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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Our main article, commended by subscriber Eldon Warman a former Canadian air force and American Airlines pilot who now teaches people how to get out from under the income tax burden shines valuable light on our commentary in Newsletter 614 on President Whatsisname's EO and INTERPOL. The world is falling apart . . . from the USA. Christopher Story of World Reports Limited, who has long been investigating the stolen Leo Wanta trillions, criminal activities of the Bush and Clinton families, international banksters and US Administrations, confirms legal actions he has advocated have been instituted by the English Monarchy and the Chinese Government.

Mr. Story explains how the 'climate change' fraud (that was devised to steal national sovereignties and transfer global governance and first world wealth to the banksters by treaty, creating global famine and depopulation and the return to serfdom), will be exposed together with the 9/11 conspiracy, the United Nations, the Vatican and the banking cabal, and brought to justice. These people who have slaughtered millions of innocents in Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia and Afghanistan with impunity have now invaded Pakistan. Knowing the power of Satan and the dispensational endgame revealed by Brother Branham, this latest development can only mean a desperate hastening of violent measures by the powers that be.

The threat posed by US terrorism to the security of nations and individuals was outlined in prophetic detail by the men around George W. Bush, who said, "What is needed for America to dominate humanity and the world's resources is some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor." 9/11 provided cover for many things as Story reveals, with unprovoked aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq and the world. Earthquakes could be initiated to trigger the San Andreas Fault and even destroy the Dome of the Rock to ignite World War III and unite the world's religions against a common enemy: Communism. Such drastic diversions would forward plans envisaged by David ben Gurion, "With the exception of the USSR as a federal Eurasian State, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an INTERNATIONAL POLICE FORCE. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the supreme court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah" (Look Magazine, January 16, 1962).

Considering the kangaroo court trials brought against Nazis "who knew too much damning truth" about the criminals who planned and executed World Wars I and II, it seems highly unlikely the Serpent's seed of the House of Guelph and Cathay will prevail over these desperados who belong to the same club. The International Criminal Police may exact revenge, but with their pedigree they will not disrupt the age old strategy of the club they serve (see Table in Newsletter 614).

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

The World is going Insane

August 27, 2009 — In this report there are three videos you should view. Here is Barack Hussein Obama's "civilian army" in training, or is it mind manipulation? I hesitate to say "brain-washing" as these black shirts out to scare the heck out of white Grandma seemingly have no brains to wash (2:03 minutes). Next is a TV advertizement (sic) for the Obama Nation Youth Brigade (1 minute).

Lastly, someone who has recognized The One Thing, the United States has been programmed to insanity (13 minutes).

January 2, Day 41 of Hunger Strike

farmer Peter Spencer on hunger strikeDecember 29, 2009 — Peter Spencer has been financially wiped out by both the Federal and State governments and is now perched 60ft up a 200ft pole, in a desperate hunger strike after the Federal Government decision to make his farm a carbon sink in obeisance to the international banksters' criminal "Climate Change" HOAX and the vanity of glib-tongued PM Rudd, and deceive the nations into surrendering sovereignty. "With climate certificates/investments all will be so much easier. No more red tape stuff. Fraud will be actioned just by a mouse click," said a trader from the Deutsche Bank Frankfurt (Der Spiegel, Germany, 50/2009, p. 92). Despite 200 court appearances his pleas have been totally rejected by government pandering for "green" votes.
Full story: Daily Telegraph

Buses depart Sunday January 3 from across New South Wales and meet at Magna Carta Place, Queen Victoria Terrace, Canberra, 10:30 am Monday January 4, whence supporters will march to Parliament House, then to the Prime Ministers lodge where the demonstration will close. Those with the time may visit the Spencer farm. Details:

Official: Money Saboteurs = Economic Terrorists

December 28, 2009 — The US Justice Department is to investigate and prosecute all offenders, and the purge will embroil past and present elected, appointed and career officials, including intelligence operatives, as well as non-government saboteurs. On conviction, the penalty for treason in time of war is summary execution. The change of policy imposed by international enforcement: attorneys general must implement the new justice policy, or they themselves will be arrested by Interpol and may face, under US law, summary execution for treason. It was reported to World Reports Limited that some 12-14 banking employees were arrested in the City of London on December 29.

Policy Change at the US Department of Justice: All US Financial Subversives now treated as Economic Terrorists

We can now reveal, on the basis of impeccable authority divulged to us on 26th December 2009 from "inside the US structures," that the US Department of Justice within the Executive Branch has implemented a fundamental POLICY CHANGE and has determined, within the past three weeks or less, and against the background of the calamity surrounding the Lien in the immense sum of $47 trillion activated on about 6th December and imposed by the sovereign Lien Holders—the Chinese parties and the British Monarchical Power—as follows:

• ALL individuals and entities within the United States' jurisdiction that have participated in the stealing, diversion and conversion of funds belonging to others, INCLUDING past and present officials, both elected and appointed, within the US Government and its structures, WILL BE INVESTIGATED AND PROSECUTED FOR ECONOMIC TERRORISM perpetrated against the United States and the American people (and the Rest of the World). Specifically:

• ANYONE, whether officials in, or formerly in Government, whether CEOs of financial institutions or lower-ranking bankers, partners in "involved" US law firms, intermediaries and US intelligence operatives and others who have been engaged in obstructing the Settlements process by ANY MEANS WHATSOEVER AND AT ANY TIME IN THE PAST, and who have, by their actions or by their inactions, contributed to the DELAY, are now being treated as ECONOMIC TERRORISTS.

• This policy applies to the holders of the highest offices as well as to their subordinates, both past and present.
It will inevitably lead to exposure of the 9/11 abominations.


• The penalty for TREASON IN TIME OF WAR is summary execution.

• This decision PRECISELY REFLECTS what we have been proclaiming via this column for the past three years. We are informed that the US Justice Department has at long last understood what we have been saying, and has been galvanised by the horrendous implications of the $47 trillion Lien on the US Treasury and its decisive ramifications, into adopting the foregoing as CONFIRMED OFFICIAL POLICY from which no deviation will be permitted.

• It follows that the US Attorney General and all the State Attorneys General are now obliged to act vigorously on the basis of the mentioned POLICY CHANGE, or they themselves can be arrested for obstruction of justice by INTERPOL personnel and then extradited to a relevant jurisdiction such as the British jurisdiction for defying obligations imposed upon them by International Law, OR ELSE SUBJECTED TO THE FULL RIGOURS OF AMERICAN LAW, WHICH PRESCRIBES SUMMARY EXECUTION FOR TREASON IN TIME OF WAR. ECONOMIC TERRORISM IS TREASON. . .

