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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we appreciate your fellowship.

Tupper Saussy, contributing author of "Sympathy for Mr. Cheney," in Newsletter 403 wrote, "I particularly like the introduction you crafted. There are less than 1,500 unsold copies of Rulers of Evil." If you wish to purchase Tupper's book, which we have often quoted, mention this Newsletter and you might be pleasantly surprised.

The first two news items in this Newsletter illustrate Scripture and confirm Tupper's remarks concerning the 'hidden hand' of the Vatican behind world politics.

By the grace of God we have been well-supported by a number of contributing authors this year. Please remember the Church and pray I will soon be able to return to my studies. Since "the home of the brave and the land of the free" has built over 600 concentration camps at home and runs secret prisons offshore where men are tortured we thought it appropriate to republish "Live Not By Lies" by the famous Russian Christian, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, who was imprisoned for eight years in the Russian Gulags.

Faith and the Grace of Jesus Christ have been shunned and laws framed so that truth is no defense and there can be no appeal to moral grounds. Jesus said, "Fear not them who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell" (Matthew 10:28). The "squeeze" is coming to your home in the near future, and though each one of us will be hunted and persecuted in the period immediately following the earthquake, not one hair of our head will be harmed, for we will be changed in the atoms without death.

Zechariah 14:7 called this a day of compromise where "truth is whatever you want it to be, like Alice in Wonderland; but "the way to God, is Absolute Truth and eternal Life" (John 14:6).

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Vatican sets Conditions over Israel Papal Visit

papal keys

Vatican City, November 17, 2005 — Israel's President Moshe Katsav formally invited Pope Benedict XVI to visit the Jewish State during an audience with the Pontiff at the Vatican. . . The Vatican wants decade-long negotiations over the legal and financial status of the Roman Catholic Church in Israel to be concluded before Benedict sets foot in Israel. . . Full story:

Father David Jaeger, an Israeli Franciscan, was involved in the negotiations that produced the "fundamental agreement" of 1993, which led to Vatican recognition of the Israeli state. Although no longer directly involved in bilateral talks, Father Jaeger has remained keenly interested in the negotiation which still has not produced a final juridical agreement. . .
Full story:

Iraqi President urges Pope to help support Country's Christians

Rome (CNS) November 10, 2005 — In a private meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, Iraq's president urged the pope to help support the country's minority Christian population, saying "they are in need of such . . . support." . . .

Iraqi Christians make up just 3 percent of the population . . . Prime Minister Talabani said he explained "that the Iraqi Constitution will consider all Iraqis, Christians included, as equal with respect to all religions . . .

When asked why the pope would have been satisfied with the president's explanation of the constitution and Shariah, Archbishop Sako said, "This is diplomacy" . . . For (anyone) who lives on the ground in Iraq, it's a different story."
Full story:

Pornography via Cell Phone

The Playboy Corporation, infamous for its pornography, is soon going to make its porn available to 170 million cell phone users. Cell phones can now display images . . . of all the cell phone users in America 33.2 percent, or more than 55 million users, are between the ages of 5 and 19 (American Family Association, May 10, 2005, by Donald E. Wildmon).


The IRS is not only deliberately misapplying the written tax laws—and I'll give you some examples shortly—but also, it's running what can only be called a massive confidence game of the most colossal proportions. And since this could only happen with the knowledge and approval of top officials of the Treasury Department and key members of Congress, it can only mean that the government is engaged in a cover-up at the highest levels. We've seen many of these cover-ups before and this one is no different. The truth is that every American since 1913 has been defrauded in what may be the largest swindle in recorded history. . . Full story:

Federal Reserve Statistical Release

On March 23, 2006, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System will cease publication of the M3 monetary aggregate. The Board will also cease publishing the following components: large-denomination time deposits, repurchase agreements, and Eurodollars. The Board will continue to publish institutional money market mutual funds as a memorandum item in this release.

Measures of large-denomination time deposits will continue to be published by the Board in the Flow of Funds Accounts (Z.1 release) on a quarterly basis and in the H.8 release on a weekly basis (for commercial banks).
Full story:

Comment: M3 is the estimate of the total money supply. The plan to stop reporting this number signals the US is entering a stage of hyperinflation, which will be hidden from the public as long as possible. Desperate to hang onto a GOP Congress, expect Bush to flood the nation with money next year to make the economy look good.

