Tomlin). The apostate "Jew" shall betray the faithful followers of Moses and the prophets and convert to Catholicism. But Jesus said that before the end of the World, the apostolic faith will be restored to we Gentiles (Matthew 17:11), and it has been; preached as a witness to "the total Lost," and that is the present ministry of Christ's end-time Bride (Revelation 10:8-11); then the Headstone will be revealed to Israel by the Hebrew prophets of Zechariah 4, Matthew 24:31; and Revelation 11 (Matthew 24:14).

As Enoch built God's second Bible from stone in the form of the Great Pyramid to which Isaiah, Peter and Paul alluded, Brother Branham expounded how Christ's Bride, as lively stones fitly joined together, has grown up into the Capstone, reproducing the measure of the full stature of the perfect Man Enoch foreshadowed. Enoch built his masonry Bible before the Flood as a prophetic witness that Israel would refuse and crucify Messiah. Job and David also prophesied the Headstone would be rejected (Job 38:4-7; Psalm 118:22; 132:11), as did Zechariah who describes how the rejected Stone is re-introduced by Israel's prophets as Jesus Christ and His Gentile Bride, their King and Queen. When Israel's elect receive that written Stone, "God will remove the iniquity of that land in one day" (Zechariah 3:1 – 4:14; Isaiah 10:17; 66:8; Jeremiah 31:34; Daniel 9:24-27).

"Grace" is ascribed to Messiah the Stone. "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit ["by grace through faith"], says the Lord of hosts. For who are you, O great [Judaeo-Catholic] mountain? Before Zerubbabel [who with Joshua had led the return of the exiles from Babylon and was rebuilding the temple, typing Brother Branham's ministry that restored the original Foundation (Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 17:11; Acts 3:21; I Corinthians 3:11)] before him you will become a mere molehill (Daniel 2:43-45): and he shall bring forth the Headstone," which Brother Branham also did, for the revelation of the Seven Seals brought Christ back to earth in Word form (Acts 3:21; I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 10:7). We recognized the Headstone of Jehovah's new Temple to be manifest in Jesus Christ and His Wife (Revelation 21:22), "with joyful shoutings, crying, Grace, grace to it".

Zerubbabel means "sown in Babylon." And Brother Branham was born into a Roman Catholic family, but "at the age of seven, a Voice spoke out of a bush in a whirlwind, and told me never to drink or smoke or defile my body in any way, that there'd be a work for me to do when I got older." His ministry was the "Shout" of I Thessalonians 4:16 that called Christ's Bride out of "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth" (Matthew 25:1-13; Revelation 17:5; 18:1-4).

As "Shoutings" of acclamation accompanied the foundation of the literal temple rebuilt by Zerubbabel (Ezra 3:11-13), shoutings of "Hosanna" greeted the Saviour in entering Jerusalem (Matthew 21:9), His Body being the second temple (John 2:20-21). When the 144,000 elect Israelites receive the Headstone in His 'parousia' Coming to Israel "a great voice of much people in heaven" will attribute all to God's "grace," saying in Hebrew, "Alleluia! Salvation, and glory, and honor, and power, to the Lord our God" (Revelation 19:1, 6). Messiah is "the Author and the Finisher . . . Who endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself" (Hebrews 12:2-3).

When Israel's chief priests and Pharisees heard Jesus expound the parable of the vineyard saying, "Have you never read in the Scriptures, The Stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone. This is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes? Therefore say I to you, The kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits thereof. And whoever shall fall on this Stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it falls, it will grind him to powder," they perceived it was they who were the wicked husbandmen God should destroy (Matthew 21:33-46).

As the Great Pyramid sits in the geographic center of the earth, Christ's Bride, New Jerusalem, is the very heart of the Sun of righteousness, bathed in the Shekinah such that we cast no shade of darkness and the nations of the "saved" will walk in our Light (Revelation 21:23-24).

As Jesus prophesied, Satan is promoting that great sin for which God destroyed all life in the Flood: miscegenation with the Serpent's seed. Satan is perpetrating genocide on Adam's race under the misnomer "multiculturalism" so that future generations, were there to be any, would simply be atomic fodder since they will not be in the Book of Life. Satan's knaves are creating waves of inassimilable refugees, legalizing prostitution, encouraging fornication among the young, rape, and adultery among the not-so-young. Even one born of Adam's race in incest or adultery is not in the election of God.

In Luke 17:26-29 Jesus compares the days of Lot with the days of Noah. Both ended in the destruction of all life except for a tiny election in Enoch, and Abraham and Sarah; and a "saved" group who suffer tribulation typed by Lot and his two daughters; Noah, Japheth and Shem and their two wives. Canaan, Ham's son by incest with his father's wife, was Serpent's seed, while Moab and Benammi, Lot's sons by incest with his daughters were not in the election. Mrs. Noah, Ham and his wife, Canaan and Lot's wife are lost.