• This POLICY CHANGE is a direct consequence of the situation arising from the implementation of the Lien and the drastic enforcement measures being taken inside the United States by the massed international cadres and "men in suits" referenced in recent reports and below.

• President Obama's Executive Order Amending Executive Order 12425 dated 16th December and publicised by the Office of the Press Secretary, at the White House, on 17th December, to "extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)" is associated with this POLICY CHANGE at the Justice Department.

• Finally, since this is, as reiterated, an officially determined POLICY CHANGE, its implementation is NOT dependent upon finalisation of the Settlements. This reality should quickly lodge itself inside the brains of the official and financial sector criminal financiers, who all now face investigation and prosecution ANYWAY. Obviously, if they still persist with their obstruction, thefts and diversionary operations, they will merely be increasing their chances of being summarily executed for treason.

Operations to Perpetuate Fraudulent Finance in Jeopardy across the Board

This places an entirely new slant on what follows in this report, all of which (except remarks at the end) was written BEFORE the above information was made available to us. It indicates that shifty operations such as the examples cited below are in severe trouble and it probably spells the end of all such attempts to steal and divert funds from the Settlements or in any other context.

The entire focus of the gangsters holding high office in the United States, and their collaborators at the top and within the co-conspiring criminal financial enterprises (Citibank, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Morgan Stanley, JP MorganChase, Wachovia, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Barclays Bank et al), has all along, since the discontinuity of 10th-12th September 2008, been to reconstitute the Fraudulent Finance carousel as though there had been no discontinuity.

Gross Abuse of Financial and Political Power

This focus has nothing whatsoever, obviously, to do with good governance, with high officials privileged to serve the people meeting their responsibilities and top bankers carrying out their fiduciary obligations in accordance with the Rule of Law, but everything to do with perpetrating economic and financial terrorism against the American people and the Rest of the World.

So far, the Obama Administration has achieved precisely nothing, and if matters are not rectified forthwith (and we mean forthwith) his first two years in office, if he survives at the White House, will have been two years of criminal operations and zero legitimate achievements.

Even his dubious 2,000-page pork-barrel health care legislation, approved by the Legislative Branch on Christmas Eve, like the convoluted and prescriptive Copenhagen Climate Change umbrella deception [see below], was intended to free up open-ended funds so that they can be surreptitiously diverted for illicit fiat trading purposes. THIS CAN HARDLY BE ATTEMPTED NOW.

Obtuse Refusal to accept the Reality of the Discontinuity

Just as the $4.5 trillion "released" in May 2006 by the People's Bank of China ostensibly to "pay" the since wholly discredited operative Leo/Lee Wanta, was actually an operation the purpose of which was for the $4.5 trillion to be stolen inter alia to refinance Bush operations out of Australia (under the "protection" provided by that criminal operative Henry M. Paulson, currently held in Bermuda to account as we have reported, for the stealing of the sovereign $6.2 trillion LOAN, according to our sources) using the "Wanta payment" as cover—a clumsy operation which led to the exposure of the criminality by this service—so have the same, unreformed criminal financiers remained intent on ignoring the immense international pressures that have been brought to bear on them, including horizontalisations of prominent participants, in order to try to "reconstitute" the Fraudulent Finance environment which enables them to rape, pillage and ransack Americans and humanity generally with impunity. The primary factor underlying this corrupt mentality—which may finally be cauterized by the announcement given above—is that Fraudulent Financing operates today across national borders, encouraging the (false) assumption is that no enforcement jurisdiction can eliminate these decadent abuses. Globalisation is both a cover and a pretext for Fraudulent Finance.

Continued recklessly-criminal Finance Intentions

Hence, the criminal engineers behind this scandalous state of affairs have been frenetically trying to cobble together various alternative money trading mechanisms, together with their "necessary" associated covers which are intended to provide false legitimacy—in the expectation that at least one of these will "come good" and won't be aborted and/or "shot down" by nasty observers such as ourselves who are on the lookout for the next wave of financial corruption.

The reality of these successive ongoing attempts to construct clandestine transnational trading operations behind variegated covers is evidence of the continuing criminal intentions of those concerned, and of the fact that US Law Enforcement has hitherto disgracefully and weakly allowed these organised criminal financial scams to proliferate, discrediting itself in the process.

In this connection, the representatives of foreign creditor countries and their specialist staffers, intelligence personnel, bankers, IT specialists and enforcement personnel, assisted by the eighth planeload of heavily armed INTERPOL officers, are concerned explicitly with requiring performance under the terms of the Writ of Enforcement and the Lien held by the Chinese parties and the British Monarchical Power in the sum of $47 trillion, exercised against the US Treasury and de facto the Federal Reserve on or about 6th December 2009.

"These People should be rounded up and Shot"

These powers now 'own' the United States, so that the continued intent of holders of high office and their banking co-conspirators to try to forge parallel illicit trading mechanisms behind the radar itself represents a family of subversive criminal insults and offences against the American people and the international community for which, in time of war, those concerned should, we are being repeatedly advised in recorded and monitored calls from the United States, be rounded up in front of TV cameras, and shot at dawn.

This is the first time that we have had to be explicit about this: the statement reflects repeated assertions along these precise lines by responsible parties in the United States to us on open transatlantic telephone lines, all of which have been recorded. In the light of the Judicial Power's POLICY CHANGE announced at the top of this report, it is no longer at all fanciful to anticipate that summary execution is indeed a prospect that these people may face on conviction.

Reported Intent to divert $4.0 Trillion of Public Funds

According to the US press, the Debt Subject to Statutory Limit, set at $9,959,850 million for fiscal 2008, has just been raised to $12.4 trillion. The FY2010 Federal Budget documentation estimated that the 2010 Debt Subject to Statutory Limit would be raised to $12,843,344 million, an historically unprecedented increment of about $2,884 billion (1).

Therefore we naturally searched for the reason why the latest increase in the Statutory Debt Limit appears not to have embraced the maximum as estimated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). When something like this happens, there is always a reason.

And indeed, the reason stares us in the face. In parallel with the above, the debt cap of $400 billion previously applicable to the former Government-Sponsored Enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, was removed. Therefore, another $400 billion or so of debt based on fraudulent Collateralised Debt Obligations and Collateralised Mortgage Obligations "can be" floated, as the old cap has been discontinued. Thus, while it "looks" as though the Congress is being prudently "conservative" within the permissive arithmetic cited by not raising the Statutory Debt Limit by the full amount estimated by the OMB, in reality this, of course, is not the case. On the contrary, it looks as though the entire US Congress is conniving in "authorising" cover for the intended $4.0 trillion financial scamming operation previously referenced—which means that Congressmen who voted in favour of these adjustments may be co-conspirators in organised criminal finance operations.