The Coming Disaster in the Derivatives Market

The derivatives genie is now well out of the bottle, and these instruments will almost certainly multiply in variety and number until some event makes their toxicity clear. . . [They] are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal . . . Unfortunately, the odds seem stacked against a happy ending . . .
Full story:

Offspring died when Rats ate Genetically Engineered Soy

Irina Ermakova, a leading scientist at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, added GM soy flour (5-7 grams) to the diet of female rats. Other females were fed non-GM soy or no soy at all. The experimental diet began two weeks before the rats conceived and continued through pregnancy and nursing.

Ermakova's first surprise came when her pregnant rats started giving birth. Some pups from GM-fed mothers were quite a bit smaller. . . Within three weeks, 25 of the 45 (55.6%) rats from the GM soy group died compared to only 3 of 33 (9%) from the non-GM soy group and 3 of 44 (6.8%) from the non-soy controls. . . Full story:

The Oil Reserve Fallacy

The Middle East does not have two thirds of all world oil reserves, as is claimed by the oil companies and the US Dept. of Energy. It only has two thirds of "proven" oil reserves. According to the US Geological Survey, other categories of oil reserves need to be taken into account. They say the Middle East has only half to one third of recoverable world oil reserves.

The idea that only the Middle East has the key to the world's energy future is not true and is politically dangerous.
Full story:

Passports to get RFID chip implants

October 26, 2005 — All US passports will be implanted with remotely readable computer chips starting in October 2006 . . . passports issued after that time will have tiny radio frequency ID (RFID) chips that can transmit personal information including the name, nationality, sex, date of birth, place of birth and digitized photograph of the passport holder. Eventually, the government contemplates adding additional digitized data such as "fingerprints or iris scans."
Full story:

Freemasons Chip Children for Charity

The Masonic CHIP Program is the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere. CHIP is provided free of charge to the public and all of the identifying items generated during CHIP are given to the child's family.

Over 50 school districts have scheduled CHIP programs this year. Just under 100,000 children were processed in 2004. Our goal is to process over 150,000 children in Pennsylvania in 2005. Full story:

IDF Choppers in Service of Drug Cartel

The American government has recently demanded Israel clarify how five US-made helicopters sold to Israel in the mid-70s found their way into the hands of a Colombian drug cartel. . . Full story:

New Confidence Crisis with US

US halts supply of electro-optical equipment to IDF after Israel did not report loss of hundreds of night vision devices defined as 'strategic weapons'. Full story:

Live Not By Lies

By Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

Following is the full text of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's essay "Live Not By Lies." It is perhaps the last thing he wrote on his native soil [before the collapse of the Soviet Union] and circulated among Moscow's intellectuals [at that time]. The essay is dated February 12, the day that secret police broke into his apartment and arrested him. The next day he was exiled to West Germany.

At one time we dared not even to whisper. Now we write and read samizdat, and sometimes when we gather in the smoking room at the Science Institute we complain frankly to one another: What kind of tricks are they playing on us, and where are they dragging us? Gratuitous boasting of cosmic achievements while there is poverty and destruction at home. Propping up remote, uncivilized regimes. Fanning up civil war. And we recklessly fostered Mao Tse-tung at our expense—and it will be we who are sent to war against him, and will have to go. Is there any way out? And they put on trial anybody they want and they put sane people in asylums—always they, and we are powerless.

Things have almost reached rock bottom. A universal spiritual death has already touched us all, and physical death will soon flare up and consume us both and our children—but as before we still smile in a cowardly way and mumble without tongues tied. But what can we do to stop it? We haven't the strength?

We have been so hopelessly dehumanized that for today's modest ration of food we are willing to abandon all our principles, our souls, and all the efforts of our predecessors and all opportunities for our descendants—but just don't disturb our fragile existence. We lack staunchness, pride and enthusiasm. We don't even fear universal nuclear death, and we don't fear a third world war. We have already taken refuge in the crevices. We just fear acts of civil courage.

We fear only to lag behind the herd and to take a step alone—and suddenly find ourselves without white bread, without heating gas and without a Moscow registration.

We have been indoctrinated in political courses, and in just the same way was fostered the idea to live comfortably, and all will be well for the rest of our lives. You can't escape your environment and social conditions. Everyday life defines consciousness. What does it have to do with us? We can't do anything about it?

But we can—everything. But we lie to ourselves for assurance. And it is not they who are to blame for everything—we ourselves, only we. One can object: But actually you can think anything you like. Gags have been stuffed into our mouths. Nobody wants to listen to us and nobody asks us. How can we force them to listen? It is impossible to change their minds.

It would be natural to vote them out of office—but there are not elections in our country. In the West people know about strikes and protest demonstrations—but we are too oppressed, and it is a horrible prospect for us: How can one suddenly renounce a job and take to the streets? Yet the other fatal paths probed during the past century by our bitter Russian history are, nevertheless, not for us, and truly we don't need them.