We know we are Christ's end-time Bride who will not taste death in the flesh because "as it was in the days of Lot," God has sent three angels, veiling Himself behind one of those men and identifying Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever by the Messianic sign of Hebrews 4:12, "discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart." The other two angels, Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, preached to the church in Sodom. And "as it was in the days of Lot" we have unashamedly homosexual High Court judges, parliamentarians and church ministers.

In I Corinthians 15:20-54 Paul called Jesus Christ the first resurrected Son from the saints who fell asleep from Adam to Calvary, while Matthew 27:50-53 depicts Jesus' resurrection, followed by the resurrection of the Old Testament saints as the type for the resurrection of the New Testament saints

Christ was the first fruit of them that slept while Brother Branham was the firstfruit of we who are Christ's at His parousia Coming, and who will "all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye." With the Token on display and the "third pull," the Prophet manifest that he was a Son of God, demonstrating what the Spoken Word will do in Christ's Bride after the Seventh Trump. The demonstration was almost one generation ago, the finals must be at hand.

Brother Branham's Message is calling Christ's Bride out from among the Pentecostal babies and denominational whores to maturity in the fullness of the Word. In the gospels Jesus spoke of two grinding in the mill, one is taken another one is left; of two working in the field, one is taken, and the other is left. His disciples asked Him, "Where are they taken to, Lord?" He replied, "Wherever the Carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together." He was directing them not to a new organization with a specific earthly headquarters or referring to the translation of the living saints, but showing that we are gathered out of that man-made mess to the restored Word in the Spirit in the Lord's day (Luke 17:37; Ephesians 1:10).

Christ is no longer in the office of Son of God and Mediator but Son of man and judge, so this is the end of time when the Bride who will not see death is without a Mediator. But we are not feeding on a man or organization whose words will fail and our gathering is not to her the church system but to Christ the Word (Matthew 24:28; 25:1-13; II Thessalonians 2:1; Revelation 18:4). We are feeding on the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man, wherever It is and wherever we are, for we are "in the wilderness" (Revelation 12:6).

Prior to the Flood the Serpent's seed had the dominion and the tiny remnant of Adam's seed were apostate worshipers of mammon. Enoch was the seventh from the first Adam: Cain was not counted because he was not in the lineage of Adam and not in the Book of Life (Jude 14). Cain killed his step-brother Abel who died without progeny, so the genealogy passes through Seth. God's Word is enlightening in this respect—Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch—Cain is not mentioned (Genesis 5:6-18).

Prior to the coming world destruction the Serpent's seed again has dominion as prophesied by Moses, Isaac and Jesus Christ while most of Adam's race is worshipping mammon (Genesis 6:4; 27:39-41; Matthew 24:37). Laodicea was the seventh from the last Adam; Jesus Messiah was Abraham's Royal Seed, born not of sex but by God's spoken Word of promise. Like Abel, He was killed by His step-brother who is not counted in the genealogy because His offspring is Abraham's Royal Bride Seed, born not of sex but by God's spoken Word of promise to which Israel has been blinded by the Talmud which Jesus said, "makes the Word of God of no effect to them" (Mark 7:13).

The closing scenes of our age are reproducing the intense worldliness of the days of Noah, the very consummation of wickedness with a positive inability to care for the things of God. If ever they were written in the first place, men's names are being blotted from the Book of Life, but they know it not and they care less (Revelation 17:8). The intellectual impersonal worship of God as Elohim, the Creator and Benefactor of us all, has superseded the intimate relationship with Jehovah Elohim who ransomed His Own. There is acknowledgement of the historical God but without the personal relationship of revelation and claiming a security in His goodness and love. Thus men have created a humanistic idol of their own psychology, a god in man's image, and will allow the mere statement of any doctrine, provided there is no attempt to put it into practice or present it as the Absolute (Romans 1:21-32; II Timothy 3:5; Revelation 3:15-16).

The rapid increase in knowledge and technology and particularly the invention of devices which mitigate the hardships of the curse have made life easier and more indulgent, and a proficiency in the fine arts and entertainments has helped induce God's oblivion with a union of church and state to dispense charitable works, education, health care, etc., rather than the present Truth has meant the breakdown of family and replaced the need for prayer and faith with counseling and welfare.

"As it was in the days of Noah," the world is engrossed in a mess of illicit sex and psychological delusions because men will not confront the reality of God and full obedience to His Word. The state has become god, substituting legislation for a life lived under pre-eminence to the Word.

The world has not become perfect and mature but old, abused and tired. "And the nations are angry with God, but now God is indignant and will exact retribution on them as He turns to an election in Israel. It is time to judge the dead, and reward His servants—the prophets and saints alike, all who fear His Name, both great and small—and destroy those who have caused destruction upon the earth" (Revelation 11:18). nl343.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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