Because on top of this $2.4++ trillion (or $2.8++ trillion) of "real" on-the-books funds that can now be diverted for illicit transnational trading purposes [see below], is [or WAS] the convenient cover to be provided by President Barack Obama's 2,000-page instrumental social engineering healthcare legislation, which would generate open-ended pipelines of clandestinely accessible contribution money, as well as being financed by an initial $1.0 trillion of "seed money".

And since the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac cap has been removed, THERE is the $4.0 trillion which appears to have been ever so carefully and surreptitiously "made available" for the intended illicit reconstitution of 'winked-at' leveraged hypothecation operations across national boundaries, for the enrichment of the crooked participants and no-one else (except that in the prevailing climate, the proceeds will have to be hidden offshore, mainly in the bowels of corrupt institutions such as the DVD"s Deutsche Bank—care of the arch-financial criminal operative Dr. Joseph Ackermann, the long-term partner of George H. W. Bush Sr., Mikhail Gorbachëv, Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and other world class criminal operatives in Deutsche AG (previously Barrington Investment Group).

New Scam involving China Trust Bank, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank

In the preceding interim report, we alluded to a split within the Chinese constituency. We can now pinpoint China Trust Bank as the Chinese end of this intended Fraudulent Finance operation, with Dr. Ackermann's Deutsche Bank to serve as the book runner, and the British institution Barclays Bank as the entry point, handling sales of trading contracts through China Trust Bank.

This is a classic Bush-Clinton Crime Family/CIA/DVD, possibly Metabridge (= Mossad, CIA, DVD, MI-6) operation, and its intent is to bypass ongoing operations by the international financial community to impose order upon the chaos deliberately fomented by all these revolutionary forces, and which is now intended to be escalated to create a situation beyond recall.

More generally, these successive planned abominations represent elements of a gigantic, crumbling, doomed master plan to impose revolutionary Communism upon the whole world, facilitating the monopolisation of global real and financial resources, of which The Perestroika Deception presided over by George Bush Sr.'s colleague and Deutsche AG partner, Mikhail Gorbachëv, was just the first stage.

Tax due on Settlements must crystallise in 2009

Meanwhile the following extraordinary equation also applies. Release of the hijacked Settlement funds by the end of THIS calendar year in the context of the necessary restitution of the $47 trillion of stolen funds/assets owed by the US Treasury to the external sovereign Lien Holders, will trigger substantial immediate taxation obligations which will be realisable on the books for US Federal tax purposes in 2009. These tax accruals will therefore become payable to the US authorities by 15th April 2010—covering a sizeable proportion of the Obama Administration's creative accounting operations to the "satisfaction" of all concerned.

More to the point, the availability of these exceptional tax accruals over the year-end will PREVENT A HEADLONG TREASURY DEFAULT beyond the DEFAULT ON THE LIEN already in existence.

But what the criminal financiers and their corrupt political associates may intend is to frustrate Settlement into 2010, so that these immense tax accruals do not crystallise within calendar 2009.

Massive $ Financial Squeeze in Prospect Otherwise

This would "give" the criminal financiers until 15th April 2011 to play destructive derivative trading games, as they see it (assuming settlement were to occur in 2010). However the likely outcome of such an immediate act of financial terrorism will be to guarantee a probably catastrophic squeeze—with numerous US States being bankrupted as a consequence, and the level of on-the-books dollar liquidity dropping below the tipping-point at which hundreds of thousands of businesses would be liable to go to the wall, and millions will be thrown out of work.

Now, perhaps, our repeated references to the fact that these criminals are committing financial terrorism against the American people and the Rest of the World—NOW ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE TO BE CORRECT AND JUSTIFIED—may start to be understood.

On Christmas Day, the Editor was informed from the United States that the perpetrators are actually now being referred to as TERRORISTS within uncorrupted elements of the US Intelligence Power (who do exist, although you'd never know it). [Note: This intimation preceded the firm confirmation summarised at the top of this report].

Broken "Christmas Promises" and their Consequences

During the run-up to Christmas, key relevant parties with whom we are in contact were repeatedly assured that the Settlements payouts would be completed "by Christmas".

Such undertakings of course are devoid of meaning, seeing that this crisis has escalated behind the dialectical screen of Pavlovian promises and aborted undertakings, since at least 1992.

The only difference between then and now is that the international community has got off its hind legs and has taken strenuously decisive steps to bring these matters to a head, and hopefully to a conclusion—in conformity with Her Majesty The Queen's message to the Group of Seven Financial powers in June 2006 that the crisis needed to be addressed and resolved urgently "for the sake of the whole of humanity". We know from that reported message that The Queen's advisers (not to be confused with MI-6) have had a keen understanding of the immense proportions of this crisis, and of its implications, for many years.

Store Shelves Half Bare in some US Cities

Although, as one would expect given that New York is always in the public eye, the Editor noticed no signs of goods scarcities in stores in New York City on his recent visit in December, first-hand anecdotal evidence of bare supermarket shelves in certain US "provincial" cities indicates that not only has demand for many lines slumped, but stores are conserving liquidity in the face of rapidly deteriorating trading conditions.

Agitation and propaganda to the effect that the US economy has been growing cannot be trusted, as it all emanates from controlled and prospectively doctored official spin-sources—just like the diversionary claptrap pumped out non-stop via controlled websites, the purpose of which, as we have repeatedly stated, is to maximise the potential for the fog of confusion so that observers are diverted from perceiving the grotesque proportions of the thefts, pillaging, mortgage fraud and other financial abominations that have been and continue to underlie the organised Ponzi-style Fraudulent Finance activities referenced inter alia in these reports.

We identify Two Key Saboteurs of the Settlements

Meanwhile, we can now identify BY NAME two more prominent criminalist financiers operating behind the scenes in the "service" of the Bush Crime Family and its associates, who have been engaged in sabotaging the Settlements process, certainly for as long as we have been attempting to monitor this crisis, namely:

• Paul W. Siegé, of Wyndham, CT, who's often been referred to as "the Connecticut Trustee", or "CT" for short. "Working for" George H. W. Bush Sr., this fellow's activities embrace the stolen Delmarva Trust assets, via Loca France-US Corporation and C.T. Corporation Systems, Miami, identified as Bush Sr. Fraudulent Finance operations.

• Peter Silverstein, operating out of Fort Pearce, Florida and Kenilworth, New Jersey.

Silverstein "just happens" to be the name of Silverstein Properties, holders of the leases on the Twin Towers, which were demolished precisely 30 years to the day from the date that construction work on them began on 11th September 1971 after Silverstein had taken out a special catastrophe insurance policy. As we have recently reported, the number of people who were murdered when the Twin Towers were demolished is put at around 12,000 by legal sources serving the interests of the bereaved families—which accounted for the pungent stench of rotting flesh that the Editor noted in Midtown Manhattan in late October 2001 and again in February 2002.