Now that the axes have done their work, when everything which was sown has sprouted anew, we can see that the young and presumptuous people who thought they would make out country just and happy through terror, bloody rebellion and civil war were themselves misled. No thanks, fathers of education! Now we know that infamous methods breed infamous results. Let our hands be clean!

The circle—is it closed? And is there really no way out? And is there only one thing left for us to do, to wait without taking action? Maybe something will happen by itself? It will never happen as long as we daily acknowledge, extol, and strengthen—and do not sever ourselves from—the most perceptible of its aspects: Lies.

When violence intrudes into peaceful life, its face glows with self-confidence, as if it were carrying a banner and shouting: "I am violence. Run away, make way for me—I will crush you." But violence quickly grows old. And it has lost confidence in itself, and in order to maintain a respectable face it summons falsehood as its ally—since violence lays its ponderous paw not every day and not on every shoulder. It demands from us only obedience to lies and daily participation in lies—all loyalty lies in that.

And the simplest and most accessible key to our self-neglected liberation lies right here: Personal non-participation in lies. Though lies conceal everything, though lies embrace everything, but not with any help from me.

This opens a breach in the imaginary encirclement caused by our inaction. It is the easiest thing to do for us, but the most devastating for the lies. Because when people renounce lies it simply cuts short their existence. Like an infection, they can exist only in a living organism.

We do not exhort ourselves. We have not sufficiently matured to march into the squares and shout the truth our loud or to express aloud what we think. It's not necessary.

It's dangerous. But let us refuse to say that which we do not think.

This is our path, the easiest and most accessible one, which takes into account out inherent cowardice, already well rooted. And it is much easier—it's dangerous even to say this—than the sort of civil disobedience which Gandhi advocated.

Our path is to talk away from the gangrenous boundary. If we did not paste together the dead bones and scales of ideology, if we did not sew together the rotting rags, we would be astonished how quickly the lies would be rendered helpless and subside.

That which should be naked would then really appear naked before the whole world.

So in our timidity, let each of us make a choice: Whether consciously, to remain a servant of falsehood—of course, it is not out of inclination, but to feed one's family, that one raises his children in the spirit of lies—or to shrug off the lies and become an honest man worthy of respect both by one's children and contemporaries.

And from that day onward he:

Of course we have not listed all of the possible and necessary deviations from falsehood. But a person who purifies himself will easily distinguish other instances with his purified outlook.

No, it will not be the same for everybody at first. Some, at first, will lose their jobs. For young people who want to live with truth, this will, in the beginning, complicate their young lives very much, because the required recitations are stuffed with lies, and it is necessary to make a choice.

But there are no loopholes for anybody who wants to be honest. On any given day any one of us will be confronted with at least one of the above-mentioned choices even in the most secure of the technical sciences. Either truth or falsehood: Toward spiritual independence or toward spiritual servitude.

And he who is not sufficiently courageous even to defend his soul—don't let him be proud of his "progressive" views, and don't let him boast that he is an academician or a people's artist, a merited figure, or a general—let him say to himself: I am in the herd, and a coward. It's all the same to me as long as I'm fed and warm.

Even this path, which is the most modest of all paths of resistance, will not be easy for us. But it is much easier than self-immolation or a hunger strike: The flames will not envelope your body, your eyeballs will not burst from the heat, and brown bread and clean water will always be available to your family.

A great people of Europe, the Czechoslovaks, whom we betrayed and deceived: Haven't they shown us how a vulnerable breast can stand up even against tanks if there is a worthy heart within it?

You say it will not be easy? But it will be easiest of all possible resources. It will not be an easy choice for a body, but it is only one for a soul. No, it is not an easy path. But there are already people, even dozens of them, who over the years have maintained all these points and live by the truth.

So you will not be the first to take this path, but will join those who have already taken it. This path will be easier and shorter for all of us if we take it by mutual efforts and in close rank. If there are thousands of us, they will not be able to do anything with us. If there are tens of thousands of us, then we would not even recognize our country.

If we are too frightened, then we should stop complaining that someone is suffocating us. We ourselves are doing it, let us then bow down even more, let us wail, and our brothers the biologists will help to bring nearer the day when they are able to read our thoughts are worthless and hopeless.

And if we get cold feet, even taking this step, then we are worthless and hopeless, and the scorn of Pushkin should be directed to us:

"Why should cattle have the gifts of freedom?
Their heritage from generation to generation
is the belled yoke and the lash"
(The Washington Post, February 18, 1974, p. A26). nl404.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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