The two operatives mentioned above have of course been engaged all along in CIA fraud, under cover of "working for" the Bush Crime Family, which is integrated with the Intelligence Power—the Langley base of which is named the George Bush Center for Intelligence [= TERRORISM].

The 9/11 Masterminds and why they murdered 12,000 People

Bush Sr. and associates, including the Silverstein connection, mentored by his loathsome German Jewish Zionazi associate and DVD "handler", (the late?) Dr. Henry Kissinger and others, including of course ex-Vice President Richard B. Cheney, the "former" MK-Ultra chief, masterminded the 9/11 atrocities, which were executed by detonation, employing the services of complicit elements of the US official structures. New York firefighters who found immediate evidence of the means used to procure the detonations of the stricken buildings and who were carrying the necessary physical evidence out of them as they were collapsing, were immediately eliminated (shot dead on sight) (2) .

George Bush Sr.'s primary motive was to avoid having to pay out on the bonds held in custody by the money brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald on behalf inter alia of the William J. Casey/Bush Trust (Barbara Bush) operated out of Seattle and Vancouver, issued to finance the First Rogue Gulf War and which fell due for settlement on 12th September 2001, the day after 9/11.

Silverstein Properties and Congress faced Huge Asbestos Expenditure

In this endeavour, the Bush-linked criminal financiers and mass murderers shared a community of vested interest with Silverstein Properties and others, and the US Congress, who then faced the immensely expensive problem—which would have been passed on to Congress: see below—that the Twin Towers, constructed in the 1970s, needed to have all the asbestos built into the buildings removed: an operation that was liable to cost a COLOSSAL sum of money.

Demolition of the buildings in order to avoid claims being placed before Congress for the financing of such immense financial outlays was therefore disguised as an "Act of War", for which no liability applies. Murdering 12,000 people to achieve this was a crime of monumental proportions for which George Bush Sr., Kissinger and associates, should long since have been executed under US law. That certain US Legislators were complicit in this mass murder is also implied by what follows.

What the 9/11 Abominations achieved for the Crooks

Asbestos removal is a deliberately unresolved issue that has been endlessly debated by the US Congress and was being debated before 9/11. To obtain compensation for asbestos removal costs entails a Congressional claims process.

The 9/11 abomination and mass murders therefore achieved at least three identifiable criminal objectives simultaneously:

• First, by disguising the abominations as an "Act of War", the immense cost of removing and replacing the asbestos in the Twin Towers buildings was avoided.

• Secondly, the ten-year bonds floated in 1991 (in order inter alia to finance Bush's First Gulf War, mounted against Bush's ex-trading partner Saddam Hussein), which fell due for settlement on 12th September 2001, were not paid out (as there was never any intention that they should be), given that the contract originals were destroyed with Cantor Fitzgerald staff in the Twin Towers complex.

• And thirdly, massive evidence of financial corruption and Fraudulent Finance was also destroyed (along with the 600+ employees of Cantor Fitzgerald, to begin with). The families of the victims were later informed, under an elaborate CIA-controlled obfuscation operation, that as the buildings had been destroyed by an "Act of War", no compensation was payable: but "out of the goodness of our hearts, and given your suffering, here, take this compensation payment, and be grateful".

• FACT: The current "Pay Czar" for the banks under the TARP arrangements [Ken Feinberg] is the same individual who negotiated the (controlled) victims" compensation payments.

We also know that Condoleeza Rice made telephone calls to Jeb Bush and to several other people advising them not to fly on 9/11. Many other instances of pre-warnings have been reliably recorded by conscientious researchers, procuring outcomes such as some of the Morgan Stanley staff were absent from the Twin Towers on the day of the atrocities§. There is no need for us to reiterate these well-attested findings here as we have pressing matters still to expose.

§ As an immediate consequence of this posting, we are happy to elaborate with the following information received on 28th December from a trusted correspondent. He corrects the Editor's earlier information that the whole of the Morgan Stanley staff were not in the buildings on the morning of 9/11 with the following contribution, for which the Editor is most grateful:

'My cousin who was working there [in the Twin Towers with Morgan Stanley] at the time, was at work that day. She worked as a Secretary/Liaison for their big brokers, all of whom were there. I believe she was on the 75th Floor of the second tower that was hit. I would not be at all surprised, though, if the higher-ups of Morgan (CEOs, VPs etc) were absent that day. . . I was in New York City on 9/11 and thought I had lost my cousin. The stench was obscene'.

An Immense Cover-up by Compromised US Officials

Anyway, what we have all been living through is nothing less than a massive cover-up by the complicit criminalised elements within the US structures—especially the Intelligence and Military Powers—who understand only too well that when 9/11 "blows", THEY, too, may well be arrested or horizontalised along with the main revolutionary perpetrators such as (possibly) Kissinger [see at foot of this report] and George Bush Sr. and all his criminal associates.

This consideration, then, throws a glaring light on the underlying REASON why US law enforcement has hitherto failed to do its job of bringing the financial criminals to justice. For crucial elements within US law enforcement are either co-conspirators in the murder of 12,000 people in the Twin Towers alone on 9/11, or else are tainted by association with that crime.

Because of these hideous linkages with the 9/11 atrocities planned by Bush Sr., Kissinger, Cheney and the others, the law enforcement elements within the US official structures have been de facto BLACKMAILED either directly or by association, and thus rendered effectively impotent in the face of the ongoing financial outrages that the DVD infiltration Fifth Column headed by George Bush Sr. and Kissinger (as was?), with the 24/7 assistance of criminal lackeys such as Greenspan, Paulson and Geithner, have been able to leverage and perpetuate.

But as stated at the top of this report, all this is belatedly changing, now that the US judicial authorities have determined—three years AFTER we started promulgating the truth that these people have been engaged in systematic FINANCIAL TERRORISM—that every single one of their number, INCLUDING elected, appointed and career officials, will be investigated and prosecuted.

Another Pointless Attempt to "Shut Us Up"

Before Christmas, it was suggested that we should "be quiet" as everything was under control. As on several previous occasions when this ruse was attempted, and promises turned out as always to be worthless, advantage was taken of our silence (and the Editor's travel and work schedule) to develop the mechanism for trading $4.0 trillion under the radar, outlined above, and probably other parallel mechanisms which remain undetected.

When the "Christmas promises" were broken, certain parties were informed that the exposures of this criminality will now be ratcheted upwards by several further notches—a message which was greeted with considerable annoyance. You can draw your own conclusions.

On the other hand, the fact that nothing that any of these people ever say can be relied upon (as experience demonstrates) also works to the "advantage" of the DELAY merchants and their criminal finance operatives. For so far as they are concerned, it has been neither here nor there whether the dialectical Pavlovian "on again, off again" charade is still operative, or whether it is generally perceived that nothing from official (let alone controlled website) sources can be relied upon.

Indeed, an environment in which lies and a total lack of official credibility is the established norm, is just as helpful as 'ying-yang' from the criminalised cadres" perspective—except that it makes them doubly careless. And believe us, these demented people are extremely careless, as well as being fundamentally STUPID. By definition, ALL LIARS ARE STUPID, as all lies decay, like plutonium.

Hence Story's Third Law: "Sooner or later, all covers and operations are blown".

Why the Copenhagen Lie-Fest Collapsed

An indication of their endemic carelessness and stupidity, on a global scale, was afforded by the ignominious collapse of the Copenhagen "process"—another, and even more ominous, global cover for intended Fraudulent Finance operations of gargantuan proportions.

That "collapse" can be linked DIRECTLY to the obtuse determination of criminal operatives "working for" the US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton (Queen Melusina), a senior CIA operative with a notorious background and reputation.

Specifically, we learned on 18th December that four of Mrs. Clinton's senior personal aides had been arrested on 17th December and were accused of wire fraud, a felony which, on conviction, entitles the recipient to 20 years in jail. These operatives had been surreptitiously moving money, on the direct instructions of Mrs. Clinton who, as Secretary of State, is in charge of "international economic development". (Whether Jezebel has received the "Geithner treatment" is not yet known).

• Whereupon the Copenhagen conference effectively collapsed.

Reports from the colossal army of media reporters in Copenhagen painted a picture of total chaos, anger, disaffection, strife and confusion—precisely what is to be expected with every dimension of the World Revolution, a.k.a. The New Underworld Order, which is built on a foundation of deception and lies. Since Satan is the author of confusion and lies, all these endeavours are destined to fail in various ways, usually collapsing from within.

Builders of "The New Underworld Order" covered in their own Ordure

There is no need to waste time and space elaborating the nexus of deceit and lies underlying this colossal failed initiative (although it is not dead yet). But in passing, we can take note of the many graphic descriptions of the shambles which predictably overwhelmed this shambolic globalist One World deception operation. The fact that such a massive [see below] UN globalist revolutionary operation collapsed in chaotic ignominy, somewhat like the shambles at Brown's G-20 meeting in London last April, is not the main point we intend to make here: but we must cite, for the record, the representative impressions of a Financial Times journalist of that pathetic, doomed event:

"For an event billed by some as the most important international summit since the Second World War, it was an uninspiring location. The Bella Centre, a cavernous convention hall set amid the windswept wastelands on the outskirts of Copenhagen, is typically used for trade fairs rather than high-stakes diplomacy".

"Among the events scheduled for the next two months: an interior design show and conventions dedicated to golf, camping and Lego. The charm-free venue helped feed the fractious atmosphere as delegates were trapped for hours on end in windowless rooms'.

'Tight security added to the tension, with road blocks surrounding the site, and airport-style screening before entering the building".

"The roads leading to the Bella center were illuminated with red flashing lights on lampposts to illustrate the level to which sea water might well rise if nothing is done to tackle climate change"—notwithstanding, of course, that the climate in this world always changes, while it has been getting progressively colder since average temperatures peaked some years ago. "It was tempting to think that, in this austere corner of Copenhagen, it would not be such a loss".

"It did not help that the Danish hosts had accredited 45,000 people for the conference, when the Bella Centre has a capacity for just a third of that number. The result was agonisingly long queues for registration on peak arrival days, with thousands of people forced to wait outside for hours in freezing temperatures".

"Once inside, delegates were faced with overcrowded corridors and more queues for food and drink, with catering staff as frazzled as the negotiators. The periodic demonstrations and 'street theatre' by activists from the many non-governmental groups allowed into the building tended to grate rather than inspire ".

"In the media room, thousands of journalists sat in front of laptops at desks covering a space the size of a football pitch. Never can so many from many countries have gathered in one place?".

"With no access to the negotiating rooms, only the best-connected journalists had a clear sense of what was going on. The rest had to make do with occasional gloomy press conferences held by key countries to blame others for the lack of progress".

"In the corridors, people rushed around purposefully talking into mobile phones, the atmosphere becoming more intense and harried with each passing day'.

'Only a fraction, however, were real players in negotiations. The rest were hangers-on, such as business leaders burnishing their green credentials, the NGO lobbyists and an army of spin doctors helping to feed the information-starved press" (3).

Crude Deception and Lies entrap the Perpetrators

This is quite enough of a word picture to illustrate the following laws:

• All initiatives of the World Revolution globalists represent attempts to achieve deliberately unachievable objectives.

• All such initiatives are mobilised in pursuit of agendas that are hidden from the public, and therefore represent deception operations.

The foolish journalists, the second-rate businessmen and industrialists idiotically burnishing their "green credentials", the paid spin doctors spieling lies, acronyms and gobbledygook newspeak to gullible journalists, the amoral and cynical lobbyists, the organised street demonstrators and the brainwashed "street theatre" agitators, and the frazzled officials trying to sustain the non-existent credibility of the lies and frauds that they had been called upon to institutionalise, were in fact all engaged in one gigantic fraud and deception.

This was arguably the most cynically ambitious operation of the World Revolution since the criminal operative Mikhail Gorbachëv, who had sat on his backside for three weeks to observe the public relations fallout from the deliberate sabotaging in 1986 of the Soviet Chernobyl nuclear reactor over which he presided in order to inject the revolutionary "green agenda" with 'irrefutable global significance', subsequently pronounced that environmentalism had gained the World Revolution more traction in just a few years, than 72 years of revolutionary (overt) Communism.

• So what was the underlying purpose of this massive cooperative intelligence operation?

A Partial Anatomy of the Globalist "Copenhagen Deception"

To understand its underlying purpose we must first recall that Western populations have been under massive Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) assault from the orchestrated and controlled World Revolution environmentalist lobby for over two decades.

In response to this mass brainwashing, people have been hoodwinked into taking "personal" measures to "save the planet", such as driving hybrid cars, buying products carrying labels promulgating some dimension or other of the fraudulent environmentalist propaganda, and generally behaving as though "the planet" (a key-word) is doomed—which is absolute tosh.

Biblically, we were told to worship the Lord and multiply "as the sand that is on the sea shore".

Just as the human population, numbered in the millions, of two thousand years ago, breathed air, so do Earth's seven billion people today. If there was a problem, this would hardly be the case. The fact that seven billion people, rather than a hundred or so million, are breathing, serves as proxy for indicating that the Earth's resources, in the aggregate, are indeed limitless—and that Earth was designed specifically to host a population of multiple billions.

• There is no overall objective truth to any of the subversive and cynically oriented environmentalist 'green" propaganda inculcated into gullible brains for the past 2+ decades.

"Global Warming" had to be switched to "Climate Change"

For instance, temperature measurements made from weather balloons and satellites since the late 1950s show no atmospheric warming since 1958.

Averaged ground-based thermometers have recorded warming of about 0.40C over the same period—an effect thought to be biased by the Urban Heat Island effect and other artefacts. No unambiguous human global warming signal has been identified, even though some $500 million has been spent since 1990 looking for it. Without the greenhouse effect, Earth would be so far below deep freezing that no life could survive. On both annual and geological (viz., up to 100,000 year) timescales, changes in atmospheric temperature precede changes in CO2. Carbon dioxide is a minor greenhouse gas, so it cannot be a primary forcing agent for temperature increase.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the main revolutionary scaremonger driving this fraudulent operation, is a political (World Revolution), not a scientific body. Some open information about the immense corruption with which this revolutionary entity is associated, and the damage it is inflicting on Western infrastructure thanks to the extreme mind-controlled stupidity of brainwashed, self-interested elements within the international financial and industrial communities, is appended as Note 4 below (4).

The retired Director of Research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Dr Hendrik Tennekes, has stated that "the IPCC review process is fatally flawed". The Russian Academy of Sciences has stated that the Kyoto Protocol has no scientific basis. Indeed, ironically, Mr. Andre Illarianov, a prominent Kremlin adviser, has stated that 'Kyoto-ism' is "one of the most aggressive, intrusive, and destructive ideologies since the collapse of Communism and Fascism" (even though Gorbachëv presided over its launch in the 1980s).

Finally, for our purposes here, climate change is a non-linear (that is, a chaotic) process, some elements of which are not understood at all. Therefore no deterministic computer model can ever make accurate predictions of climate a century or more into the future (5). We could get much more technical, as others have done: but the point is adequately made.

Childish "Climate Change" Trash Propaganda in the "Mainstream" Media

It is reinforced by the laughable drivel that has been written supporting this colossal false revolutionary propaganda and mass mind-control operation. As another source has helpfully pointed out, crass articles devoid of reliable intellectual content, designed to scare gullible people with scant or zero knowledge of Scripture into fearing that life on earth is doomed "unless we do something", have included the following:

• Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution.

• Eating kangaroos could help fight against global warming: scientist.

• UN says eat less meat to curb global warming.

• EU to ban inefficient fridges and TVs in global warming battle.

• UN Chief: Global warming caused Darfur genocide.

• Schwarzenegger set to ban "energy-guzzling" big screen TVs.

• Global warming is as dangerous as war.

• Ted Turner: Global warming could lead to cannibalism.

• Enhanced "greenhouse effect" causes global warming.

• Climate changes causes birds to lay eggs early.

• "Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change".

• Limit families to two children "to combat climate change".

• Global warming pushes polar bears to cannibalism.

• Gore calls Myanmar cyclone a "consequence" of global warming.

• John Kerry: We can't ignore the security threat from climate change.

• Global warming to fuel rise in asthma, malaria.

• Now the Pentagon tells Bush climate change will destroy us.

• Fat people cause global warming.

• Scientists: Humans "very likely" cause global warming.

• Global warming could increase terrorism, official says.

• ABC website tells kids when they should die.

• Climate change causes health concerns.

• Global warming causes 300,000 deaths a year, says Kofi Annan thinktank.

• Climate change causes 315,000 deaths a year: report.

• Climate change "causes conflict".

• Global warming causes extinction.

• Global warming skeptics are like Holocaust deniers.

• Al Gore: Climate change more dire than terrorism.

• Bill Clinton: Global warming bigger threat than terrorism (6).

With one of the world's leading financial terrorists and murderers, William Jefferson Rockefeller Clinton, telling us that global warming is a bigger threat than he is, one can be certain that Clinton, like his "CIA wife", has had a vested interest in the outcome of the colossal revolutionary Climate Change agitation and propaganda operation. And indeed, this is precisely the case: he is involved in a lucrative related project on the Indo-Pakistan border, among other 'Climate Change' schemes.

The Failed Objective: a "Biblically unchallengeable" Cover for Half a Century of Fraudulent Finance Trades

Given that this operation took over two decades to "build"—until the point had been reached at which the revolutionary reorganisers of the world thought that "public opinion" (according to their controlled opinion polling operations) could be relied upon to "insist upon" and to "lock down" a global "Climate Change" agreement—it was manifestly regarded as a top priority operation by the manipulators. Finally, so confident were they of achieving their objectives, entailing a 'Great Leap Forward' that they took the immense risk of attempting to dragoon 192 squabbling countries into reaching a "common position" which could be formalised into a GLOBAL ACCORD—ANY accord.

• And that's the point.

As far as the World Revolution was concerned, it would be neither here nor there what accord Copenhagen produced, as long as a global agreement was delivered. Why did they "need" a global agreement, ANY AGREEMENT, signed off by the whole world?

Because what was recklessly sought here was a document signed by 192 countries, backed by manipulated and brainwashed "global public opinion" which, the planners gauged, would thereafter be embued with an aura of infallibility and sanctity.

The object of the exercise was nothing less than to procure a 'Climate Change' accord to which the representatives of 192 nations had appended their signatures—A GLOBAL AGREEMENT which no-one could thereafter dispute, so that anyone who remained so foolish as to QUESTION the wisdom of the representatives of 192 countries, could be discredited as mentally defective.

After all if the whole world had signed up to the accord, how could it POSSIBLY be suspect?

• Furthermore, the new, infallible, monumental global accord would be of such stature that it would "serve humanity" for the next half century. It would be billed as having 'saved' us all, too.

"Climate Change" Agreement: Cover for moving Money and Fraudulent Finance

WHY the "need" for such an agreement—ANY agreement, so long as it was truly GLOBAL? Because the Climate Change agenda is a cynical cover "line", an elaborate ruse designed to hoodwink the gullible "mainstream" media and the masses.

Behind this cover smokescreen, sanctified by the WHOLE OF HUMANITY, the organised criminal financiers had intended to maximise the potential for wholly Fraudulent Finance operations (e.g. trading "carbon credits", later 'carbon dollars'), for their own enrichment and in further pursuit of their mad and failing, but ongoing, revolutionary agenda to generate funds with which to acquire and redeploy the real assets of the whole world.

When it was discovered that global warming was not in fact "happening", and the science didn't support the underlying deception, the master slogan had been hurriedly switched to "Climate Change"—an idiotic public relations error, as the climate always changes.

This slip by itself illustrates the fraudulent nature of this discredited World Revolution initiative, which has almost (but not quite) collapsed in total disarray.

And the reason it all but collapsed was that four personal aides working for Mrs. Clinton were arrested for wire fraud, in a perfectly timed operation—as they were engaged in switching funds from the Settlements in order to finance the Copenhagen "infrastructure".

• All of a sudden, the stolen or diverted funds upon which the intended infrastructure would depend were not forthcoming; while the four aides were arrested for wire fraud.

The conference collapsed IMMEDIATELY. The arrests for wire fraud CUT OFF THE FUNDING that was to have been diverted and stolen; in other words, the 'first' transactions that were to have been covered by the lusted-after accord were INTERCEPTED.

• So the whole charade just imploded.

Western Leaders caught behaving like Idiots before the World's Press

The consequence was that Führerin Merkel—the former Secretary of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the Communist Yugend organisation at Karl-Marx University in East Berlin—plus Mr. Gordon Brown, President Sarkozy, President Barack Obama, Sr. José Manuel Barroso, the Swedish Prime Minister, and lesser mortals, were pictured in the papers sitting round like grizzled students in a huddle in a pub, arguing with each other—with Merkel doing most of the talking, it seemed, as she struggled to prevent the collapse of Ackermann's derivatives-crammed Deutsche Bank.

With the intended protection money racket based on fear that "the planet" will overheat, having collapsed in the presence of the whole world's "mainstream" media round their cloth-ears—and camouflaged scope for surreptitious money-movement operations stretching out for half a century ahead having consequently disintegrated before their greedy eyes—the stupid participants in this criminal gathering were left arguing pointlessly amongst themselves and in front of the media, over the latest mess and gross public relations disaster that they had precipitated, in conformity with their endless propensity to engage in subterfuge for ulterior internationalist motives hidden from the general public, instead of getting on with the jobs that they were elected to perform.

Leaders pursue Internationalist Agendas while skimping their Domestic Responsibilities

For, rather than attending to the requirements and priorities of their electorates, these World Revolutionary so-called leaders—each of whom dances to the internationalist agenda rather than to the demands of the people who placed them in power—are all negligently fiddling around with discredited, collapsing, disintegrating globalist operations, which are in various stages of terminal decay and decline—the European Union Collective being no exception.

• And because these disreputable characters are integrated with these operations, they can't even see that they are falling apart before their clouded eyes. One must never underestimate the propensity for such cynical false ideologues to deceive themselves, even as they practice double-mindedness and deception of others, as a matter of course.

Related Split at the Highest Level of the British Government

On 23rd December 2009, it was suddenly reported (7) that Lord Mandelson, the Rothschild agent, has again fallen out with Gordon Brown.

This was predictable, as Mandelson is an unstable homosexual, like both Blair and Brown, with both of whom he is reported to have been involved. So tense were relations at times between Blair and Mandelson, that Mandelson was forced out of his Cabinet post. Thereafter he was banished to Brussels, where he became the European Commissioner for Trade, only to be hauled peremptorily back into the Cabinet when Gordon Brown put a 14-year rift with Mandelson behind him in June 2008 by abruptly recalling him at a point in Brown's political fortunes. A few months ago, Mandelson was reported to have been chosen to mastermind the Labour Party's General Election strategy.

But The Daily Telegraph now suddenly reported, on its front page, that "a rift between Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson is threatening to derail Labour's plans for a New Year 'fightback'. A series of disagreements has strained the close political relationship between Mr Brown and Lord Mandelson that helped the Prime Minister retain his leadership earlier this year" (in June 2009).

The newspaper reported that Mandelson "has grown increasingly disenchanted with Mr Brown and in recent weeks the relationship has deteriorated further".

"Last night, a close friend of Lord Mandelson told The Daily Telegraph: "Peter thinks that Gordon has used him to stay in place and has now just disposed of him. He clearly thinks he has served his purpose and Peter is upset about that".

"Disputes over policy have stretched the relationship to breaking point. A source claims that Lord Mandelson feels he has been 'ganged up on' over various issues".

"This month's pre-Budget report, which attacked the bankers and failed to offer a more credible route for reducing the deficit, infuriated the Business Secretary [Mandelson]. He made it clear that he did not agree with 'banker-bashing' but he was overruled by Mr Brown".

"He also felt slighted when Mr Brown did not push him for the European Union foreign affairs post when it was within his gift last month".

As a result, the previously close working relationship between these two rogues is falling apart. "Those working in Number 10 have reported that while he still has some control over the Downing Street 'war room,' Lord Mandelson seems unprepared to use it. One ally of the Prime Minister said: 'He has become disengaged'."'

Public Consumption Explanations hide Truth behind the Downing Street Split

As usual, the explanations leaked into the public domain to date, do not reveal what lies beneath. This report surfaced a few days after the "Copenhagen collapse", which left Mr. Brown without the payoff that the four aides of Mrs. Clinton, who were arrested for wire fraud and diverting/stealing Settlements money to the chief Copenhagen payola participants, may have anticipated.

To add to this incendiary mixture, Lord Mandelson, as a Rothschild agent, is required to do as his master dictates: and, given the incredible level of tension behind the scenes arising from the continued intransigence of the US official criminalists in the face of the $47 trillion Lien on the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve, Rothschild's primary objective, we may speculate, is SURVIVAL and the prevention of a global collapse.

But Gordon Brown, a notoriously duplicitous and compromised intelligence officer, was engaged (in the Copenhagen context), in an operation, which has been aborted by the enforcement cadres and INTERPOL in the United States, to participate in diverted funding contrary to the requirements of the international community represented by the Swiss and Chinese controlling parties, and the representatives of the British Monarchical Power (which is entirely separate in this context from the British Government). It will be recalled that we caught Brown in Belfast with George Bush Jr. in the summer of 2008, engaged in banking activity which was hardly, to put it mildly, consistent with his responsibilities, including those towards Her Majesty the Queen.

Mandelson has therefore discovered what of course he already knew—but had chosen for the sake of his own self-aggrandisement, to forget—that Gordon Brown is a particularly slippery snake with whom NO AGREEMENT can ever be reliably reached. After all, Gordon Brown is a revolutionary (Leninist) internationalist. While Lord Rothschild consorts with certain known unsavoury Soviet characters, he has his own priorities to consider; and in respect of this dimension, his priorities complement, but are separate from and unrelated to, those of the British Monarchical Power.

Therefore, we believe that the arrest of the four Clinton aides for wire fraud has had much wider-reaching consequences than were immediately evident.

For starters, the already shattered British financial and economic environment is now yet further threatened by a manifestly brittle political state of affairs in London, which could have "unintended consequences"—especially since a huge number of MPs will be leaving the House of Commons at the election, either in disgrace or in order to get away from the nasty expenses witch-hunt, while the so-called "Conservative" Government-in-waiting has hardly any experience and is led by a man who attended the "right school", but whose mind is nonetheless stuffed full of spurious " green" garbage resulting from the mass environmentalist brainwashing reference above.

• David Cameron looks to all observers like a prospective pushover, a piece of putty in the hands of the usual unscrupulous geo-manipulators.

Other Recent Developments: back in Washington, D.C.

Back in Washington, President Obama's widely cited Executive Order Amending Executive Order 12425 which extended "the appropriate privileges, exemptions and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)" promulgated on 17th December 2009, revealed the stark reality that the Chinese and British Monarchical Power Lien Holders were continuing to force the pace—in collaboration here with President Obama who has at times appeared to be out of his depth and has shown some evidence of flip-flopping between the international community, and the harsh pressures placed on him by the arrogant appointees who have continued to defy the Lien Holders (and the President), such as Leon Panetta, the Director of Central Intelligence.

• However that phase is now almost certainly at an end, given not least the very open promulgation of this Executive Order by the White House Press Office.

Promulgation of this Executive Order triggered the predictable knee-jerk responses from those who have not understood what is going on, and who have failed to take on board that the Lien Holders and their servants take precedence over the highest office-holders in the United States, including the President, all of whom, with their predecessors, have been, and remain engaged in criminal conduct which the World Court has condemned. The perception that this represents a setback for the United States is nonsense in the prevailing circumstances—which entail the greatest crisis that the Republic has ever faced, despite it being successfully hidden from the people with the assistance of the co-conspiring so-called "mainstream" press.

"Brutal Horizontalisations" reported from Europe and the United States

Various anecdotal reports were received after we posted on 17th December, indicating that heavy operations to procure the necessary resolution were continuing. On 21st December 2009, we had established that an unspecified number of people (whether bankers, trustees, intermediaries or operatives, was not stated) had been "taken out" over the weekend of 19th-20th December on both sides of the Atlantic and, in the words of informants, "brutally horizontalised".

"Foreign Suits" conducting Audits inside the Fed

On 18th December it was reported to us that a female accountant based in Dallas who had been working as a consultant for the Federal Reserve Board conducting internal audits, was called back from Texas to Washington, DC, where she was bluntly informed that there was no longer any need for her services, and that no funds were available any longer to pay her for consultancy work.

By way of explanation, Federal Reserve officials told her that there were "suits in town" who were "doing the books" (8).

This was a reference to the audit that has been going on since the massive force of international enforcement, audit and related personnel descended on Washington aboard the seven aircraft on 2nd December. The consultant was also openly informed by Federal Reserve officials, to her face, that "Geithner is history"—which is consistent with the fact that Geithner, as we have reported, is under a form of house arrest and has had a monitor attached to him given his resistance to his obligations under the World Court Writ of Enforcement and the requirements of the Lien Holders.

Unreported INTERPOL Showdown at Reagan National Airport

On 22nd December, given the snowstorm, Reagan National Airport serving Washington DC, was widely described as "a mess". But in the late afternoon of 21st December, a certain woman walked to catch a flight that had been rescheduled—only to discover that, along with hundreds of others, she was prevented from proceeding through security.

On the contrary, FBI personnel, Homeland Security operatives and "top cops in suits who looked foreign", with dogs, had stopped the lines going through security for several hours. This situation continued from about 4:30 pm to 7:00pm.

The lady reporting this situation noticed that it was the "top cops in suits who were operationally in charge", and that they were looking for someone. The person concerned eventually made her long delayed flight back home for Christmas, but has repeatedly queried why these events were not being reported, and have still not been reported (9).

Failure of the 'Mainstream' to report, and why this doesn't matter Now

The short answer to that question is that an official lid is being held tightly down on all dimensions of this crisis, with 'mainstream' media being kept deliberately in the dark, and exposures confined mainly to this service. The original cynical presumption appears to have been that as long as the exposures could be contained and confined, the 'mainstream' could be distracted for as long as the crisis continued. There is also the problem that the colossal sums of money that the embedded financial terrorists in Washington have diverted and stolen belong to sensitive parties, which also have an interest, to some extent, in minimal publicity.

• But the reality is that THIS STORY IS SO HUGE that this service, by default, has done an end-run around the 'mainstream' media, which started calling the Editor while he was in New York City. If these people want to catch up at this late stage, they need to appoint someone to read our reports, which will take them weeks or months. As we have said in the past, it has been a relief not to have had to deal with 'mainstream' journalists, with their preconceived notions, pat responses and their tendency to twist and distort what has been explained to them. As reports of the crisis have been mainly confined to this service (by default), we have been left free to develop the story without interference and having to spend time correcting deliberate misconceptions and distortions.

As a former freelance Op-Ed writer on The Daily Telegraph, the Editor knows whereof he speaks.

However before Christmas we were informed that Chinese officials had made it clear that if matters were not resolved by the holidays, they would, inter alia, reserve the right to release details of the corruption at the highest levels in the United States into the public domain. This threat has been blunted by our knowledge that China Trust Bank has since been readied to participate in renewed corrupt Fraudulent Finance operations, as indicated at the top of this report.

But THAT development, in turn, is itself compromised by the POLICY CHANGE publicised at the top of the report, which will probably mean that the US participants back out of the deal.

The Entirely New Situation facing the Saboteurs

As indicated, the chief saboteur identified to us most recently is Mr. Leon Panetta, the Director of Central Intelligence. It is not yet known whether Mrs. Clinton has experienced "blowback" from the reported arrest for wire fraud of her four personal aides.

We continue to suspect that Dr. Henry ("Heinz") Kissinger is "no longer with us", as all enquiries on this subject are routinely met with: "Nobody wants to talk about Kissinger"—for the fairly obvious prospective reason that he's either in jail or has been horizontalised. For the time being, however, we can only reiterate that this DVD triple agent is missing.

However the game is now up for ALL OF THESE PEOPLE—including Panetta, Geithner, the Clintons, the Bushes, Bernanke, and every single one of their associates including corrupt US Legislators currently and formerly within the US Government structures, as well as the CEO's of the complicit criminal financial institutions and their co-conspiring associates, and their corrupt firms of lawyers, who have been engaged in blocking the Settlements, and moving money illegally—as they face investigation and prosecution by the US Department of Justice, which has finally been compelled to LISTEN TO WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG.

But the fact that the US Department of Justice had to be browbeaten into doing its job by the Lien Holders and the international community shows just how decadent the entire pariah US system of governance had become. It is a shameful disgrace that it has had to come to this. Full story: nl615.htm

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